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Economic News , Data & Views.....May 21 , 2017......Quick Hits For Sunday 1) Trump Visit To Saudi Arabia & Key Speeches Today From Both King Salman & POTUS On Fighting Terror , Islam , Israel - Palestine , Refugee Crisis , Iran At US- Islamic Summit - Note Leaders From 50 Leaders Of Islamic World Present For These Speeches. Key Passages Courtesy Of Al Arabiya 2) US Political Round Up ( Sans US-Islamic Summit ) . 3) Europe In Focus : Greece Updates - May 22nd Europe Looms But Debt Relief Agreement Still Unlikely , Items On Economy To Consider , Additional international Political Concerns ( Cyprus & Turkey ) To Ponder ; UK Political Updates For Sunday ; France Political Concerns And Local News For Sunday. 4) Odds & Ends For Sunday !

Trump Speech In Saudi Arabia ....

Tillerson: Focus on terrorism in Saudi Arabia will lead to improvements in human rights

So , will KSA start by investigating to role of its "Charities" . activities of Princes and contributions by wealthy Saudis re : Syria ?

LIVE: - summit to begin shortly where will give his much anticipated speech on

LIVE: 's PM seen speaking with , Senior Adviser to the President

LIVE: arrives at the - meeting at the

LIVE: More than with 50 leaders from the Muslim world are in attendance to hear speak on

LIVE: : This unprecedented summit is of utmost importance between the Muslim world and the West

LIVE: We share the same objectives w/ to fight terrorism and extremism

LIVE: : Stand united against forces of evil wherever they are. is religion of peace and tolerance

LIVE: : regime has been the spearhead of since the revolution

LIVE: Saudi announces historic agreement with the to track and target sources of terrorist financing

LIVE: says he’s honored to be received by such gracious hosts, continuing King Abdulaziz’s legacy

LIVE: : I bring message of love from the US, that is why I chose for first foreign trip

LIVE: Our goal is a coalition of nations who share the aim of stamping out extremism

LIVE: We are not here to lecture. We are here to offer partnership to pursue a better future for us all

LIVE: : Most of the world has suffered from horrific terrorist attacks, but not more than the Arab world

LIVE: : This isn't a battle between different faiths, sects, or civilizations... but with barbaric criminals

LIVE: : America is prepared to stand with you – in pursuit of shared interests and common security

LIVE: : We must cut off the financial channels that allowed to sell oil

: Surge of forced the depletes the human capital to build modern societies in the region

: Surge of forced the depletes the human capital to build modern societies in the region

LIVE: : funds arms and trains terrorists, militias & extremists that spread destruction across region

LIVE: Jordan's : Israeli-Palestinian is a region's core issue. Safeguarding Jerusalem is top priority

LIVE: 's tells : We need to focus on real meaning of civilization & culture

's : We need to have a comprehensive plan on combatting terrorist financing

LIVE: 's President : We hope this summit will combat terrorism & we must spread 's message

LIVE: 's Emir Sabah: Summit proves keenness of Islamic countries to cooperate in fight against terrorism

LIVE: : continues its interference in , & and its support for

LIVE: : continues its interference in , & and its support for

LIVE: FM Al-: We appreciate President 's efforts & look forward to working with him in all areas

US Political Round Up ....

Next stop for POTUS is Israel. Schedule of events set forth for the visit , as per PM of Israel Tweet...

McMaster on Trump talk with Russian officials: He feels "hamstrung in his ability to work with Russia"

Republicans fear for their safety as they face mounting threats from angry constituents

Dem: Lawmakers still don't know who directed deputy AG to write critical Comey memo

Ivanka Trump tells Saudi women: "There’s still a lot of work to be done"

Chaffetz: Anyone leaking info to the press should go to jail

1 hour ago
White House national security adviser: "I don't think I'm in an impossible situation"

1 hour ago

Shouting “death spiral,” Trump has nudged ObamaCare downward

Why Hill Republicans are breathing a sigh of relief over Mueller’s appointment



EU's Moscovici confident Eurogroup will reach deal on Greece

Cyprus president to present talks plan to party leaders

Incirlik crisis may mean enhanced NATO role for Greece's Souda Bay

A new political plan for the day after

Debt and audacity

Greek State Debt went up to €326.5 Bln

CFOs Pessimistic about Greek Economy

German FinMin: No Greek Debt Cut at Present Time


Economists advise Germany's Minister for Economics and Energy a "deep and comprehensive" free trade agreement with the UK is necessary.

