Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views....May 9 , 2017.....Quick Hits For Tuesday -1) Markets : Asia - Economic Calendar For Wednesday , Market Moving News & Data As Pertinent ; US - Nasdaq Rolls To 30th Record Close For 2017 , S&P And Dow Laggards today ; Oil - API Reveals Crude & Distillate Draw But Gasoline Build ; Additional Items Of Note. 2) US Politics - FBI Director Comey Terminated And Removed From Office - BOOM ; Additional "Swampland" News & US Political News To Consider. 3) Europe In Focus - Blocks Of News From Greece , UK And France To Consider This Evening ; 4) Odds & Ends - Libya , Iraq & Syria In Focus !



Economic data due from Asia today - it's the best day of the month!

China (April) inflation: CPI 1.2% y/y (expected 1.1%) PPI 6.4% y/y (expected 6.7%)

More surprises will come , more surprises will come.....

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BOJ 'Summary of Opinions' (April meeting) - full text

Australian budget: "Nation-building ... stimulus ... surplus ... & heroic assumptions"

Its inflation data from China today, CPI and PPI for April - preview

New President Moon Jae-in has picked South Jeolla Province Gov. Lee Nak-yon as his first Prime Minister.

Sky's the limit now in South Korea post-elections as investors aim for the moon. KOSPI tops new record; above 2300 for the 1st (in forever)

Conservative Party unseated after ruling for a decade..


A end of day snapshot of the currency days winners and losers

Nasdaq keeps rolling , rolling along.

Crude -5.789MM Cushing -0.133MM Gasoline +3.169MM Distillate -1.174MM

US Politics.....

( Firing Of FBI Director Comey )

Comey is only the 2nd FBI director to ever be fired — here's why Trump was able to fire him

EXCLUSIVE: Grand jury subpoenas issued in FBI's Russia investigation CNN exclusive in weeks before FBI Director James Comey firing

Oval Office ops. director and longtime Trump security aide Keith Schiller hand-delivered Comey's termination notice -

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MITCH McCONNELL's statement on Trump firing Comey looks ahead to the Senate confirming a new FBI director.

Statement from Senator Richard Burr on FBI Director Comey's firing....

NEW: Cummings calls for "immediate emergency hearings" with Comey on the Trump-Russia investigation.

BREAKING: Senate Minority Leader Schumer says he has told Pres. Trump that "you're making a very big mistake" in firing FBI Director Comey.

NEW: GOP senators offer support for Trump decision to fire Comey

McCain says Comey's removal "confirms" need for special congressional committee to investigate Russian election interference.

Leahy calls Trump excuse he fired Comey over his handling of Clinton email investigation "absurd"


., vice chair of Sen Intel: "The President’s actions today make it clear to me that a Special Counsel also must be appointed"

Andrew McCabe, FBI deputy director, is now acting FBI director after Pres. Trump fired Comey, DOJ official says -

Here are the letters the Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General sent to Trump about Comey:

Trump:FBI is one of Nations most cherished-respected institutions & today will mark a new beginning for our crown jewel of law enforcement

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White House says Pres. Trump informed FBI Director Comey "that he has been terminated and removed from office."

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White House: "A search for a new permanent FBI director will begin immediately

Press release Comey Fired FBI Trump fired FBI Director Comey

The FBI cleaned up Comey's incorrect testimony about Huma Abedin hours before he was fired

If this story is accurate , query whether someone leaking to the media already ?

If the notion of canning Comey was thought to nix investigations into Russia issues , someone miscalulated. Badly.

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Wow....learned he was fired by the Telly....While addressing FBI employees in LA....

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Optics of this meeting on Wednesday, following on heels of events of Monday and Tuesday - not a good look.

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FBI Director Comey wasn't accurate during his recent testimony , thus the letter.

Other "Swampland " News.....

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U.S. Hatch: Think Border Adjustment Tax Will Be Hard To Pass

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Senate Russia investigators seek financial info from Trump team..

Interesting , if accurate...

