Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views.....February 8 , 2017..... Quick Hits For Wednesday - 1) Asia Economic Calendar - News And Data For Thursday ; US Markets - Dow Moderately Lower , Nasdaq And S&P Higher , Gold and Oil End Higher On The Day. 2) US Politiics - Round Up Of Key Developments For The US Political Scene . 3) Europe In Focus - Collection of Interesting News From Europe for Wednesday. 4) Odds & Ends.


Economic data due from Asia today

Good morning from Berlin. Asia stock rise to 18mth highs on fresh China optimism, a huge rally in global bond markets & small bounce in oil.

Trump's letter to China's Xi, seeks 'constructive relationship'

Japan PM Abe to propose US-Japan cabinet level talks to Trump

MSCI Asia Ex-Japan Equity Index Hits Highest Level Since July 2015

Asia opens mostly higher following a mixed US lead where financials weighed tDJIA and energy rebounded despite bearish DoE inventory report

1 hour ago
PBoC To Skip Open Market Ops For Fifth Consecutive Day

1 hour ago
PBoC Fixes USDCNY Reference Rate At 6.8710 (prev fix 6.8849 prev close 6.8715)

More on the PBOC meeting with BTC exchanges - no financing, no laundering

PBOC held "closed-door meeting" with bitcoin exchanges on Wednesday

Full text of the RBNZ statement

NZDUSD initial move is lower after decision

Analysts react to the RBNZ decision

1 hour ago
New Zealand Building Consents (permits) (Dec.): -7.2% m/m (prior -9.2%)

1 hour ago
China Securities Journal: China may continue monetary tightening in 2017

More on the PBOC tightening story

US Markets....

Nasdaq another record. S&P up by not in record close territory

US sell $24bln 10y bonds -Direct: 4.4% (prev. 8.7%) -Indirect: 65.1% (prev. 70.5%)

US sell $24bln 10y bonds -Yield: 2.333% (prev. 2.342%, WI 2.314%) -Cover: 2.29 (prev. 2.58)

US COMMERCIAL CRUDE STOCKS are now +38 million bbl (+8.0%) higher than in 2016 and +183 million bbl (+56%) above 10-year average

US COMMERCIAL CRUDE STOCKS surged higher by +13.8 million bbl to 509 million bbl last week, a much bigger seasonal increase than normal

U.S. is forecast to pump the most crude since 1970 next year

US Politics.....

If the U.S. does not win this case as it so obviously should, we can never have the security and safety to which we are entitled. Politics!

It is a disgrace that my full Cabinet is still not in place, the longest such delay in the history of our country. Obstruction by Democrats!

BREAKING: Senate confirms Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions to be attorney general despite strong Democratic opposition.

TJ Maxx throws away signs advertising Ivanka Trump merchandise


BREAKING: Iran has test-fired another missile


1 hour ago
JUST IN: Trump SCOTUS pick called president's attack on judge over travel ban "demoralizing"

How long before GOP House members float a Bill for a shrink to examine their Democrat Colleagues ?

Poll: Trump administration seen as more truthful than news media

Black Caucus members storm Senate floor to protest Sessions:

No ruling today on Trump travel ban, US court says. Court official says up to 90 minutes advance notice will be given before ruling issued.

In Oval Office with Trump, Intel Corp. CEO announces $7 billion investment in its "newest most advanced factory," in Chandler, Arizona.

During Election 2016-Drudge was one of Trump's biggest blogger supporters. Now seems to have soured on GOP & Trump.

REPORT: Hillary Clinton's son-in-law is shutting down his hedge fund

Polite, welcoming applause for President Trump's words at big-city chiefs and sheriffs' winter meeting, but fairly quiet reaction.

Trump said he would've been slower with extreme vetting order--"in fact, I said let's give a 1-month notice"--but law enforcement "said no."

"I wasn't kidding, I don't kid," Trump said at chiefs and sheriffs meeting, referring to his promise to build southern border wall.

"It's being designed right now," Trump says of the wall.


Something to keep an eye on..

Visitors may have to hand over social media passwords to enter U.S.


Deutsche Bank Walks Away From US Swaps Clearing - FT

Cyber expert's arrest silences Russian contacts of some Western crime fighters

I never thought I'd see the day where the House of Commons overwhelmingly voted for Britain to Leave the European Union.

Up tomorrow, my advancing thoughts on the launch of Article 50, timing, process, problems & crisis management

BREAKING | Article 50 bill passes final Commons vote by 494 to 122, a majority of 372.

ATHEX: Stocks fall as confidence diminishes

So , we're back to Grexit for any real world debt relief - aka debt writedown / haircut.

How ironic the notion of the EU being floated as effective against "US Aggression" ! Has the US become Russia now ?

states could be penalised for not taking in over 140,000 refugees who need to be relocated from Greece and Italy …

IMF:For Greece to return to sustainable growth and exit successfully from official financing, it needs to deepen and accelerate reforms

IMF:In case of 3.5%, additional structural reforms will be needed but they should be implemented only once the recovery is well underway

IMF:Regardless of fiscal targets, Greece should seek more growth-friendly policies, broaden personal income tax bases-reform pension system

IMF-Germany haggling: for how many years should Greece run a 3.5% primary surplus? Trade-off with debt relief.

Dutch Say Greek Program Involvement Contingent on IMF Support via

Majority of Greeks want to stop immigration from Muslim-majority countries, survey shows

EU nations took 12,000 refugees from 160k plan

- Security forces were looking for evidence of supporting jihadis in . Also raids in the at the same time: prosecutor.

Odds & Ends....


India announces removal of cash withdrawal limit


US military expects IS' capital of Raqqa to be "completely isolated" in the next few weeks + it & Mosul to be captured within next 6 months

LATEST — US expects Daesh’s defacto capital of Raqqa in Syria to be “completely isolated” in the next few weeks, US mil. says

LIVE — PM Yıldırım: Turkey-backed FSA have surrounded Al-Bab on all sides, clashes resume for full control of town



Reports of heavy fighting (tanks = unconfirmed) in Tripoli bw pro & anti PC/GNA forces.But hey at least Tripoli = safe 4 foreign investors!!

: It looks like the next big war in Tripoli started today.

UNCONFIRMED: Information coming that in National Guard started operation against gangs...

Clashes between & from one side & & from other is fight inside ....

The regional/international dynamics seem to be in 's favor with calls for a key role for Haftar in any future settlement in .

Mystery surrounds funding for this diplomatic police force...

Defense Minister-designate of UN-installed government Mihdi Al-Baraghati receives Ambassador of to discuss military cooperation

Fierce Clashes broke out again in seems to be pro GNA forces vs pro GNC/Salvation Govt. forces

| Clashes reported since one hour ago in btw Special Deterrence Forces & militia from , no more information so far.

Sigmar Gabriel (German Foreign Affairs Minister): is extremely volatile and unsafe for refugees