Sunday, February 12, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views .....February 12 , 2017..... Quick Hits For Sunday - 1) Europe Watch : Italy - Italian Politics , News Of The Day To Consider ; Greece In Focus - Creditor Talks With Greece Updates , Poll Of Polls For Greek Parties , Greece Pans EU Member States Pace Of Relocations ( Slower Than Molasses ) ; Spain In Focus - Rajoy Re-Elected Head Of His Party And Iglesias Obtains Resounding Victories On All Fronts ; Germany - Nazi Era Anthem Played At Tennis Tournament , German Political Updates ; France In Focus - Rumors Of Fillon & His Wife Being Indicted Grow - No Decision On Indictment Taken Yet , Jean - Marie Le Pen In Hot Water Again Over An Alleged Anti-Semitic Pun , French Protests Over Alleged Police Rape Continue , Bankers Say Le Pen Won't Break Up Euro ; UK In Focus - Political News To Consider For Sunday. 2) US Politics - Sunday Round Up of Trump Tweets , Items From Sunday Talks Shows , Hot Button Political Matters. 3) Odds & Ends For Sunday. ,



Italy's Renzi set to trigger leadership race at ruling party meeting

suspected over attack on foreign ministry | World news | The Guardian


10 minutes ago

Top Italian official says Facebook must do more against hate speech - Daily Mail

Reaction of the Italian embassy after HoR member accused Italy of downing a Haftar helicopter in Jufra.


| Tsakalotos Says Must Decide on Greek Program - Bloomberg (citing Proto Thema)

Many shameless Syriza officials are vocally toying with the idea of Grexit. Are they preparing Greeks for something?

Bailout monitors expected to return to Athens despite tensions

Greece, lenders risk instability if review talks drag on: 's Dombrovskis

poll of polls []: ND 29.9% Syriza 18.3% GD 8% ΚΚΕ 6.7% PASOK 6.5% EK 2.9% Plefsi 2.6% IndGrks 2.5% Potami 2% Und 13.9

Avramopoulos: EU Member-States Must Speed Up Pace of Relocation


Spanish PM Rajoy re-elected head of his party

’s Rajoy Pledges to Stop Catalan Referendum, Restore Links - Bloomberg -

Pablo Iglesias re-elected as Podemos leader

Pablo Iglesias also now controls 60% of the leadership positions within Podemos, including secretary general.

In the Podemos leadership race: - Pabo Iglesias: 128,700 votes - Juan Moreno Yagüe: 15,700


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Legendary musician and producer: Al Jarreau is dead

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New President: Putin invites Steinmeier in the Kremlin

Nazi-era German anthem at tennis tournament sparks outrage.

Hamburg Airport Evacuated , only Daily Star reporting on second incident involving Hamburg Train Station.

German firefighters have evacuated hundreds of passengers at Hamburg Airport after 50 people were injured by an unknown toxin.

-- Frank-Walter Steinmeier elected as 's President by country's federal assembly.

Good morning from Berlin where 's challenger Martin Schulz is talk of the town as his has risen to 10y high in latest polls.


Has Macron engaged in puffery regarding his academic background ? Some express doubts on those credentials....

Macron's task to raise cash for the Campaign...

Clashes at French protest over alleged police rape

Jean-Marie Le Pen charged over apparent anti-Semitic pun

| Fillon’s Wife to Face Formal Investigation This Week - Bloomberg (citing JDD) -

French weekly "Journal de Dimanche" (JDD) said Public Prosecutor's office was considering 2 options that could take place perhaps this week.

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Case Fillon: imminent court decision - lunged

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: Fillon "no judicial decision is taken", according to the Prosecutor's office via

Growing rumours of indictment for Fillon and/or family. Why is it judicial system meddling in political one? Doing its job, no?

France's Fillon faces further legal process in fake work probe: report


And if it were then accepted as a member of the EU, it would again cease to be independent. Sturgeon/SNP position is ludicrous doublespeak.

An important question for folk in Northern Ireland...

Global banks in London "may have to relocate $1.9 trillion of assets after Brexit"

NATIONAL CONSENSUS: Only HALF of those who voted Remain now want to see Brexit blocked.

Translation: "We're F****d."