Hatch: Senate’s ObamaCare repeal unlikely to go through committees

Top GOP senator vows: Senate will pass ObamaCare repeal bill this year

Spicer: said Trump charged DC law firm to send certified letter to Sen. Graham saying he has no business in Russia

Spicer defends Mike Flynn as someone who "honorably served our country in uniform" for 30+ years. Trump doesn't "want to smear a good man."

Trump will not make an announcement on whether US staying in Paris agreement until end of May after he returns from G7 meeting, Spicer says.

Will be interesting to see how Turkey handles this political setback...

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The authorities to directly arm the YPG will come into effect 30 days from notification. That suggests the start of direct arming in June

Hanford is a disaster waiting to happen..



Greek court finds pension cuts Greece agreed w creditors unconstitutional sources say. Outlook for Parl vote unclear

FM to brief parties on Greek energy plans in Eastern Mediterranean

Tourism growth offers boost to labor market

Ten pct tax on pay TV stopped sector’s growth in its tracks

PM says reshuffle not on the cards, puts focus on debt

Court of Audit rules pension cuts up to 18% in 2019 are opposed to European Convention on Human Rights, acc to local media.

Sad but unfortunately, not a shocker...

MoU between Greece & Institutions. Fwiw-Omnibus bill (w/ agreed measures & counter-measures ) may be submitted to Parliament Friday.


Interview of N.K Ambassador To UK today....

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ANALYSIS by : 'Monsieur Zen' Jeremy Corbyn gets angry at Labour campaign launch -

Jean-Claude Juncker: Theresa May Brexit dinner leaks were a 'serious mistake' -

Simon Danczuk quits Labour with blast at 'out of touch' Corbyn and McDonnell

Macron on Brexit

German Supervisor Bafin President: Not A Fan Of Moving Euro Clearing Due To Brexit, Talks Still Needed


The French Socialists are willing to make a selective pact with Macron

Surprising development. Marion Le Pen (niece of Marine and member of parliament) leaves politics. Was often seen as next in line in FN.

Emmanuel Macron's economic adviser said France had no interest in a 'hard Brexit' for Britain

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En Marche! officials say Manuel Valls cannot be nominated par excellence for , he has to follow party rules if he wants to run.

Odds & Ends....

"We will not give permission for something we are not obligated to do & whose content we absolutely reject, for example, the death penalty,"


It is getting ugly..

Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade calls for Foreign Minister Sayala to step down..

Tripoli revolution brigade comfirms its in Ministry of foreign afairs buildind and asking for some resignations

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Unity Govt Foreign Ministry says operations continuing as normal despite reports that its headquarters were stormed

Unity Govt Foreign Ministry denies reports that its headquarters were stormed today

Keep an eye on developments in Tripoli , certain parties not pleased with recent progress toward reconciliation.

Developments in today are an angry reaction to GNA's FM Siala's comments re Haftar. MoFA in reportedly stormed.

Number of armoured vehicles & tanks can be seen on the Coastal road near the Presidential Council Head Quarters (Navy base)

Situation tense in with militias taking over some Gov buildings/ministries & some key roads closed. A new coup in ?

Libya oil production hits 796,000 bpd. Recall NOC goal is to hit 1 million bpd in the medium term.

Wow , it this turns out to be accurate , someone needs to be keel hauled !


map update. Green= completely liberated. Orange= frontline clashes. White= control.

Air Force unleashed hell on in Al-Qaim, 15 airstrikes killed more then 100 militants & flattened car bomb factories.


Homs : Al-Waaer will be free from militants in 20/5/2017 After the last batch exit

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Large allies reinforcement are gathering for the "big attack" north-east and east. Difficult battle from the logistic supply to forces +

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On the other hand, US proxies r stationed in al-tanaf & approach al-Qaem. This is creating a possible confrontation line betwn USA & Russia+

In the next hours, a large military ops is expected towards al-Sukhnah with the aim to reach Deir-ezzour. Al-Sukhnah is expected 2be sieged.

Breaking: After igniting the failed Hama offensive, Nusra (HTS) withdraws from North Hama to go fight Ahrar Al Sham in Jabal Shiekh Barakat

The cease-fire completes its 3rd day with less breaches than before in “de-escalation zones”