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Economic News , Data & Views - June 18 , 2017.......Happy Fathers Day & Quick Hits -1) UK -Political News Of Note For Sunday. 2) France - National Assembly Election Today. 3) Greece - Round Up Of Pertinent News. 4) Portugal - Horrible Forest Fire Claims 62 Lives. 5) US Politics - Round Up For Sunday. 6) Odds & Ends - Qatar , Philippines , North Korea , Libya , Syria & Iraq In Focus !

On Father's Day....

In honor of - Odysseus welcomed by son, Telemachus after 20 years away from home in Ithaca (Henri-Lucien Doucet,1880)


Wait ... what?

Philip Hammond turns on Tory campaign team over disastrous election performance -

1 hour ago
Sacked minister warns of public backlash if government waters down Brexit plans -

1 hour ago
'Some care to a deeper extent' - Jeremy Corbyn attacks Theresa May over Grenfell Tower blaze response

1 hour ago
DUP 'demanding compensation for IRA victims' as part of Tory pact, report says -

Government dodges crunch vote in 2018 by scrapping next Queen's Speech -


Macron parties (355 seats) will get smaller majority as previously estimates (400-440)

Macron party Republique en Marche to get 355 seats in 577-strong Parliament - French tV France2

In any case Macron party LREM won't need Bayrou's centrists for parliamentary majority.


Socialist party to get 3 seats, National Front 8 seats - French TV estimates

Mainstrean conservative party to get 125 seats - France2 estimate

It seems even some of party's members didn't bother showing up to oversee the final round of parliamentary vote

Turnout at 5pm for is 35.3% says French interior ministry, down compared to 2012 when it was 46.4% at same time

Participation rate could to a record low of 45% , keep that in mind as the day goes on...

Turnout in final round of French legislatives down compared with last Sunday and 5 years ago. Another record-low in sight

Macron eyes next stage in revolution in French parliament polls


Greece blocks EU statement on China human rights at UN

's gov is expected to come under new pressure in the fall when drafts the 2018 budget, with a primary surplus of 3.5%

President of Euro Working Group Estimates Greece Can Tap into International Markets by 2018


Spain orders two Canadair firefighting aircraft to Portugal to help with forest fire; Lisbon activates bilateral firefighting plan. (Govt.)

So tragic...

Another simply horrible fire , with a large death too - especially for a forest fire..

BREAKING: Portugal has declared three days of mourning as death toll from forest fire rises to 62

US Politics....

Sheriff David Clarke withdraws acceptance of Homeland Security role: report

GOP lawmaker to Trump: Let Mueller complete his investigation

Sanders: Democrats in Congress should do everything possible to stop GOP healthcare bill

Georgia special election sees massive early-vote turnout

Doctors upgrade Rep. Scalise’s condition to “serious”

Trump lawyer in heated exchange with Fox host: Don't put words in my mouth

1 hour ago
Trump lawyer: “There is no investigation”

1 hour ago
Rubio: Trump doesn't have a problem with more sanctions on Russia

1 hour ago
A few thoughts (and prayers) regarding the USS Fitzgerald

NEW: Six key aspects of Senate Republicans' ObamaCare repeal bill

Trump has a history of going after prosecutors. Remember eyeliner Eric Schneiderman? NYS AG probing Trump U?see more

Sunday morning talking heads - This week brings a rare respite from Russiagate (well, mostly) on the Sunday sho...

Odds & Ends....

US- NK.....

1 hour ago
North Korea and US engaged in secret talks..


1 hour ago
UN envoys for : 1 Martin UK 2 Mitri fmr Lebanon culture minister 3 Leon Spain 4 Kobler Germany 5 Salame fmr Lebanon culture minister

1 hour ago
Hundreds of Migrants Rescued in Boats off Libyan Coast - U.S. News & World Report

Assaraya bank chairman and two other bank colleagues released after brief illegal arrest -

Gharyan Municipal Council: 's S1 satellite still under Libyan control, has not been taken over by a Gulf state

Reports of armed convoy from Misurata coming to Tripoli...


forces huge speakers mounted on Humvees are directing civilians in Old city to safe corridors.

Counter Terrorism Units managed to break first defense line near Nineveh Stadium in Old city.

: Iraqi armed forces break siege and enter old district from two fronts.

Replying to 
To halt the army's advances, has used 10 car bombs since the start of the operation earlier this morning

How did ISIS obtain medicines made in 2016 ? Who sold or provided these medicines to ISIS ?


Unidentified gunmen attack East aid convoy: "When we are targeted it hurts those most desperate.”

Regime bombards district in attempt to pry eastern neighborhood from rebel forces.

Replying to 

| 'Tiger' forces captured a new batch of villages from in Raqqa province


Rebels claimed responsibility for the 20-minute attack-which they said they carried out without firing a shot to punish Maasin policemen.


Saudis Pressurized Twitter to Suspend Al Jazeera Arabic Account

Replying to 
: Saudi-Turkish Ties Strained over Differing Views on Qatar

to launch sports channels to combat ’s beIN Sports

Qatar yet to see demands from Saudi Arabia and allies

crisis Day 14: •Iran-China naval drill in Gulf •Egypt in talks w Hamas + Dahlan •No list handed yet •Pakistan PM after Prez in Saudi

Counting the cost of the Qatar-Gulf crisis

The latest news on the Qatar-Gulf crisis:

Qatar and Iran have a huge reason to get along with each other- that being they share the world's largest mutual gas field.

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