UK, prognosis: CON-ECR: 400 seats LAB-S&D: 168 SNP-G/EFA: 54 LDEM-ALDE: 6 PC-G/EFA: 3 Greens-G/EFA: 1 UKIP-EFDD: 0

MI5 opened file on Jeremy Corbyn over IRA links, according to a report:

Lib Dems launch poster campaign comparing Theresa May to Nigel Farage -

WATCH: Jeremy Corbyn repeatedly refuses to unequivocally condemn IRA but says "all bombing is wrong"

Jeremy Corbyn says Labour ‘committed’ to Trident after Shadow Cabinet dispute -

1 hour ago
LISTEN: PoliticsHome podcast, featuring Vote Leave top dog and an in-depth party manifesto review -

David Davis warns UK will quit Brexit talks if EU demands €100bn bill -

Labour cuts Tory polling lead to 9% after manifesto week -

Top Tory Damian Green rules out U-turn on social care proposals

UK, ORB poll: CON-ECR: 46% LAB-S&D: 34% ↑ LDEM-ALDE: 7% ↓ UKIP-EFDD: 7%

UK, Opinium poll: CON-ECR: 46% ↓ LAB-S&D: 33% ↑ LDEM-ALDE: 8% UKIP-EFDD: 5% SNP-G/EFA: 5% Greens-G/EFA: 2% PC-G/EFA: 1%

UK, Survation poll: CON-ECR: 46% ↓ LAB-S&D: 34% ↑ LDEM-ALDE: 8% SNP-G/EFA: 4% UKIP-EFDD: 3% ↓ Greens-G/EFA: 1% ↓...

UK, YouGov poll: CON-ECR: 44% ↓ LAB-S&D: 35% ↑ LDEM-ALDE: 9% ↑ UKIP-EFDD: 3% ↓


Macron Cabinet very diverse....

Joint EU Defense Cooperation On the Table From France's New Armed Forces Minister....

President Emmanuel Macron needs to turn France's economy around quickly, or else

French officials probing Brazil submarine deal: report

Macron's level of support among French nearly as high as de Gaulle's

Macron set to win 27% of votes in the first round of National Assembly election June 11, ahead of all other parties.

Odds & Ends...


Syria news round up : Homs clear of armed opposition for the first time in more than five years ; Ahrar al-Sham & AQ still fighting.

REPORT: Final evacuees depart city, rebels surrender the "capital of the revolution."

Uyghur families travel thru Turkey to take over Xtian & Shia villages in North Syria = 10-20,000 - by Christina Lin


So , never-ending then.....

Erdogan condemns EU hypocritical approach and attitude toward Turkey.

Erdogan says he will extend his sweeping rule over Turkey

TURKEY: President Erdogan has been elected leader of the Justice and Development Party

: Turkey's says despite all that has happened, he prefers to walk alongside as he retakes his party's chairmanship.

North Korea....

UNSC will hold an emergency meeting on Tuesday re : North Korea's latest ballistic missile test, council president Uruguay said Sunday.



North Korea tested a medium-range ballistic missile early Sunday-just hours before President Trump is set to deliver a major speech in KSA.

North Korea's main spy agency has a special cell called Unit 180 that is likely to have launched some of its cyber attacks

Replying to 
Missile type: medium-range ballistic missile': US official

Cyber- Attack updates....

DBIR 2017: Major Findings of Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report

Patch Your *ss Up!

Good job ! I assume this means you gonna release a better solution shortly! We are all looking for it and all eyes are on you !

Study finds continue to struggle with the importance of

How WanaCrypt Encrypts Your Files - Computerphile ..


BREAKING: Venezuela death toll, after seven weeks of protests, has risen to 48

Venezuela protests: 200,000 march against President Maduro as riots and looting spread across country

Protesters take to Venezuela's streets to mark 50 days of protests against President Nicolas Maduro

At least 46 wounded in Saturday anti-government protests in

Venezuela protests: Passport of opposition leader Capriles 'seized'


So , just a sham suspension ?

3rd Force given 72 hours to leave. After that time period , Fezzan’s tribes to head to Temenhint Base to "save it" from criminals. 1 of 8 tweets in thread.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres condemns the Brak al-Shati attack.

Special Forces Cmndr Boukhamada: Our response to these treacherous crimes will be harsh on the battlefield.

Air Force strikes ' Defense Brigades' munitions bunker near Jufra base.

Second Deputy in 's House of Representatives calls for the army to "respond forcefully against terror groups"

Air Force strikes Military Council Operations Room at Jufra base.


map update. Green= completely liberated. Orange= frontline clashes. White= control.

It started here and we will end it here. Old city map update. The next few days we will see new tactics to retake Al-Nuri Mosque.

A prison found in one of the villages south of Qayrawan region west .

"caliphate rocket launch" which they issued to its elite unit is everywhere, ISIS fighters panic as forces advance in .

Image of day from west operations.

federal police units captured car bomb factory in 17 Tamouz district west , over a dozen car bomb seized.

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