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Economic News , Data & View......May 20 , 2017...... Items For Saturday -1) Greece : Greece To Receive Usual & Customary Treatment - EG Expected To Approve Approximately 7BN In Tranche Payments ( To Allow July Repayments To ECB & IMF ) However Germany Tossing Cold Water Again On Debt Relief Mirage. 2) US Politics For Saturday : Trump First Foreign Trip Has Begun , Updates On Saudi Arabia Visit ; Additional News Of Note. 3) Iran Election Updates - Rouhani Easily Wins Re-Election For A Second Term. 4) Libya News For Saturday - Horrible Massacre At Brak Al Shatti Continues To Roil Libya. 5) Odds & Ends !


German position - no reduction in the Greek debt , no extension on payment , ESM will not be allowed to take over IMF loans to Greece.

EG expected to approve 7 billion euros in loans needed for Greece to pay off debts maturing in July. Comprehensive debt deal unlikely.

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Tax authorities to chase undeclared properties

IMF and Eurozone finance threaten to walk out on Greece over debt relief | Neos Kosmos

US Politics......

King Salman presents POTUS with its highest honor , KSA pulling out all of the stops !

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Here the Front pages of top Saudi papers today.

Trump, the 1st sitting U.S. president to choose the Middle East as destination for his first overseas trip, arrives in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Incredible pageantry: 7 jets roared over airport here in Riyadh, leaving trail of red, white, blue. Royal Saudi air force lined red carpet.

Thumbs-up sign is NOT considered disrespectful here, my Bloomberg coworkers in Saudi Arabia say. "It's normal," says .

- trade exchange amounts to more than $37 bln in 2016

increases holdings of treasury in billions ahead of visit to increase influence over |

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Blackstone forges investment deal anchored by Saudi funds

General Electric announces 15 billion worth of business deals with KSA today...

Trump’s trip won’t be impacted by controversy engulfing administration, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross told . "Absolutely not.”

Ivanka Trump will do roundtable with Saudi female civil society leaders, elected officials, businesswomen on women's economic empowerment.

380 bn in total deals , 110 bn worth of arms deals....

Saudi Aramco to sign agreements with 10 companies--General Electric, Schlumberger, Halliburton--during Trump visit.

CEOs here in Saudi Arabia from Citi, Monsanto, Lockheed, Blackrock, etc.

A White House official told me this week Trump's Saudi Arabia speech would say this isn't war of west v. Islam, but a war of good and evil.

"The President has not seen this draft," WH aide tells me. This is 1 of 5 drafts written by various people. He's writing a final version.

Additional political news....

Comey to testify that Trump tried to influence him: report

Trump said to favor move that could destabilize Obamacare

KT McFarland now official. Statement: "Our friends in Singapore know they are getting one of his top aides as their American ambassador."

In first ever & foreign joint terrorist designation, US & designate Hashem Safieddine, leader.


Rouhani re-elected by wide margin in Iran !


March kidnapping of Jadhran confirmed. Sadik Asour- the Attorney General in Tripoli , called on the militia to hand him over to face trial.

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Joint statement condemns "efforts to change the situation on the ground in " LNA bombed Jufra all day, and ground forces moving south

Uh-oh! Queues at gas stations in A sign that people are nervous about what will happen next.

1- The massacre could result in complete reversal of recent political progress & return conflict mode on all sides.

2- the completely reversal & return to conflict mode on all sides will benefit hardliners on all sides calling for an all out war.

3- Additionally, return to a conflict mode will result in the emergence of new alliances &opening of new war fronts in various areas.

4- Return to conflict mode will result in further deterioration in living & economic conditions w potential impact on oil production.

5- A different course of events would be, the massacre results in temporary escalation in violence, but not all out war.

6- Such direction means all sides currently involved in rapprochement/political efforts will need to push forward for a settlement.

7- Such attitude would give the opposite result of what hardliners intended with such an escalation. depriving them the opportunity.

3rd Force given 72 hours to leave South after recent massacre.

Third Force Commander , suspending pending completion of investigation , accuses PC of double standards when it comes to Dignity Operations.

BREAKING: Airstrikes by 12th Brigade on Temenhint airbase.

Joint Statement by Ambs of China, France, Russia, UK, US on & call to refrain from escalation

Fezzan's tribes just concluded their gathering in Sebha with an ultimatum for 's forces to leave south immediately.

Fezzan tribes gathering in condemns the GNA's weak statement re massacre at hands of 's 3rd force.

Tribes in Fezzan call on all to mobilize against 's forces in the southern region until expelled completely.

Air Force Commander Sharif al-Awami says targeted terror organizations stationed at Jufra base.

Unity Govt Defense Ministry condemns terror attack in Solouq.

Special Forces security patrols spread through out the streets of .

141 died in Brak massacre says Mismari -

Misratan lawmakers deplore Brak Al Shatti slaughter but military justify it -

Geneva dialogue meeting ends with call for end to military escalation. -

Medical Center recieves 4 dead and 17 wounded from terror attack in Solouq Municipality.

Algeria condemns Brak masscare -

Solouq Security Directorate: Terror bombing was remotely detonated, not a suicide attack.

Arab League condemns attack, says represent a new and dangerous escalation of violence.

Odds & Ends....

Wow ! OKC Thunder player Enes Kanter held in Romania and subject to deportation to Turkey. Kane is an avowed , public supporter of Gulen

Mosul a primary focus of media attention , but Basra , Baghdad and other locations targeted regularly by ISIS.

is almost over only 2 districts left.

Very bad day in . •Double bombing in Abu Disheer, southern Baghdad: 13 dead, 15 wounded. •Double bombing in Basra: 8 dead, 7 wounded.

Claims Killing 15 Soldiers In Suicide Bombing In Al-Yosefeyya Area South Of .

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