Leader of the House does his best Pontius Pilate impersonation on

If a compromise cannot be reached, Brexit negotiations may be over almost before they have begun

Ladies & gentlemen, I give you the deputy leader of the Scottish Labour Party, a proud Marxist revolutionary.

US Politics......

Congratulations Stephen Miller- on representing me this morning on the various Sunday morning shows. Great job!

I know Mark Cuban well. He backed me big-time but I wasn't interested in taking all of his calls.He's not smart enough to run for president!

Not sure why POTUS considers an adverse decision a "court breakdown" , odd choice of words.

After two days of very productive talks, Prime Minister Abe is heading back to Japan. L

The crackdown on illegal criminals is merely the keeping of my campaign promise. Gang members, drug dealers & others are being removed!

While on FAKE NEWS , Bernie Sanders was cut off for using the term fake news to describe the network. They said technical difficulties!

JUST IN: Trump falsely claims CNN cut off Sanders for calling network "fake news"

Three weeks into the Trump Admin-NSC staffers get up in the morning , read POTUS Twitter posts and struggle to make policy to fit them....

WSJ reports- W.H reviewing whether to retain Flynn amid a furor over his contacts with Russian officials before President Trump took office.

1 hour ago
TRUMP TODAY -at golf club -meets with Steven Mnuchin, then Steve Wynn at Mar-a-Lago -photos with law enforcement -home at White House ~9p.

When it comes to his contacts with Russia, Michael Flynn has bigger problems than the Logan Act

Trump's national security adviser Mike Flynn is still here in Florida and will be riding back to D.C. on Air Force One, I'm told.

Stephen Miller does what will not do. ?

. asks Stephen Miller: does president and you think there is too much "lawful immigration"? Miller won't answer.

Trump team leery of having too many “Goldman Guys” in top posts

Steve Mnuchin is here at Mar-a-Lago to meet with Trump this afternoon. Trump aides say he'll be confirmed tomorrow.

1 hour ago
Stephen Miller won't say if Trump still has confidence in Mike Flynn—White House “did not give me anything to's a sensitive matter”

David Malpass to join Treasury as Under Secretary For International Affairs as per

White House policy advisor Stephen Miller on the branches of gov't: "They are equal. There’s no such thing as judicial supremacy."

WH policy advisor Stephen Miller: The president "has the power to control who enters our country."

Immigrant community on high alert, fearing Trump’s “deportation force”

Odds & Ends.....

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Situation in deir ezzour is improving to SAA advantage. Slowly recovering land from ISIS.

bill and list of items needed to develop drones by "ISIS military developing unit- aviation command".


Read tomorrow: inside doc reveals Iran & its allies acknowledge Russia role in 1 managed 2divide rebels & split these from Jihadists

1 hour ago
NEW MAP: So far, repelled 's and 's offensive on 's Al- district.

Erdogan says Turkish operation in Syria will continue to Raqqa

NEW MAP: Armed Forces of and its proxy militias captured RB and sev. more areas in the stronghold.


- LAF conducted today 4th round of airstrikes in 4 days targeting in Jufrah District. Very high pace relatively.

| People protesting in after Ibrahim Zagaid - HoR - has accused Italy to be involved in the shooting of the Mi-35 Friday.

Mukhtar al Madani, mayor of , and his two bodyguards have been kidnaped last night on their way to reports.

HoR member accuses Italy of shooting down Haftar's helicopter, Italian Embassy finds it ridiculous

"remnants" of IS's Libya operation are "trying to foment chaos by cutting power & water supplies & to identify receptive local communities"

Serraj's PC/ GNA declares LNG illegitimate force. Ok..but what action? What can you do about it?

Serraj's last effort?Meanwhile, Ghwell's rival govt in Tripoli stepping up its visibility in view of 17 Feb anniversary of revolution.

Tripoli security directorate announces plans for commemorating start of 2011 revolution.

Presidential Council: Libyan National Guard are outlaw armed groups and must be evicted out of Tripoli

Residents of Hun, central Libya, evacuate houses after Operation Dignity bombing ultimatum

GECOL connects eastern and western power networks, expects less outages

pt * Estimative * map showing militias who joigned the -n National Guard - - approved by GNC in 2015.