Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views ......March 29 , 2017.......Quick Hits For Wednesday -1) Markets : Asia Economic Calendar For Thursday , Market Moving News & Data Updated Regularly ; US - Dow In The Red Today But S&P & Nasdaq See Green , Gold Up Modestly & Oil Sees Bounce Today , US Treasuries Yield Fall Today. 2) US Politics : Russia Investigation In Congress - News Of The Day & Note Differences Between House And Senate Intel Committees ; White House Drama De Jour ; Repeal & Replace Updates ; Additional News Of Note. 3) Europe In Focus : PM May Has Article 50 Letter Delivered To EU & Related News Today ; France Election Updates & Polling Data ; Greece May Or May Not Have Reached A Deal With Creditors On Labor Reforms & Pensions Cuts ; Europe Odd News For Wednesday. 4) MENA News : Iraq , Syria , Turkey & Libya In Primary focus



Good morning from Berlin. Asia stocks mostly lower on hangover. Dollar benefited from dovish ECB sources. Oil surged on inventories.

Nikkei 225 closes down -0.8% at 19,063.22

1 hour ago
Meeting Between China & US Presidents To Take Place On April 6-7 - Xinhua

Economic data due from Asia today

China press (Xinhua) overnight cite 'think tank' Q1 GDP forecast at 6.8%

1 hour ago
Japan press - Yen strength putting the BOJ's 2% inflation target in jeopardy

BoJ Dep Governor Iwata: QE Was Effective In Spurring Growth But Has Been Made More Powerful By Combining It With Yield Curve Control – RTRS

BoJ Dep Governor Iwata: No Need To Buy US Treasuries Directly From Fed As BoJ Able To Achieve Sufficient Monetary Easing Via JGB Purchases

BoJ Deputy Governor Iwata: Appropriate To Continue Powerful Monetary Easing As Inflation Still Distant From 2%

US Preparing To Review China’s Market Economy Status - WSJ


US major stock indices mixed. Broader market up. Dow down.

Forexlive Americas forex news wrap: Article 50 triggered. GBP steady.

Another day around the way..

US Politics.....

Newsweek says Obama Admin blocked FBI Director Comey from writing Op Ed on "Russian Interference" in June 2016.

Round up of update from Senate Intel Committee leaders ...

Rep. Nunes: ‘Democrats aren’t really serious about this investigaton’

In Trump’s White House drama, Priebus is favorite target

Report: Bannon, Kushner, Priebus wanted Mike Flynn out even before he deceived Pence over Russian call

Largest police union warns Trump: Defunding sanctuary cities puts Americans at risk

Sad day for State Department...

China deal reported as off ..

Republicans may attempt another HC vote next week...

A date to keep an eye on - May 22nd is date for decision on continuing appeal of O Admin on insurer subsidies.

2018 dilemma for Republicans: Which way now on ObamaCare?

Poll: Republicans blame bill, not Trump, for health-care defeat

US House speaker Ryan says doesn't want Trump to work with Dems on revamped healthcare bill. (CBS interview via Reuters)

WSJ: Trump Administration Signals It Would Seek Mostly Modest Changes to Nafta

7 hours ago
BREAKING: Federal Judge In Hawaii Grants Injunction Against Trump’s Travel Ban —>

JUST IN: Hawaii judge extends temporary halt to Trump's travel ban

BREAKING: Hawaii judge extends temporary halt to Donald Trump's travel ban

Peso hits strongest level since US election as Trump's funding request for wall hits snag among Republicans.



PM May - brief comments after triggering Brexit process...

Andrew Neil interview of PM May - transcript of same.

Andrew Neil faces down Lord Ashdown on EU Market Access. Worth watching.

Merkel rejects May's call for parallel talks on EU-UK ties



Oops. EU27 statement says they divorce arrangements must come first. May letter says wants divorce and new ties negotiated in parallel

Article 50 letter alluding to the Brexit divorce bill

German manufacturers say ‘no concessions’ to UK in EU exit talks

EU leaders ready for orderly Brexit, but prepared for failure

Merkel priorities: 1. Citizens Rights 2. Financial liabilities & obligations then only future relations.

