Sunday, February 19, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views.....February 19 , 2017......Quick Hits For Sunday -1) Europe In Focus : Polling Data For Germany ( SPD Hits 12 year High at 33% In Emnid Poll ) , Germany Pushed To Increase Defense Spending ; Netherlands Polling Data Shows PVV & VVD Neck & Neck , Geert Wilders Launches Election By Slurring Immigrants As Scum ; Italy Polling Shows PD With Margin Of Error Lead Over M5S , Interesting News Items From Italy ; Greece Political , Refugee Related & Economic News Of Note ; France Updates - Political News , Security ; Additional News Touching On Europe. 2) US Politics - Round Up Of Key News for The Long Holiday Weekend. 3) Odds & Ends.



Germany: SPD (S&D) on 12 year record high: 33% (Emnid poll).

Germany, Emnid poll: SPD-S&D: 33% ↑ CDU/CDU-EPP: 32% ↓ AfD-ENF: 9% ↓ LINKE-LEFT: 8% GRÜNE-GREEN: 7% FDP-ALDE: 6%

Merkel: The Euro is too low for Germany

Looking Beyond NATO: Europe Must Plan to Defend Itself

NATO Funding Target: U.S. Pressures Germany to Increase Defense Spending


Netherlands, poll: PVV-ENF: 19% ↓ VVD-ALDE: 16% ↑ GL-GREEN: 12% ↑ CDA-EPP: 11% D66-ALDE: 9% PvdA-S&D: 7% SP-LEFT: 7% ↓ 50+-NI: 6% ↓

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And there it is, PVV and VVD now tied in seats in latest poll of polls

Dutch MP Geert launches election campaign by calling immigrants 'scum'

Unemployment Greece: 23% Spain: 18.6% Italy: 12% France: 10% Poland: 8.7% Russia: 5.3% Netherlands: 5.3% UK: 4.8% Germany: 3.9%


Italy, Piepoli poll: PD-S&D: 32% M5S-EFDD: 28% ↑ LN-ENF: 12% FI-EPP: 11% FdI-NI: 5% NCD-EPP: 3% SI-LEFT: 3%

Italy, Ixé poll: PD-S&D: 30% ↓ M5S-EFDD: 27% ↓ LN-ENF: 14% ↑ FI-EPP: 13% FdI-NI: 4% SI-LEFT: 4% ↑ AP-EPP: 3%

Renzi quits as leader of PD , sparking fresh political turmoil in Italy...

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Vatican 'House of Cards' as pro and anti-pope factions clash

Italian execs convicted over polluted water supply


Pre-departure migrant camps planned for Greek islands

Greek PM weighing impact of impasse with creditors

unemployed for >12 mons at 73.1% of total jobless in 2015 (from 47.1% in 2008), for >24 mons at 51.2% (from 26.9% in 2008).

"IMF does not comment on leaks" says the IMF responding to reports about "document that will be presented during EG on Monday"


polling on the 1st round presidential election: 26% 18.5% 18.5% 14.5% 11.5% Ifop Feb 14-17

Le Pen in 'first' head of state meeting while in Lebanon

Peugeot 'to keep German jobs' if it buys Opel

French presidential hopeful apologises for controversial comments on colonialism

France denounces cyberattacks blamed on Moscow

France's Fillon vows to run despite 'fake jobs' row

Europe Catch-All....

explained: "ROMANIA la proTEST" Very good movie by

Only 3 NATO Members comply with BOTH agreed goals: -2% GDP defence expenditure -20% equipment share of defence expenditure >> US, UK, Poland

US Politics.....

The best political cartoons of the week are here:

Trump: "What I want go do is build safe zones in Syria and other places," not take in refugees. "We don't want people with bad bad ideas."

Pres Trump tells AF1 pool he will make decision on new national security adviser in next couple of days, meeting four candidates tmrw.

Don't believe the main stream (fake news) media.The White House is running VERY WELL. I inherited a MESS and am in the process of fixing it.

Will be having many meetings this weekend at The Southern White House. Big 5:00 P.M. speech in Melbourne, Florida. A lot to talk about!

Ex-Obama national security adviser: Syria red line a "colossal mistake"

Priebus: Take Trump Seriously When He Calls The Press "The Enemy"

Trump, an outsider demanding loyalty, struggles to fill top posts

Sunday morning talking heads - Another weekend morning, another surprising absence by Kellyanne Conway, formerl...

U.S. inquiries into Russian election hacking include three FBI probes

“That’s how dictators get started”: McCain defends the free press

Major pieces of the GOP legislative agenda remain unresolved

Trump encouraged Netanyahu to “hold back” on settlements |

Is it too soon for Trump to return to the campaign trail?

The Democratic establishment is “racing to catch up” with grassroots momentum

Odds & Ends.....

Mogadishu bombing update: *(Suicide) car bomb explodes in crowded market *Up to 30 killed *Traders in the market sell shoes, clothes, foods.


An IED explosion causes damages on the water distribution line between Bani Walid / Tarhuna / Asbi'ah / Tripoli. Reported by local sources.

Today with House of Representatives Speaker Agila Saleh In . Constructive discussions on concrete next-steps

Labraq airport imposing travel ban on female travelers without male guardians on orders from CoS Nadori


Since quite some time Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir didn't say: "Bashar al-Assad must go or face military option".

. won't create safe zones in coz there is no need, but zones under control 2establish mil base in Kurdish area.

administration to provide Turkey with more support in efforts against and anti-ISIS operations within Syria — Turkish MoD.


Iraqi govt launches offensive on west Mosul. Share your Qs for the UN humanitarian coordinator for Iraq👇

1st day attack: 79 killed, 13 destroyed, 30 neutralised, 3 tunnels blown-up and 5 with vest killed

: Iraq's Prime Minister has announced the launch of the operation to retake west of from ISIS group.


Turkey: The Kurdish region since the coup attempt

German press groups call for release of Die Welt reporter detained in Turkey   - Turkish Minute

Not satisfied with the persecution so far, Erdoğan says academics, doctors should pay the price ||

Der Spiegel: Turkish consulate officials involved in spying activities not only in Germany ||

2 academics, 9 others detained while on way to escape Turkey's post-coup witch hunt ||

Head of Turkey's AKP in Austria Mahmut Koç: “If a bad result comes out of this (Turkish) referendum, God forbid, civil war will break out."