Friday, February 17, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views..... February 17 , 2017......Quick Hits For Friday -1) Markets : US Stocks Bounce Off Lows Of The Day To Head Into The Presidents Day Holiday Weekend In The Green ; Europe Major Indexes ( FTSE/ DAX/ CAC / FTSE MIB /IBEX Are Mixed For The Day , But Green For The Week ; Additional Items Of Note. 2) Europe In Focus : Russia Outlook Moved To Stable , Rubble Plunges In Response To Trump Presser & Crimea Remarks ; EU Resits US Call For Europe To Increase Defense Spending ; Blair An Unlikely "Game Changer" Anti- Brexit Campaigner ; French Election Items ; Greece - Creditor Items , Domestic Concerns ; German Intel Agencies Fail To Detect Russian Actions To Undermine Democratic Processes In Gramy ; Additional Items Of Note. 3) US Politics - Round Up On Political News De Jour. 4) Odds & Ends.


Global stocks gained $906bn in mkt cap this week, equals GDP of Indonesia as great rotation into equities continues following strong US data

Global bonds gained $200bn in value this wk: 10y UST yld hit 2.5% level during Yellen testimony, but bounced lower. Bunds rally on € crisis.

US stocks end the session higher.Nasdaq leads the way.

Forexlive Americas forex news wrap. Dollar ends mostly higher in quiet NA trade

US WTI Crude oil futures settle at $53.40 /bbl

Baker Hughes oil rigs 597 vs 591 last week

European stocks end Friday with a loss but see green on the week


Pol uncertainty in is rising as former PM Renzi has to fight his future & potential split of his PD at this weekend's party assembly.

10y risk spread over Germany has widened this week as degree of uncertainty surrounding Apr/May presidential election has increased.

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Moody's ups Russia outlk to stable citing fiscal consolidation, reforms to reduce dependence on oil, higher reserves

1 hour ago
Ruble plunges & 5y default probability jumps as relation w/ US in tatters following Trump's remarks on crimea and Thursday's presser

I just don't see Blair as the person to sell changing minds on the Brexit vote...

Germany intel agencies BND & BfV find no proof Russia was undermining democratic process in German.

Republican candidate Fillon says he will "only be judged by voters". No longer promises to step down if put under investigation.

| It increases the probability of Le Pen winning the election.

Can French Left coalesce behind a single candidate ?

When reading French polls, remember Macron's 'electorate' is arguably the most volatile. No consolidated vote base, unlike Le Pen or Fillon.

My schedule next week including Monday's meeting with US Vice-President :

The will contribute as much as €5bn to 3rd bailout package for .

Ball in court of Greece - will Greece Gov't agree to required steps from IMF , to secure IMF participation ?

IMF on Die Welt report we "will not comment on speculation.The Fund’s position is well known and hasn’t changed for the last few months"

Achtsioglou says Greece’s pensioners can barely make ends meet

Farmers Protesting in Road Blockades to Stop on Friday; Changing Tactics

EU official rules out review wrap-up before Eurogroup

Uncertainty fuels cash outflow

US Politics.....

"One of the most effective press conferences I've ever seen!" says Rush Limbaugh. Many agree.Yet FAKE MEDIA calls it differently! Dishonest

The FAKE NEWS media (failing , , , , ) is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American People!

General Keith Kellogg, who I have known for a long time, is very much in play for NSA - as are three others.

Despite the long delays by the Democrats in finally approving Dr. Tom Price, the repeal and replacement of ObamaCare is moving fast!

Cruz backs former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton as Flynn's replacement

General Petraeus has dropped out of consideration , following Vice Admiral Harward. Trump not allowing full control over staffing big issue.

Oversight chair working on bill that would require presidential candidates to undergo medical exam

Shermichael was fired and led out of the department’s building by security on Wednesday, the Times reported.

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Senators on the Intelligence Committee delayed leaving for recess to meet with Jim Comey. This feels serious

CIA director denies "dead wrong" report that intel officials are withholding information from Trump

As a reminder , the new "Anti - ISIS " strategy is due to be completed by February 28th..

Change in approach to address judicial concerns very likely in revised Executive Action...

1/ 25 /17 memo from DHS Secretary Kelly re : Implementing POTUS plans (border security/immigration enforcement.)

DHS official comments on "very early , predecisional draft" memo leaked to AP. Who leaked the document to AP ?

Judicial Watch seeks Flynn records. Transcripts of the relevant calls would clear the air on what was said by all.

Mnuchin Tells China U.S. Seeks ‘More Balanced’ Relationship: BBG

Mnuchin “emphasized the importance of achieving a more balanced bilateral economic relationship [with China] going forward”

Accenture to create 15,000 jobs in U.S.

CIA director denies report that intel officials are withholding information from Trump

No matter how good Tillerson /Pompeo / Mattis may be in their respective positions-their input must be utilized.

White House dismisses six staffers for failing background checks: report

Plot thickening.....

Odds & Ends....

This is a pretty cool story & and I wish both of them the best regarding their budding friendship.

The most chilling aspect isn't the raw numbers associated with his crimes , it's the rationalization of his conduct.

Most strategic SAA goal in E. is Khafsah pump.station & pipeline,water supply for all residents of Aleppo HD:

~1.8 million people in/around Aleppo suffering from shortages of drinking water after ISIS cut off the water supply since mid-January

Turkey eyes higher strategic partnership with US in fight against Daesh, PKK, YPG | Today's Front Page

In-fighting continues , Al Qaeda franchise has numerous fighters executed..

BREAKING: Turkish media say explosion hits a town in southeastern Turkey, injuring a number of people.

Back in 2011 when taught me courage, & taught me resistance, and taught me patience

Greetings from Tajoura Here's my lantern! Maybe it can spark some hope for

PM of UN-backed government visits Tripoli Martys Square to mark 6th anniversary of revolution.

Fadel Lamen: needs a strong, independent and experienced UN envoy, we are not a training or testing ground

Michael Fallon (UK Secretary of Defense) warns Russia against interfering in , says considering defense aid

Engineers from the Turkish company arrive in to begin work on the Gas station that will power the entire South.

That may explain "LOL" shirt one of the women wore.....

Suspect in Kim Jong Nam killing says she thought it was harmless practical joke, Malaysian media reports. More here:

Kim Jong Nam remains under guard in Malaysian morgue with no one coming forward to claim his body

Malaysia refuses to release Kim Jong-nam's body, pending next-of-kin DNA

Vietnamese suspect in killing had wad of cash, moved hotels, cut her hair