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Economic News , Data & Views.....May 10 , 2017.....Quick Hits for Wednesday -1) Markets : Asia Calendar For Thursday , Market Moving Data & News ; US - Another Day Of Mixed Markets , Today Dow Up A Tad , Nasdaq & S&P Down a Tad , Crude Oil Spikes Up Today & Finishes Up $1.45. 2) US Politics : Post-Comey Aftermath In Focus - Dems & GOP Politicians Take Predictable Postures ; Additional Political News Including Extension Of Laptop Ban To Cover All European flights To US , Aetna Pulls Out Of Remaining Obamacare Markets , G-7 Upcoming & What the Treasury Secretary Plans To cover , Trump-Putin Call Follows Trump Meeting With Lavrov , Additional Items Of Interest. 3) Europe In Focus - News of Note From Greece , Italy , UK , Germany , France , European Markets. 4) Odds & Ends - Iraq , Syria & Iraq In Focus !



Economic data due from Asia today (and its RBNZ day for the NZD traders)

Under 450 , as per the chart...

PBoC To Inject CNY 60 Bln Via 7 Day Reverse Repos - Inject CNY 10 Bln Via 14 Day Reverse Repos - Inject CNY 10 Bln Via 28 Day Reverse Repos

PBoC Fixes USDCNY Reference Rate At 6.9051 (prev fix: 6.9066)

1 hour ago
JN BoP Current Account Adjusted (JPY) Mar: 1.731T, Prior (2.21T) JN BoP Current Account Balance (JPY) Mar: 2.907T, Prior (2.814T)

S Korea April adjusted jobless rate 4.0%, beats 3.6% estimate

NZ Food Prices (MoM) Apr: -0.8%, Prior (-0.30%)

RBNZ's Wheeler: Non-tradables inflation rising only slowly

RBNZ Wheeler:

Key takeaways as the RBNZ stands pat and fails to deliver any hawkish rhetoric which sends the lower

Chinese publicly listed firms increasingly trying to boost incomes by buying WMPs

RBNZ at the top of the hour - the announcement is different to other CBs

The snapshot of the today's strongest and weakest.


ForexLive Americas FX news wrap: Dollar stays in demand, oil jumps

US stocks mixed. Nasdaq closes at another record.

Crude oil gets the bullish push today. Closes up $1.45 or 3.16%

US Politics.....

( Day After Comey firing - much more at twitter TL.)

Senate Intel Committee issues a subpoena to Michael Flynn for documents related to its probe Russian interference problem.

Replying to 
FBI has issued subpoenas relating to Flynn's business records-Page , Stone & Manfont sent letters for documents as well by Sen Intel Panel.

"I don’t think that’s a good idea," Speaker Ryan tells Fox News of calls for a special prosecutor in Russian investigation.

Paul Ryan on Comey's firing: The president made a presidential decision to remove him

Acting FBI director is up for interim role, but so are four other people. And the Attorney General is doing the interviews.

CONFIRMED: Senate Intelligence committee has invited Comey to meet in closed session, next Tuesday. No word yet on whether he's accepted.

Acting FBI director is up for interim role, but so are four other people. And the Attorney General is doing the interviews.

Pence: Trump's decision to fire Comey was not about Russia probe

FWIW-- Spokesperson for DOJ has flatly denied this today.

NEWS: justice department spokesman tells me reports that comey asked for more money & staff for russia probe is “totally false."

Senate committee hearing ended abruptly to avoid Dem shutdown over Comey

"I think people need to quit hyperventilating," GOP Sen. John Cornyn to . Senate Intel will continue Russia probe, he says.

"Suck it up and move on," Chuck Grassley on Fox. Comey hurt public confidence in FBI and Trump’s decision will ‘‘rebuild that confidence."

No shocker that Schumer has called for Special Prosecutor today. That was why all Dems were told be there by 9:30am.

McConnell rejects calls from Dems for Special Prosecutor re: Russia interference in 2016 Election.

NEW: Five questions for Trump after Comey firing

Schumer says Rosenstein has authority to appoint, & promised in his hearings to do so if necessary.

Additional US Political News De Jour...

