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Economic News , Data & Views.....February 11 , 2017......Quick Hits for Saturday -1) Markets : Doug Noland's Weekly Missive & Collection Of News & Data For The Week Of February 6th-10th 2017 ; Global Stocks & Bonds Weekly Overview ( H/T Holger Zschaepitz ) ; News Links From Friday To Consider. 2) Europe In Focus - News Of Note Touching On Greece , France , Germany & Italy. 3) US Politics Round Up - Trump Tweets , Abe Visit Items , Russia Intrigue De Jour , Trump Considering New Travel Ban Executive Action ; Snowden Gift By Russia To Trump Allegedly Being Considered By Russia ; Additional Items Of Interest. 4) Odds & Ends - Syria , Libya & India In Chief Focus.

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Good morning from Berlin. Global stocks have gained $500bn in mkt cap this week after Trump promises 'phenomenal' tax cut in next few weeks.

Global bonds have lost $15bn in value this week on Trump reflation trade BUT rally in Bunds has prevented heavier losses as Euro crisis back

Friday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Stocks Rise to Records as Oil Gains, Bonds Slip: Markets Wrap

[Bloomberg] Trump Vows ‘Level Playing Field’ for U.S., Japan, China Currency

[Bloomberg] Greek Bailout Talks Set to Drag Past February Amid Standoff

[Bloomberg] Canada’s AAA Rating Is on Thin Ice

[WSJ] Vanguard Reaches $4 Trillion for First Time

[Reuters] Trump to Iran's Rouhani: Better be careful

[WSJ] Daniel Tarullo, Federal Reserve Regulatory Point Man, to Resign

Friday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Bonds Slump as Dollar Boosted by Trump Tax Pledge: Markets Wrap

[Bloomberg] Dollar Gains as Yen on the Defensive Before Trump-Abe Meeting

[Reuters] Fitch: The Trump Administration Poses Risks to Global Sovereigns

[Reuters] Euro zone, IMF agree on a common stance on Greece: official

[Bloomberg] China Exports Surge Ahead of Potential Challenge From Trump

[Bloomberg] China Faces Liquidity Test as $151 Billion Set to Exit System

[Bloomberg] Why China's Banks Are Feeling Squeezed

[Bloomberg] China Bitcoin Exchanges Halt Withdrawals After PBOC Talks

[Bloomberg] Le Pen May Get a Shock If She Tries to Pay French Debt in Francs

[WSJ] Vanguard Pulls In More Money Than Rivals Combined

[Reuters] Trump backs "One China" policy in call with China's Xi

[CNBC] As Trump hustles to nail down a tax overhaul, he faces the biggest federal debt surge since Truman

[SCMP] China ‘beefing up military’ on disputed islands in the South China Sea, says US think tank


Better Than Anything....


Tsipras - "We expect as soon as possible that the IMF revise its forecast so that discussions can continue at the technical level."

1 hour ago
If a) happens, then b) won't. If b) happens, then a) won't. Both can't happen at the same time.

1 hour ago
Here we go again.

Gist of Tsipras' speech: says review will close, wants to cave + is pressured on time, slams IMF/Schaeuble, eyes Schulz's rise in Germany

There are numerous SYRIZA MPs who don't (yet) seem willing to vote any new harsh measures. Doubt this speech changed anything for them.

Lenders make proposal to Athens but no immediate breakthrough expected

Greek Farmers Say Friday’s Meeting Not Positive; Will Continue With Protests

Mega TV Channel May Go ‘Off the Air’ Due to Debts to Signal Provider Digea, Workers Warn

Statement president after meeting on today


French jihadist Kassim targeted in Mosul strike: Pentagon

Renault boasts record year despite diesel probe

'French first': This is what a 'President Marine Le Pen' has in mind for France


German largely bans with new laws

Deutsche Börse boss faces new insider trading questions

Germany’s Merkel announces plans to speed up deportations - It must be an election year in Germany. Chancellor ...

Police launch dawn terror raid based on fake Facebook profile


1 hour ago
Italy sets up fast-track asylum courts for migrants

Italy's olive oil production is set to fall by 50% this season due to hot weather hitting the harvest, contributing to rising global prices.

GDP growth, 2016 Spain: 3.2% Turkey: 3% Poland: 2.6% Netherlands 2% UK: 2% Germany 1.8% France: 1.2% Italy: 0.8% Greece: 0.4% Russia: -0.5%

US Politics.....

You don't See Me....

A working dinner tonight with Prime Minister Abe of Japan, and his representatives, at the Winter White House (Mar-a-Lago). Very good talks!

Melania and I are hosting Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Mrs. Abe at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Fla. They are a wonderful couple!

I am reading that the great border WALL will cost more than the government originally thought, but I have not gotten involved in the..... or negotiations yet. When I do, just like with the F-35 FighterJet or the Air Force One Program, price will come WAY DOWN!

