Thursday, February 9, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views ...... February 9 , 2017 Morning Note ...... Thursday Snow Day Update -1) Europe In Focus : As Grexit Becomes Part Of Discussion In 2017 , Greece Gets Blamed For Failing To Implement Reforms By ESM ; German Election & Key News touching On Germany Today Including VW Still Lying About Emissions , Merkel & Trudeau To Talk Trade Deal , US-German Frictions Set To Escalate Over German Trade Surplus ; France Focus - French Presidency Race , French Nuclear Plant hit By Explosion , Eiffel Tower Security , Paris Metro Electrical Fault ; Italy - Italian Banks And Refugee Situation Lead News today ; Spain - Political and Domestic News Of Note ; UK News Of Note. 3) US Political Round Up - Early Morning Look At Hot Political Items In US Politics. 4) Odds & Ends.


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Stocks are rocking as they smell a tax bonanza

Stock market hits a trifecta of intraday records as energy, banks rally


Everyone in Europe wants to know much it would cost to leave the euro


Greece Econ Min , ESM Chief confident of reaching a deal Feb 20th. Creditors readying proposal to Greece-may be submitted as soon as Friday.

's creditors said to be preparing proposal for bailout deal. Proposal may be presented as soon as Friday to Greek side. (BLOOMBERG)

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Greece tries to blame US politics for IMF's decision on its bailout

Greek Two-Year Bond Yield Crosses 10% Amid Creditor Dispute


As per ESM - The solution for Greece lies not in additional debt relief, but in the government implementing reforms.....

Greek minister swerves talks, ESM chief says IMF wrong & Athens sees deal by Feb 20. Another day in review

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Germany banging Grexit drum again..

German FinMin sees Greek debt cut only with Grexit

Tax borders to close for Greeks

Greece holds back on finalizing strategy in talks with creditors

Six more Turkish fugitives enter , plan to seek asylum


Germany, GMS poll: CDU/CSU-EPP: 33% ↓ SPD-S&D: 29% ↑ AfD-ENF: 11% ↓ GRÜNE-GREEN: 9% ↓ LINKE-LEFT: 8% ↓ FDP-ALDE: 6% ↓

Germany, Civey poll: CDU/CSU-EPP: 34% SPD-S&D: 28% AfD-ENF: 11% LINKE-LEFT: 9% ↑ GRÜNE-G/EFA: 8% FDP-ALDE: 7%

How Germany's record trade surplus could fuel US friction with Trump | by

Two arrested in Göttingen suspected of planning 'concrete terror plot'

Trudeau to meet Merkel, EU to discuss controversial trade deal

VW still says it didn't know of emissions scam before, after ex-boss said it did


's bonds rallying alongside peripherals w/ spreads reversing some of widening as latest poll see only 33% chance for Le Pen victory.

- This daily poll shows Fillon is now only 2.5 points away from losing third spot to socialist candidate Hamon.

Fillon's popularity nosedives from 3rd to 18th place following . Macron widens lead

Polls show French far-right Le Pen winning election first round, but losing knockout.

Uncertainty in Chartres , omen for French Election ?

Le Pen vs crumbling , flawed if not corrupt establishment. Will this be the story of the French Election ?

Flagship French nuclear plant hit by explosion

Paris: Eiffel Tower to be sealed off by 'bullet-proof wall of glass'

No, there wasn't a 'huge explosion' on the Paris Metro, but there was an electrical fault

UK ....

Italian PM Gentiloni: respect fully UK decisions, we are aware negotiations will not be easy, need to show constructive & friendly approach

PM says we've moved a step closer to triggering Article 50, after last night's vote, in press conference with Italian PM Gentiloni

Trump may visit UK in June , as per Met Police Chief.....

Guido's Brexit Timeline: All the Key Dates For Your Diary

Theresa May is a technicality away from starting Brexit - plus the rest of Thursday's news

To bond investors, looks worse than Trump. UK's 10y GILT yields lower than US Treasuries. via


Italy, IPR poll: PD-S&D: 30% M5S-EFDD: 30% LN-ENF: 13% FI-EPP: 12% ↓ FDI-NI: 5% SI-LEFT: 4% NCD/UDC-EPP: 3% UDC-EPP: 1%

Italy is the only country in the eurozone where per capita output has actually fallen since it joined the euro

Italy recovers record €19 billion from tax evasion in 2016

Italy banks’ gross bad loans stood at EU200.9b in December from EU199.1b in November

Italy’s “Bad Banks,” Created to Save the Financial System, Are Themselves on Verge of Collapse


Could this be the end for Pablo Iglesias?


