Friday, March 31, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views.....March 31 , 2017......Quick Hits For Friday -1) Markets : US Markets End Friday Moderately Red / Gold & Oil Advance - After Regular Oil Market Close , Baker Hughes Shows Another Pop In Oil Rigs Added , US Ten Year Yield Falls Again ; Europe - DAX & CAC End In Green Today But FTSE Ends Red , Ten Year Bonds - German & Italy Debt Yields Fall But UK and Spanish Debt Yields Rise ; Q-! Observations. 2) US Politics : Checking In On Hot Button Topics Such As Russia Interference Investigations & General Flynn's Offer To Testify , Looming Meeting Between POTUS & China's Leader Next Week , Joe Biden Discusses Why HRC Lost & Additional Items Of Note. 3) Europe In Focus : Greece & Creditors See Second Review For Third Bailout Stall , Additional Economic & Political News Of Note ; France Election Updates - Polling , News Of Note Touching On The Candidates ; Germany - Local & International News Touching On Germany , Polling For Fall Election. 4) Odds & Ends : Libya In Focus - Politics & Security Items To Consider ; Syria - State Of Play ; Paraquay In Flames - Congress Set On Fire As Political Controversy Bursts In View !


US stocks end the day lower. The quarter was a different story.

Forexlive Americas forex new wrap. Dollar mixed on quarter end day

European closes the quarter with gains today

US Baker Hughes rig count total up to 824 from 809. Up 15.

First Quarter 2017....

1 hour ago
Mexico peso logs biggest quarterly gain since 1977. More effective than any border tax or other protective measures.

Another proof that consensus often wrong. In Q1 Dollar was one the weakest currencies. Among the expanded majors only Turkey Lira even worse

Emerging Markets best asset class in Q1'17 followed by EU stocks, , EM debt. BUT debt, Oil & broader commodities underperformed.

US Politics....

Nearly 70 percent of Californians oppose seceding from the union

Joe Biden opens up and offers his view on why Hillary fell short...

Politico: Tillerson gets ovation at NATO for unambiguous US support against Russia

"I'm doing a job for the American worker. I'm not thinking about my business or anybody else's," Trump says at trade EO event

'We are in a trade war,' Trump's commerce secretary says after stern German warning.

Firm hired by DNC & relied on by FBI to prove Russia hacking forced to withdraw anti-Russian report

Q. Why does Trump think China meeting will be "difficult"? Sean Spicer: "Big issues." Not a "sit around and play patty-cake" situation.

& General Flynn
. says Trump administration labeling China a currency manipulator is on hold until meets President Xi next week

Trump tells reporters he signed executive order "to end the war on coal" earlier this week. Coal miners "crying with happiness."

Trump wants Flynn to testify before Congress & do whatever he needs to go and tell the truth.

"I will not be able to discuss the content of anything I review," Adam Schiff says of trip to White House to see docs.

Obama admin officials have been pretty explicit they thought Trump team couldn't be trusted not to destroy info before investigators got it

Mike Flynn should ask for immunity in that this is a witch hunt (excuse for big election loss), by media & Dems, of historic proportion



Considerable cuts are coming to 1.4 million pensions from 2019

Stathakis changes his rhetoric on public control of PPC

Measures to bring more taxes

Impasse stalls review as official sees no deal at Eurogroup


Development still a non-issue in French election

‘We must avoid these fantasies’: Fillon dismisses Russian ‘interference’ in French election

French election: Le Pen’s party’s racist history is complicating her efforts to raise money

The French election campaign may have a few more surprises up its sleeve

France: Presidential election (run-off), BVA poll: Macron (EM-*): 60% (-2) Le Pen (FN-ENF): 40% (+2)

France, BVA poll: Macron (EM-*): 25% ↓ Le Pen (FN-ENF): 24% ↓ Fillon (LR-EPP): 19% ↑ Melénchon (FI-LEFT): 15% ↑...

France: Odoxa poll shows significant moves to the far-left. (GUE/NGL) (*) gain.

France: Presidential election (run-off), Odoxa poll: Macron (EM-*): 59% (-6) Le Pen (FN-ENF): 41% (+6)

France, Odoxa poll:: Macron (EM-*): 26% ↓ Le Pen (FN-ENF): 25% ↓ Fillon (LR-EPP): 17% ↓ Mélenchon (FI-LEFT): 16%...


AfD Chairperson to resign Saturday , leadership election set for April 22nd

Germany on collision course with US ahead of Nato summit

Austria says it will take Germany to court over autobahn 'foreigner tolls'

Germany, Civey poll: CDU/CSU-EPP: 34% ↑ SPD-S&D: 32% AfD-ENF: 9% ↓ LINKE-LEFT: 7% GRÜNE-G/EFA: 7% FDP-ALDE: 6%

Odds & Ends.....


Unconfirmed / unverified reports regarding a *pro-Misrata / SDB convoy* moving from south of Sirte towards Mabruk oil field.

Protest in calling for Ageilah Saleh to hand over power to Khalifa Haftar.

Libyan municipalities & experts discuss integrating internally displaced people in the reconciliation process

Appointments of Qaddafi-era military officials unacceptable Zintan tells Hafter -

- engineers from LNA 12 BCT dismantle IED placed at Great Man-Made River north of al-Shwayrif


NEW MAP: "Rebel" frontline in is collapsing, reverses most gains made in first days of their failed offensive.

Important shows dramatic increase in civilian casualties from coalition airstrikes. Though much info still contested

At Syria peace talks, U.N. mediator's fate now part of the game via

Russia and Iran move towards strategic cooperation 

in Syria


Paraguay congress set on fire amid presidential controversy

With eyes focused on any number of flash fires elsewhere , Paraquay instability bursts into the news.

Protesters set fire to Paraguay Congress building (PHOTOS, VIDEO)