Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Economic News . Data & Views...... March 28 , 2017......Quick Hits For Tuesday -1) Markets : Asia - Economic Calendar For Wednesday , Market Moving News & Data ; US - Dow / S&P And Nasdaq Bounce Higher On Tuesday , Oil Up 64 Cents , Gold Down 4 Bucks , US Ten Year Treasury Up 3 BPs , Banquet Of Fed Speaks & Comments ( Powell , Fischer , Kaplan , George & Yellen. 2) US Politics : New DNC Chief Asks Entire Staff For Resignations ; Trump Signs Executive Order Sweeping Away Various Obama- Presidency Climate Era Policies ; Top Turkish Banker Arrested At JFK - Link To Gold Laundering Iran Sanctions Busting Scheme ; Repeal & Replace Updates ; Russia Investigation Updates ( News From House & Senate ) ; Additional News Of Note. 3) Europe In Focus : UK - PM May Signs Article 50 Letter & Brexit Related News ; France - Election Updates , Fillon's Wife Charged With Embezzlement / Misappropriation Of Public Funds / Aggravated Fraud ; Greece Domestic News , Privatization Updates , Industrial Action News & Creditor Talk Updates , Odds & Ends From Europe. 4) Libya In Focus - Refugee Related Concerns , Domestic & International Politics , Oil , Security Matters.



Good morning from Berlin on Brexitday. Asia stocks edge higher following Wall St but Japan lower as comps trading ex-dividend. Pound suffers

Economic data due from Asia today (& a Fed Governor speaking soon!)

Is Huishan Dairy too big to fail - for Banks in China ?

HUISHAN DAIRY ASKS CREDITORS TO NOT WITHDRAW LOANS: 21ST HERALD. What an interesting way to file for bankruptcy

China Huishan Dairy issues first public defense after its stock crashed in Hong Kong via

Japan - Retail sales (February): +0.2% m/m (expected +0.3%)

1 hour ago
China Beige Book says economy steady for now, but concern on momentum

Barclays On , , &


US stocks end with solid gains

ForexLive Americas FX news wrap: US dollar roars back

Private oil inventory data shows larger than expected build in crude stocks

CRUDE +1.909mb GASOLINE -1.104mb DISTILLATES -2.035mb CUSHING -0.576mb

U.S. crude futures settle at $48.37/bbl.⬆$0.64. +1.34%. _K7 volume: ~459k

Fed's Powell: Fed should be moving slowly toward more neutral stance

Fed Vice Chair Fischer: Two more rate hikes seem appropriate, sensible to have a wait-and-see attitude on fiscal plan - CNBC

Fed’s Kaplan: Volcker Rule Ought To Be Looked At Again

Fed’s George: Doesn’t Want Fed To Raise Rates Quickly And Shock The Economy

Fed’s George: Not Sure How Trump Administration Fiscal Policies Will Affect The Economic Outlook

Fed Yellen's Speech On Workforce Development Challenges In Low-Income Communities In Washington

US Politics.....

NEW: GOP looks to avoid government shutdown by dodging spending fight with Dems

NEW: Senate gearing up for a showdown over Gorsuch's Supreme Court nomination

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JUST IN: DNC asking entire staff for resignation letters: report

1. In 2006, Manafort's partner Davis who later ran John McCain's 2008 campaign, set up a meeting between McCain and Deripaska

Manafort is linked to 10+ companies in Cyprus - at least one was used to receive $$ from Putin-ally Oleg Deripaska.

RT Isikoff: The witness list grows: Deripaska, Russian oligarch and one time Manafort business partner, offers to …

Trump signs order sweeping away Obama-era climate policies

Another link to the alleged gold laundering swept up..

Trump: Will Talk About Infrastructure, Important To Get Done

Trump Tells Reception For Senators: We Are All Going To Make A Deal On Healthcare Very Quickly - RTRS

White House, congressional GOP pretending that they’re still negotiating on health care

Freedom Caucus member introduced bill to force ObamaCare repeal vote

Second GOP lawmaker considering leaving Freedom Caucus after ObamaCare repeal failure

House intel panel chief Nunes says he will not divulge his sources

House Intel panel probe into Russian meddling in U.S. election appears frozen, via &

JUST IN: First GOP lawmaker calls for Nunes to recuse himself from Trump-Russia probe

Graham: Nunes's refusal to reveal surveillance source puts "his objectivity in question"

McConnell rejects idea of independent commission on Russia, expresses confidence in Senate review - but won't say if he's confident in House

Paul Ryan remains on Team Nunes



PM May has signed Article 50 letter !

What happens to the pound once Article 50 is finally triggered - Another view


Eurosceptic MPs walk out from ‘gloomy’ Brexit committee


Penelope Fillon charged with embezzlement, misappropriation of public funds & aggravated fraud following 13 hours with three Paris judges

Reuters - Wife of presidential candidate Fillon now under formal investigation

Former French PM and Socialist Party primary loser Manuel Valls rumoured to announce support for Macron in radio intrvw tomorrow morning.

... If he doesn't, he risks looking like he is desperately craving for attention to climb out of irrelevance hell.

... If he does, he creates a clear and present danger for Macron: how to deal with the unwelcome support of a truly unpopular former foe ?


Power workers threaten blackouts as sale of PPC seen moving ahead

EU states urged to meet refugee relocation pledge

Fraport signs funding deal with 5 lenders

Greek PM seeks to nip dissent in bud

Europe Odds & Ends....


Exclusive - ECB replaces Brussels head, annuls four hires after rule breach

A calm assessment of Dijsselbloem's caustic comments.....

Manfred Weber and others ask Dijsselbloem to resign from the Eurogroup presidency


Libyan oil output drops to 560.000 bpd after key oilfields' shutdown

No international reaction yet to struggle for Libya oil between UN-backed GNA government(Tripoli) and state oil company NOC

Force Majeure announced for 2 key SW Libya fields

Southern Region Admin says 2 wells in Man-Made River out of service after "thieves" removed copper wire & equipment

UN holds talks with president of Libya parliament. Footage and quotes.

Oilfields taken hostage. Civilians will suffer via powercuts..

More bad news while PC fights against NOC which in turn reports about illegal oil sales by a "group of individuals"

Nationality relationships between migrants (blue) & smugglers (red). LOTS of smugglers move fr many locations to & on to EU