VIDEO: Explosion at chemical works near Valencia

Catalonia's former separatist leader Artur Mas warns Madrid of backlash

US Politics ....

..Ryan died on a winning mission ( according to General Mattis), not a "failure." Time for the U.S. to get smart and start winning again!

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Sen. McCain should not be talking about the success or failure of a mission to the media. Only emboldens the enemy! He's been losing so....

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...long he doesn't know how to win anymore, just look at the mess our country is in - bogged down in conflict all over the place. Our hero..

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Sen.Richard Blumenthal, who never fought in Vietnam when he said for years he had (major lie),now misrepresents what Judge Gorsuch told him ?

1 hour ago
Chris Cuomo, in his interview with Sen. Blumenthal, never asked him about his long-term lie about his brave "service" in Vietnam. FAKE NEWS!

Is Trump too fixated on polls?

Gorsuch "finds any criticism of a judge's integrity and independence disheartening and demoralizing," but wasn't talking about specific case

Gorsuch clarifies what he's been saying in private conversations, via a statement from Kelly Ayotte, who is helping Trump get him confirmed.

"We have full confidence in Judge Gorsuch." to


BREAKING: Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump to meet Monday in Washington

: President Trump signs executive orders to boost public safety, reduce drug trafficking

In Washington DC starting my first official visit to with the new Administration. Here some of my meetings:

Trump tax talk straight from the horses mouth

Letter vs a telephone call..... ice doesn't really seem broken to me....

Trump's EU Ambassador isn't saying anything really different from various German leaders , if you read between the lines....

Opinion | How is the left responding to the Gorsuch nomination?

Trump’s executive order on immigration is prompting backlash and raising questions from both sides of the aisle:

Despite past presidents advising against relying on them, Trump is hungry for his approval ratings |

Odds & Ends....

Refugee Crisis......

Tripoli-based Salvation Gov rejects - agreement on immigration, says it’s illegal, non-binding and includes strategic risks

Austria/Czech Rep/Croatia/Hungary/Poland/Romania/Slovakia/Slovenia/Albania/ Macedonia/Bulgaria/Serbia/Bosnia-Herzegovina/Kosovo and Greece


BREAKING — Russian jets mistakenly targeted Turkish soldiers near Syria's al-Bab, killing 3 soldiers, wounding 11, Turkish military says

Russian jets mistakenly hit turkish soldiers. Putin offers condolences. Prior accusation of Syrian jets involved shown to be wrong.

Syria Peace Talks Should Be Direct, Include Kurds - Russian Envoy to UN:

The CIA’s man in Syria; a gripping long read by on U.S.'s failed, muddled policies in Syria via

NEW MAP: While and its proxy militias seem unable to advance in , advancing SW of the stronghold.

Suspension of Iranian oil supplies forces Syria to import f other countries as severe shortages impact most of the country. Via

1. Pentagon announced that Abu Hani al Masri, "legacy" al Qaeda terrorist, was killed in Feb. 4 airstrike. Masri worked for OBL & Zawahiri.

U.S. commander expects recapture soon of Islamic State strongholds via


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Kobler set to be replaced by Salam Fayyad...

Nominating new SRSG in Libya without consulting the constitutional Authorities is violation of libya's sovereignty. HOR should take action.

1 hour ago
Fresh clashes in Hadba residential area & a tank can be seen in AbuSaleem area + loud shootings also heard in Tajoura

Mass staff walkout at LIA’s Tripoli Tower HQ in protest at continued disputed chairmanship -

EU says no plans to re-open Tripoli office unless security improves.

You have all my admiration. You are laying the ground so people can return home & live in peace & open the door for prosperous generations

1 hour ago
Now its Official National Guard announced .

Brig. Mahmoud Al-Zigal officially announces the establishment of The Libyan National Guard. More to come

’s eastern electrical grid reconnected with western region 2day after 2 years of delinking, a step that would reduce power cuts here

The has conducted several airstrikes earlier today against PFG in area. Casualties reported

As predicted, escalation in violence in Jufrah area of . BDB &co were moving weapons/forces recently & today LNA conducts air strikes.

Reports of heavy fighting (tanks = unconfirmed) in Tripoli bw pro & anti PC/GNA forces.But hey at least Tripoli = safe 4 foreign investors!!

: Big military convoy from Misrata arrived today, billed as Nat'l Guard supporting Ghwail. Clashes w/ Ghnaiwa & Kara in Hadba


Iran going to test Trump right away , it would appear....

1 hour ago
Rejects Claim of New Missile Test as ‘Fabricated’

1 hour ago
: No Change in US Hostilities

1 hour ago
. says final project investment decision depends on renewal of US waivers