Saturday, May 6, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views.....May 6 , 2017.....Quick Hits For Saturday -1) France Election & News De Jour. 2) Greece News To Consider - Greece Financial Crisis Has Impacted Births In Greece , Ferry Strike Against Austerity , Macron Victory Could Benefit Greece Regarding Debt Relief , Cyprus In Focus , Greece - Turkey Relations Tense After Further Asylum Decisions Reached Involving Turks , More Items To Consider. 3) Italy Updates - Migration controversy And Italy Efforts In Libya Focal Points. 4) Syria - Astana Process , De-escalation Zones , State Of Play From Battlefields. 5) Libya In Focus - Refugee Situation Updates , Reconciliation Talks , Oil & News Impacting Economy. 6) Venezuela Has Massive " Women's Day " Protest Today !


Account affiliated with ISIS is threatening French presidential candidate Macron. Like with Trump, ISIS sees Le Pen as beneficial to them

After Macron campaign is hacked days before Sunday's vote , Hollande promises a "response."

French election Commission called on everyone present on internet sites , social networks , the media - not to pass on this content.

Follow all the updates from DW journalists in Paris as France gears up to tomorrow's

Great thread and overview. Worth worth checking out !

Looks like Macron "offshore bank account letter" , may just be a fake news type smear job.

France has very competent Intel Agencies. Before jumping to conclusions , let DGSE , DGSI and DRM investigate what's occurred and report.

French MP dies campaigning for Macron

French presidential election race enters end game, so what happens now?


According to the source, the couple, whose passports have been canceled, had left Greece and their whereabouts are unknown.

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One of the indirect effects of the Greek crisis.

Union calls 48-hour ferry strike over measures

'No doubt that that with Emmanuel as President, Greece will continue to have a friend in France,' tells ANA

Cyprus reunification talks look to be heading for disappointing conclusion, writes

Emmanuel Macron says he will lead struggle for Greek debt restructuring

Ankara directs ire at Athens over ruling on soldiers as Cyprus talks drift


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الوزير : فخور بالسفارة الايطالية في و بعملها الجاد كونها البعثة الأوروبية الوحيدة حاليا في
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Minister : proud of the Italian Embassy and the hard work of being the only European mission currently in

لقاء جيد جمع اليوم و أكدوا فيه على ان التوازن بين الأطراف هو روح الاتفاق السياسي الليبي.
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Good day collection and meeting confirmed that the balance between the parties is the spirit of the political agreement.

: visible diplomatic pushes by ; ; ; -; . Quality or quantity? Few signs of coordination btwn efforts.

The changing face of the Mediterranean migrant crisis

Deaths and rescues continue in the Med as rescuers fight accusations of trafficking links

First patrol boats w/ trained crews arriving from 🇮🇹 to . Building 's capacity to fight illegal & human smuggling.

US Politics....

House ObamaCare repeal adds new twist to GOP tax reform

Trump and Bannon personally intervened to save Sebastian Gorka’s White House job

A long-shot challenge to Trump is not out of the question

All the lessons Republicans didn’t learn from liberals on health care

Huckabee rejects calls for FCC to punish Stephen Colbert over Trump joke

Not sure if Ryan's spokeswoman is uninformed or pulling a fast one-fact is ACHA Bill voted on was not scored by CBO.

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Death spirals and other problems the Republican health plan doesn’t solve

Cruz pushes GOP to move on ACA legislation, even as some R colleagues remain uneasy about House bill

Trump campaigned on battling opioid addiction, but AHCA will cut accessibility to addiction services |

No, the AHCA doesn’t make rape a preexisting condition


| Faylaq al-Sham commander was killed in Aleppo countryside

Opinion | Safe zones in Syria: Astana’s key to political settlement - by Sophie Mangal

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Major Syrian rebel groups from Idleb, Ghouta, and Houran—incl. Ahrar for once, but obv. not Tahrir—had this to say about the Astana process.

False rumor from FSA source debunked. Turkey's Army will not be deployed to Idlib.

After the capture of AlZalqiat and its hills, are pounding positions eastern of

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| Map of Syria's four safe-zones

| says that US-led coalition jets conducted several airstrikes on 1st, 2nd, 3rd districts of Tabqa city

| Warplanes conducted several airstrikes on near 137th Base and in Junaynah

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: Govt warplanes carrying out air strikes on Qabun in Damascus today as safe zones plan begins. Qabun not included in deal - via

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: correspondent in Idlib says skies are quiet today. Our reporter in Eastern Ghouta saw govt warplanes circling overhead

High rank source from Syrian Army announced that army and its allies would begin an imminent and wide operation aimed to reach Iraqı border

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De-escalation deal in disturbs Quneitra-Daraa "safe zones": "buffer zone" is off the table now.

According to de-escalation agreement, any violation is supposed to be solved by guarantors (Turkey/Russia/Iran) followed by military action.

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: Concurrently, rumor is rife in that may be preparing for attacks on Faylaq al-Sham, the most powerful FSA group in area.

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Lots of chatter that is considering interfering in in order to separate opposition forces from - as per plan.

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investigation concludes the U.S *did* hit mosque complex in [killing 38+ people during prayers]:


This morning, the Libyan coast guards rescued 168 migrants off Libya including children ~ 3 years old. was there to receive them.

British Foreign Minister visits eastern Libya, meets with HoR Speaker - Libyan Express

و تستمر الكارثة الإنسانية للمهاجرين الغير شرعيين؛أربع عمليات إنقاذ من البحر قبالة ساحل منذ البارحة. أكثر من 4,650 تم إنقاذهم في 2017

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And continue the humanitarian catastrophe for illegals; four rescue operations from the sea off the coast since yesterday, more than 4,650 rescued in 2017

Abu Sleem municipality to open essential food distribution point at government prices -

Ceasefire Agreement between and reached today after few days of fighting

Libya's Waha Field Reaches 75000 BPD Production Recovery -

Venezuela.... Women's Day March...

Not a shocker - National Guard breaking out the tear gas....

Women take to the streets of Caracas as Venezuela's political crisis deepens

| Venezuelan women take to the streets to demand an end to repression

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| the women's march arrives at its destination, Libertador Barracks, breaking the blockade of the National Guard

Protests are mounting in demanding elections while Maduro threatens with a constituent trying to rewrite the constitution.

Women's march in against repression and the right to protest