Sunday, May 7, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views......May 7 , 2017......Quick Hits for Sunday -1) France Elects Its New President Today , Macron Widely Expected To Prevail After A Grueling , Unusual & Never Dull Race. 2) UK- Sunday News , UK-EU "Negotiation" Updates , Additional Items Of Interest. 3) Germany Political Updates For Sunday. 4) US Political Round Up - Trump Tweets For Sunday , Healthcare Updates ( Senate Now Focal Point ) , Midterms Will Be Here Before You Blink Twice. 5) Turkey In Focus - Purge Ongoing After Erdogan's Successful Referendum , Economic Items , Syria Related Developments. 6 )Syria News For Sunday - State Of Play On De-Escalation Zones , Aid Deployment , Additional Items Of Note. 7) Libya Updates Of Note. 8) Iraq News For Sunday. 8) Venezuela Updates For Sunday. 9) Asia Market News - Monday morning !


Exit Polls & Results....

1 hour ago
Macron To Get 24% of Votes In Parliamentary Election - KANTAR - Republicans 22% - National Front 21%

French election - Macron's gap is even bigger

65.1%.....Macron wins convincingly.....

Emmanuel Macron has been elected French president with 65-66% of the vote, first projections suggest.

First estimates for final round of : Macron 65.5%, Le Pen 34.5%

Macron has given his victory speech. He pledged to "defend France and Europe". Perhaps willing to display gravitas, he didn't smile once.

Le Pen concedes defeat, congratulates Macron for his victory in the French presidential election

Mélenchon is giving a speech. He is calling his voters to mobilize. He is already working for the legislative elections

France, Ifop early exit poll: Macron (EM-*): 66% Le Pen (FN-ENF): 34%

France, Ipsos early exit poll: Macron (EM-*): 63% Le Pen (FN-ENF): 37%

Mid-Day Update....

Voter turnout in France's presidential runoff reaches 65.3 percent, 6 percent less than the last presidential vote

Final participation could fall as low as 1969 Election - electorate clearly not enthused by choices presented and voting dilemma.

Voter turnout at 5pm in French election is the lowest since 1981... won't like the sound of that...

1 hour ago
Le Soir reporting Macron is expected to win by over 60% based on "voting day" surveys acc to 3 different institutions

French presidential election LIVE: France chooses between Le Pen and Macron

France's cybersecurity agency will investigate Macron hack

. reporting that Macron is leading in French overseas territories

1 hour ago
But keep coming and voting! There is no queue at the moment in both location in . Do not wait till the last minute! Elections2017

All clear at the Louvre Museum area after security scare, police say evacuation was just a precaution.

The Louvre museum in Paris, where Macron plans to hold celebrations tonight, has been evacuated over a security alert. More to follow.

French election: Voter turnout down from 2012 (but the same as first round)

Voter turnout at noon is 28.23%, compared to 30.66% in 2012 and 34.11% in 2007.

Excellent synthèse de de la campagne

UK News....

Journos still sulking about Brexit

1 hour ago
Martin Selmayr, the Eurocrat who leaked details of Juncker’s Downing Street dinner, played right into May’s hands:

1 hour ago
Check out our scholars' work on the bill, by & :

EU Infighting: Merkel and Tusk Attack Juncker for Sabotaging Brexit Negotiations; Choice Quotes – MishTalk

The stakes are high in this election - and I need your support to strengthen my hand in the Brexit negotiations:

EU ignored advice to pursue legally impossible 100bn brexit tab against UK..

UK govt has found a way to operate airlines without flying rights. Impressive.


Germany (Schleswig-Holstein): Preferred Prime Minister, FGW exit poll: Albig (SPD-S&D): 43% Günther: (CDU-EPP): 37%

Germany (Schleswig-Holstein): GRÜNE (G/EFA) with best election result in history of the state: 13.5% (ARD exit poll).

Why is the vote so important ahead of 's federal election? explains:

popularity test: is voting in a regional election ahead of 's federal vote

Merkel challengers fight to hang on in north Germany

German local vote is test for Merkel's challenger Schulz. has dropped to 28% in latest polls for fed elections.

After the reported how safe is 's federal election from hacking and cyberattacks?

US Politics.....

One will have to see what Senate offers in its version of ACHA...