This is good news, folks. I worked with both HR McMaster and Rick Waddell in Iraq. They will be a strong, very smart team

1 hour ago
Two GOP senators to vote against Trump's nominee for trade representative

BREAKING: Laptop ban expanded to all European flights to US

1 hour ago
Aetna pulls out its remain Obamacare markets...Obamacre slowing dying away in plain sight.

U.S. Treasury Official: Mnuchin At G7 Meeting Will Discuss Trump Admin’s Tax Reform, Regulatory Reduction Efforts

Topics: -need for Russia to rein in Syria's Assad, Iran, Iranian proxies -need for Russia to fully implement Minsk -Middle East, per WH.

State Department bounty on Jawlani ( Head of Tahrir - al Sham ) is ten million , just a phone tip away....

Uncertainty over future of ObamaCare could drive major premium hikes in 2018

no chance for healthcare now before the recess with means no tax reform this year...Thanks Donald I think its finally time to sell this may

Yes. Because Putin met with Tillerson last month. But Trump agreeing achieve Putin's key objective: to be seen globally as equal of the US



Labour manifesto is leaked. Certainly an interesting read !

Barnier to Spanish MPs on Brexit bill: "I won't mention a figure today or tomorrow morning. We must find an agreement on the principles".

Theresa May under fire for refusing to rule out national insurance hike

Full statements from CPS and Conservative chairman on decision not to charge Tory candidates over 2015 expenses.

At Labour campaign event Jeremy Corbyn responds to CPS decision not to prosecute Tory MPs...

Jean-Claude Juncker: Theresa May Brexit dinner leaks were a 'serious mistake' -

Jeremy Corbyn promises to end education spending cuts with Corporation Tax hike

Europe Markets & Draghi....

European markets steady on the day..

Draghi annoyed when Dutch MPs push him on the downsides of QE...

Draghi simply claims debt restructuring "will not happen". This time it's different?



Macron lays down the law to Socialists and Conservatives , let's wait for those parties to return the favor.

NSA said yesterday that it warned US ally France that Russian hackers tried to break into election infrastructure

Hamon will launch a new movement, Valls wanted to run with Macron's party. Day of reckoning for French Socialist Party is approaching fast.

Voilà. ()

Macron politely tells Valls to stick with his dead party.

Well, apparently another candidate had already been selected for this constituency. Let's see if Macron makes an exception for Valls...


"We will vote in spring 2018", says Italy's Europe Minister Sandro Gozi.


Treasury offic:we've noticed some of the progress made on policies/still work to be done to put Gr on sustainable path/expect final package

Greece among issues to be discussed during G7 summit in Bari, confirms US Treasury official

Treasury official says that the Secretary has indicated that he expects from the Europeans to resolve the Greek issue

Gov’t under fire over fresh obstacle to Cosco deal


Barnier to Spanish MPs on Brexit bill: "I won't mention a figure today or tomorrow morning. We must find an agreement on the principles".

Odds & Ends.....

West Mosul ISIS defenses being broken down , bit by bit..

More on West Mosul state of play..

Mosul battle update..

Counter Terrorism Units have stormed Al-Aslah Al-Zraae district west .


Replying to  
: "After this historic arming decision, our units will play more influential, powerful, decisive role" in fighting IS, says YPG spox

: YPG hails 'historic' US decision to provide them with weapons & equipment, says it comes 'somewhat late' - via

In regards to supplying YPG with weapons, Turkey's says his country's position is clear [unacceptable].

Al Qaeda issues redlines regarding Idlib...

: SDF to cede Tal Rifaat, other Aleppo towns to Liwa al-Mutasim. SDF seized it in early 2016 & held off rebel efforts to retake it -


Mahmoud Jibril: is the 2nd largest investor in Africa after China... should be the U.S. gateway into Africa

Pres. Council VP Ahmed Maiteeg discusses creating mobile powers stations with the Turkish Ambassador to

Row over Siala’s Hafter comments continues -

's Ambassador to Saudi Arabia visits Washington DC, says hopes Pres. Trump looks at Libya file seriously

Sanallah: losing $205 million a month because of a contract dispute with German company Wintershall

Nat'l Oil Corp: Oil production has surpassed 800,000 barrels per day for the first time since 2014

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