Monday, February 27, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views ...... February 27 2017 .... Quick Hits For Monday : Asia Calendar Jam Packed With Data From New Zealand , Australia & Japan ; US Markets See Dow Make 12 Consecutive Daily Gain , S&P And Nasdaq Also Advance On Monday , Oil Market News For Monday. 2) US Politics : POTUS In Action ; Congress Grappling With Healthcare , Russia And Other Hot Button Topics ; Odds & Ends From Political Realm. 3) Europe - Key News Touching On Greece ( Creditor Talks Updates ) , France ( Election Items ) , Ukraine ( Speculation Whether National Bank Governor Gontareva Will Resign ; Refugee Crisis - Morocco / Spain In Focus ; Additional Items To Consider. 4) Odds & Ends.



Economic data due from Asia today, plenty on the calendar

European Briefing 27-Feb-17: Asia Trades Flat, All Eyes On Trump

India's growing pains; growth expected to be the slowest in over 2 years

After those meetings, Yang had a chance to “say hi” to the president before he left...

China plans lower M2 money supply target in 2017

Earliest China economy indicators for February ... looking good!

1 hour ago
Japan’s Industrial Output Falls for First Time in Six Months

Japan Industrial Production (Jan Prelim) (MoM): 0.4% (prev 0.7%) -Japan Industrial Production (Jan Prelim) (YoY): 4.3% (prev 3.2%)

Japan Retail sales (Jan Prelim) (YoY): 1.0% (prev 0.6%) -Japan Retail Sales (Jan Prelim) (MoM): 0.3% (prev -1.7%)

BoJ Current A/c Holdings: JPY Tln: 329.9 Tln (prev JPY 327.9 Tln) - Reserve Balance: JPY Tln: 248 Tln (prev JPY 247.1 Tln)

Australia's current account narrows to its lowest level since 1980 due to higher commodity prices

1 hour ago
Punchy growth in unit sales over the quarter. Australian new home sales fell last month, but not by much

NZ Money Supply M3 Jan (YoY): 6.4% (prev 6.4%)

NZ data - Trade Balance (January): -285m (vs. expected is -25m)

US ......

Dow Jones Industrial Average: up 12 days in a row, one short of the record set in 1987.

1 hour ago
US stocks end the day with gains. Dow record for the 12 straight day.

U.S. crude futures settle at $54.05/bbl.⬆$0.06. +0.11%. _J7 volume: ~356k

| SecGen Barkindo: still exempt from cuts. mkt needs every barrel of their crude. reuters.

| SecGen Barkindo: will review cuts & exemptions to cuts at end of 6 month period. RTRS.

| SecGen Barkindo: countries having some "challenges" monitoring production caps. reuters.


US Politics...

Trump aide says he cut back on early morning tweets because he's not watching "Morning Joe": report

Despite Trump’s pledge, governors expect little federal spending on infrastructure

Infrastructure stocks climb as Trump pledges to spend 'big' Basket up more than 3% in a day.

Trump cabinet still awaiting vote: --Ben Carson, HUD --Rick Perry, energy --Ryan Zinke, interior --Alexander Acosta, labor -Sonny Perdue, ag

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross confirmed 72-27. In ethics agreement, Ross said he’ll resign his positions with 38 entities. His fortune=$3B.

Timor Navracsics ( European Union commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport ) steps up to defend Sebastian Gorka.

GOP lawmaker says he would vote against leaked draft of ObamaCare replacement

Trump to propose 24 percent cut in EPA spending: reports

1 hour ago
Trump told governors at White House meeting he is crafting his own ObamaCare plan

1 hour ago
Governors fear huge hit on Medicaid as Trump tells them Obamacare set to implode without a fix

Leaks getting under WH skin , Spicer targets his staff in an attempt to ferret out leakers.

Not clear whether "Talking Points" circulated just w/i Administration or more broadly.

Pentagon plan to defeat ISIS received by White House & is under review.

. will seek $30 billion in supplemental defense appropriations for the FY 2017 year. In addition to $54 billion for FY18, per SAO

Trump OMB official says budget will slash $54B in spending, it'll hit "most" agencies, & there will be a "large reduction in foreign aid"

Trump Tax Returns not be be subpoenaed. ..

House GOP intel chair Nunes opposing special prosecutor on Russia/2016: "what are we going to appoint a special prosecutor to do, exactly?"

First Trump budget: Big spending on defense, big cuts almost everywhere else



1 hour ago
Lords just voted down Peter Hain's attempt to amend the Article 50 Bill to keep UK in Single Market: 299 to 136 - Labour voted with Govt

Every 2 or 3 years , Greece will require the next bailout. EG & ESM won't accept debt haircuts and IMF is weak.

Note , NBU has denied truth of rumor that National Bank Governor Gontareva seeks to step down.

New venue of passage into Europe is from Morocco into Spain. Note sharp spike lately.

4th round of meetings between gov't & institutions' mission chiefs on 2nd review starts on Feb 28.

Odds & Ends....

East CS Map 27/2/17. reached lines.Tur.-backed FSA seized most IS held vil.along SAA corridor HD:

This seems to be pretty solid at this point. Al Qaeda number two leader droned by US...

Turkey has completed more than 50% of its border wall for Syria border...

For anyone following West Mosul Campaign and humanitarian situation therein , very detailed 48 tweet thread.

Another ploy from Turkey regarding Gulen...

Turkey seems pretty desperate , throwing any nonsense up against the wall , hoping something sticks.



The House of Representatives needs its own internal dialogue before participating in any dialogue to resolve the crisis in .

Libya PM heading to Moscow to seek better ties - News24

Ghwell threatens Sanallah with action after Sanallah's signing of deal/MoU with Russia's Rosneft in London.

In the presence of 114 MP's, the House of Representatives discusses the re-formation of a dialogue committee

Migrant rescues off Libya encourage traffickers: Frontex - Times LIVE