Ryan not worried about backlash in midterms to GOP healthcare bill: "We're keeping our word"

GOP senator: "The Senate is starting from scratch" on GOP healthcare plan

Ryan on GOP healthcare plan: "This is a rescue mission"

Priebus: Trump won’t "let you down" if you have pre-existing conditions

Trump health secretary: Medicaid cuts under GOP healthcare plan make "a lot of sense"

Priebus: "It is up to the Senate" to make major improvements on GOP healthcare bill

1 hour ago
The House health-care disaster is really about taxes

Top Democrats say Americans will “die” from ObamaCare overhaul passed by GOP House

House Republicans passed their health care bill with a narrow 217-213 vote Thursday

Republican Senators will not let the American people down! ObamaCare premiums and deductibles are way up - it was a lie and it is dead!

When will the Fake Media ask about the Dems dealings with Russia & why the DNC wouldn't allow the FBI to check their server or investigate?

Odds & Ends....


march of “Musicians and Artists for Life” is a tribute to the fallen during the protests against the regime of Nicolas Maduro.

1 hour ago
Amid Venezuela’s chaos, elites play a high-stakes game for survival

780 detentions were carried out in the state yesterday and could be prosecuted by military justice

govt. blames peaceful protestors for looting done by the government-funded "milicia." Civilians to be tried in military courts.

Astonishing. unarmed women's march chanting "No to the repression!" causes soldiers to retreat into fort

From a couple of days ago , but this could be the tipping point....if this is a trend that continues , rather than exception to the rule.

Our statement on the humanitarian and human rights situation in Venezuela:


Hatay Governor's office debunks rumors / fake news from certain arabic websites and social media of Turkey deploying its Army to Idlib.

Consumer prices in Turkey rose 11.87% (YoY) in April , from 11.29% in March. April CPI was driven by food prices- which rose 1.23% (MoM.)

Replying to 
Since the declaration of a state of emergency in , nearly 4,200 judges and prosecutors have been expelled.

lifts ban on 82 judges and prosecutors, issues new warrants


Aid entered the desert camp near Syrian-Jordan border on Sunday for the first time in six months, camp sources tell us (1/3)

Cross-border aid entered despite reported IS bombing near camp Sunday morning, second in 4 days (2/3)

Deliveries of food, hygiene supplies to continue for next 3 weeks to reach 75000 people says Muayid al-Abeed, head Rukban administrator(3/3)

What may be the de facto effect of "Safe Zones" & "De-Escalation Zones" ? An undeclared partition between loyalists & opposition sides.

Replying to 
: Eastern Ghouta is one of 4 DEZs, but Damascus itself isn't included - so air strikes have continued on Qabun, SOHR & residents say

Replying to 
: Senior Russian commander Sergei Rudskoi said Moscow had stopped bombing would-be DEZs from May 1, four days before deal was signed


“An effective & viable solution would only be in Libya & through a Libyan-Libyan dialogue , sponsored by international organizations....”

6000 migrants rescued in Mediterranean in last two days - WION

Italian FM focuses on migration in Tripoli visit but stresses support for GNA -


This is not a good sign for future developments in Mosul....

1 hour ago
map update. Green= completely liberated. Orange= frontline clashes. White= control.

1 hour ago
GREAT DAY triple duo forces (Army, Federal Police& Rapid Response Division) continue to advance in NW as is collapsing.

Slow progress being made in Old City section .....

Middle East: GDP, 2016. ($ billion) Turkey: 755 Saudi: 637 Iran: 412 UAE: 375 Egypt: 330 Israel: 311 Qatar: 156 Iraq: 156 Kuwait: 110

Multiple Daesh suicide bombers attacked base where US advisers are stationed in Iraq

Iraq reborn: The slow renaissance of Hammar Marshes

US troops won't stay in Iraq after Islamic State is defeated, says PM

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1 hour ago

Asia Monday....

Chinese mkt remains under pressure, 10-yr treasury futures closed 0.32% down, as benchmark 10-yr govt bond yield hit 3.6% at one point

China goes one way. The rest of the world pretty much going in the opposite direction.

China Jan~Apr steel exports -25.8%, crude oil imports +12.5%

China April trade (USD) Exports 8% (est 11.3% prev 16.4%) Imports 11.9% (est 18% prev 20.3%) Trade surplus $38.05b (est $35.2b prev $23.93b

Replying to 
China April trade, yuan: Exports 14.3% (est 16.8% prev 22.3%) Imports 18.6% (est 29.3% prev 26.3%) Trade surplus 262.3b (est 197.2b, 164.3b)

cuts 's fixing by 63bp to 6.8947 per USD, vs prev 6.8884

China's deleveraging bill since mid-Apr: $500b $453b off stocks/bonds $21b cancelled debt sales $48b PBOC injections

Copper Opens 0.4% Higher At $5,607.00 A Ton In London

1 hour ago
Japanese JGB Futures open at 151.00 in Singapore