PM's letter asks four times for parallel talks "on future partnership alongside those of our withdrawal from the EU". Rejected in four hours

Back of the fag box look at what the UK wants from EU, vice versa, and tactics they can use >>


Naturally , the actual French Socialist Candidate ( Hamon ) is very upset prominent Socialists are jumping ship.

More Paris arrests after clashes over police killing of Chinese man

France: Presidential election (run-off), ELABE poll: Fillon: 54% (=) Le Pen: 46% (=)

France: Presidential election (run-off), ELABE poll: Macron (EM-*): 63% (-1) Le Pen (FN-ENF): 37% (+1)

France, Elabe poll: Macron (EM-*): 26% Le Pen (FN-ENF): 24% ↓ Fillon (LR-EPP): 18% ↑ Mélenchon (FI-LEFT): 15% ↑...

France, Ifop poll: Macron (EM-*): 26% Le Pen (FN-ENF): 26% ↑ Fillon (LR-EPP): 18% Melénchon (FI-LEFT): 14% Hamon (PS-S&D): 10% ↓


Well , of course the Greek Bailout Deal not quite stitched together...

ESM: Mid-Term Greek Debt Measures Will Not Include Capping Rates

EU Commission: Cannot Confirm Deal Between Greece & Lenders On Bailout - RTRS

Greece, lenders said to have reached deal on key labor reforms, pension cuts

Europe Odds & Ends....

EU has bigger problems than the UK leaving.....and they will have to decide how to face those problems.

Austria says wants exemption from EU migrant relocation system

Germany rejects Turkish request to spy on Gulenists

UK court says Ukraine has no "justifiable defence" in $3bln Russia bond case via


Interesting thread on arrest of Deputy CEO of Major Turkey Bank Halkbank today at JFK....

(First 3 Tweets from thread of 12 )

1/ : I identified one of drone developers in . His name: FADHEL MENSI (aka ABOU YOSRI) from Tunisia. See my story.

2/ I obtained ISIS documents from Syria. On it drone plans by Abou Yosri. I investigated &found his real identity: Fadhel Mensi from Tunisia

3/ ISIS drone developer Fadhel Mensi describes in document group's plan: "UAVs loaded w/ 20 kgs of explosives used as air to ground missile"


A suicide truck bomb targeted police checkpoint in southern Baghdad killing 15 people and wounding 45, Iraqi officials say.

21-29 of March 484 Civilian were killed in Mosul. See the Map :

Over 280 Iraqi security forces members killed in west Mosul - U.S. general

map update. Green= completely liberated. Orange= frontline clashes. White= control

Syria & Turkey Involvement Therein...

Turkey ends military operations inside war-torn Syria

Turkey claims Euphrates Shield successfully completed-how long before Turkey withdraws military support in Syria ?

Syrian experts check critical spillway near Islamic State-held dam outside Raqqa

ISIS shelling complicates efforts to address concerns at Tabqa Dam..

: Qatar, Iran reach evacuation deal for 4 besieged Syria towns: monitor - via

: I've asked for more details from local council in Madaya, who insists full statement will be released on Saturday

SAA enters Deir Hafer. ISIS retreated from Al Bab to Deir Hafer , after ISIS defenses at Al Bab finally crumbled.

: Technicians will enter dam today to open spillway & lower water levels, technical source tells

Islamic State shelling stops work on damaged Syrian dam


1 hour ago
Photographer Abdullah Douma released in , was arrested after setting up Earth Hour celebration.

My dear friend and talented photographer Abdullah Doma released. He thanks security board in Benghazi for the good treatment.

1 hour ago

GECOL complains from assaults by gunmen against it is HQ, who attempts to take over the company management by force.

A cargo plane carrying 150 million dinars for the Central Bank of arrived at -based Mitiga Airport from today

update in Pics -Arab Summit in Jordan -Hafter visits nursing home -LNA MIG21 crashed in Tobruq -Long queue selfie at bank in

Statement on National Commercial Bank situation....