Our legal system is broken! "77% of refugees allowed into U.S. since travel reprieve hail from seven suspect countries." (WT) SO DANGEROUS!

Heading to Joint Base Andrews on with Prime Minister Shinzō earlier today.

Melania Trump and Akie Abe are touring the Morikami gardens this morning while their husbands play golf.

Federal Election Commissioner demands Trump show proof of voter fraud claims

Senior admin official confirms and Flynn spoke privately twice yesterday, once in person in the morning and by phone in the evening.

Sanders: "Very, very troubling" if Flynn talked sanctions with Russia

The CIA denied key security clearance for a top aide to Flynn: report

Robin Townley refused top-secret clearance on Friday. The move was reportedly approved by President Trump's CIA director Mike Pompeo.

Pence was told Flynn didn’t discuss sanctions, aides say

Sens. Blumenthal &Shaheen wrote Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis & CIA Director Mike Pompeo requesting a review of Flynn’s security clearance

ICE immigration raids sweeping up criminals, plus those who “lack documentation”

U.S. investigators corroborate some aspects of the Russia dossier

Trump considering “brand new” executive order after court setback

1 hour ago
Michael Flynn’s debacle

Trump says he doesn't know about reports Flynn talked about sanctions with Russia

Trump U.K. Visit Delayed to Avoid Snub in Parliament - so will he visit Japan first?

TRUMP SCHED SATURDAY: -golfing with Japan's Shinzō Abe -calls w presidents of Tunisia, Colombia -delegation dinner with Abe at Mar-a-Lago.

FOR THE RECORD: in last few weeks I spoke to some in admin regarding communications or spox positions, NO formal interviews.

is great would be honored to work for him in any role offered

Putin’s “gift” to Trump: The return of Edward Snowden? - I think Juan Zarate’s exactly right. This is a poisone...

Odds & Ends....

Take Five....


Venezuela owes China & Russia 750 million USD. Both countries have given Venezuela at least US $55 billion in credit. Something has to give.

Maduro Packs State Oil Company with Inexperienced Cronies

Venezuelan Oil Ships Stranded at Sea because Can’t Pay Port Fees

North Korea.....

North Korea on Sunday launched a missile in the direction of Japan, South Korean and Pentagon officials have said. The projectile landed into the sea before reaching Japan’s economic zone.

SEOUL, South Korea South Korea's military says North Korea fired a projectile into its eastern sea

Now North Korea firing off a ballistic missile....testing time for the Trump....


Iran has again allowed Russian planes to use its airspace during recent operations in Syria

1 Russian Defense Ministry: fully recaptured the road of - which is thw main road used for logistics supply to

🔴 backed forces enter -held in 📸

opposition names delegates for talks

Syria rebels, govt invited to talks in Astana February 15: Kazakhstan


: Now all roads leading to Martyrs Square are closed, probably by Haitem Tajuri

Something to keep an eye on......

: Show of force by Haitem Tajuri last night near Martyrs Square responding to 'National Guard' from Misrata supporting Ghwail

US has blocked UNUSG Feltman's pick for new UN envoy to . Public reason: /. More to it: Obama/Fayyad, Clinton/Feltman

FYI Clinton aide Feltman moved to key UN post over UN envoys. In Clinton emails, Feltman said Hillary would like new UN envoy "a lot"

Appears that some Libyans consider Fayyad controversial as SRSG bc of his alleged ties to UAE & Dahlan

-Meanwhile, LAF conducts today 3rd airstrikes round in 3 days targeting in Jufrah, allegedly preempting offensive in Oil Crescent

Armed clashes erupted since early morning in Wadi Rabih and Ain Zara districts in Tripoli between Misratans militias and others from Tripoli

1 hour ago
showing a number of police cars belonging to the new "National guard" parading in the streets of last night

1 hour ago
Response of regarding Salam Fayyad proposal as head of following statement released by

U.S. disappointed at the appointment of Salam Fayad as the new UN envoy to to replace current envoy Martin Kobler.

UN and US no longer in sync on (disastrous) policies in : US on Friday blocked Fayyad as Kobler's replacement

- large weapons cache found near border, including 2 "Grad rockets", SPG-9 recoilless rifle + 18 shells, 7 D-30 (155mm) shells

Defend Benghazi Brigades release video showing the downing of Dignity Operation’s mi-35 attack helicopter on Friday. Two pilots were killed

Call for all 2 refrain from escalation that may inflame situation in Tripoli. I reiterate my support to LPA & institutions emanating from it

- LNA discovers large, hidden stockpile of GP bombs ~90km south of Nawfaliyah, likely stashed by in past to use in S/VBIEDs

Catch- All

A quarter of the world's GDP is undergoing big experiments w/ 40% of planet's people is affected.

Phase one polling for Uttar Pradesh Spring Elections 2017 begins today!

64% voter turnout in first phase of UP elections: EC

(India's state elections, South Korea's economic squeeze, Afghanistan's Red Cross attack, and more) -