Friday, January 6, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views.....January 6 , 2017......Quick Hits For Friday -1) US Markets : S&P & Nasdaq Set New Closing Rcords , While DOW Finishes Just Below 20,000 Once Again ; Crude Oil Finishes Day Just A Hair Under $54.00 ; Treasuries Give Back A Little Today - Yields Pop Higher After Jobs Reports ; Fed Reserve Commentary On Friday - Harker , Evans & Meister Discuss Dollar , Global Economy & Dec Jobs Report Respectively ; NFP Report & Employment Situation Report - Payrolls Lower Than Expected But Wage Growth Spurs Stocks Today ; Business Odds & Ends. 2) US Politics : ODNI Assessment Released , Trump Meets Intel Agency Leadership On Russian Hacking Evidence & Releases Statement ; Shooting At Fort Lauderdale Airport Apparently Committed By Perp Holding Military ID - And A Quasi- ISIS Twist ; Transition Related Items ; Political Odds & Ends. 3) Europe In Focus - Primarily Financial News De Jour - France , Greece , Portugal , Greece & More. 4) Turkey In Focus - Purge Updates , Syria War . 5) Odds & Ends !


US Markets....

Forexlive America forex news wrap: US employment good enough to keep dollar bid

S&P/Nasdaq close at a record highs. Dow gets to within a whisker of Dow 20K

US 30 year bond yield moves back above 3%

US crude oil futures settle at $53.99/barrel

Baker Hughes US oil rig count 529 vs 525 prior

Fed's Harker: I've pencilled in 3 rate hikes this year

Feds Evans: Current global economic climate weak

Fed's Mester: Dec jobs report was a very decent report

December 2016 US non farm payrolls 156k vs 178k exp

Economist reactions to the US non-farm payrolls report

Theranos to Lay Off 41% of Workforce, Company Says: BBG

Not a shocker , but J.C Penney announced disappointing holiday sales...

Neiman Marcus withdraws application for its IPO .... more grim news for retail sector.

US Politics......

Senators prepping new Russia sanctions for next week

Trump doubles down after intel briefing: Russia did not impact election outcome


Here is the ODNI Assessment regarding Russian Hacking....

NEW TRUMP statement on intelligence

Troubled man for sure - seems to have fixation on ISIS ( query whether self-fixation or tinfoil conspiracy fixation he alleged.)

"It's no time to be political," says after noting that he called Pence and Trump, not Obama in the wake of FLL shooting.

Gov. Scott says he reached out to Pres.-Elect Trump and VP-Elect Pence for assistance but has not spoken to Pres. Obama

BREAKING UPDATE: Sheriff: 13 wounded, 5 killed in Florida airport mass shooting; gunman was taken in custody and was not injured.

JUST IN: Sheriff: Despite new security activity at Fla. airport, there have been no new shots fired since original shooting incident.

JUST IN: Sheriff: It appears Florida airport gunman acted alone; motive is still being investigated.

NBC News: Multiple senior law enforcement sources say Esteban Santiago born 3/1990 is in custody. Had military ID on him. Born in NJ.

Eyewitness gives simply blood curdling description of shootings today...

President Obama will be in Jacksonville Saturday for the wedding of a White House staffer. No public events.

VP Biden, who has "an avuncular communication style," brought into his office to chat during visit this week, Josh Earnest says

Obama says GOP argument against Obamacare not based on facts but ideology of the expansion of government, taxing wealthy to help low income.


Some of the GOP reaction to Trujmp's director of national intelligence pick:

SOCIAL MEDIA: Mexico's former president on Trump and the border wall


Trump tweet topics: 
-"Great Wall" on Mexico border -his fans' passion -inauguration "show" -lower TV ratings for his "Apprentice" successor

House Intel Cmte.: Have "not received an official request” from Pres.-elect Trump "to investigate top secret intelligence shared with NBC".

first revealed "reimbursement" plan during 10/22/16 "Contract for the American Voter" speech in Gettysburg


economic sentiment and consumer confidence rebound by more than 2 pts in Dec

Evolution of general gov't arrears to the private sector (inc tax refunds) over the last 5 years.

revenue/GDP +2.5 pp, expenditure/GDP -3.8 pp between 2012-2016, while nominal GDP fell by 8.5% over this period.

CE expects EZ bond spreads to reach multi-yr highs in 2017 w/ largest increases in Italy & FR due to rising doubts about their futures in EZ

| 10Y still >4.00% …where’s DBRS?

Lira rout continues given the mix of econ slowdown, pol uncertainty & ext vulnerability (lower FX reserves & USD debt of corp sector

| Les Echos Presidential Poll (1st round): - Fillon between 23-28% - Le Pen 22-24% - Macron 16-24%


Turkey's deputy PM: "Our policy on Syria made big mistakes". Syrians should decide whether Assad goes or stays.

Latest from Erdogan: "An american General said that they have established ISIL. I am not the one who is saying this, it's the US General."

Turkey's purge is so ruthless that 135,000 dismissed people can't apply for public jobs again, ejected from public housing, passports evoked

A total number of 838 civil servants have been removed from Health Ministry.

The new decrees dismissed 149 soldiers from the naval forces and 164 from the air forces.

BREAKING - With new state of emergency decrees Turkish gov't has shut down 83 more associations & dismissed 649 academics from their posts.

“The U.S. made a strategic mistake..... All terror organizations have made their supporters pay the price.”- Defense Minister Fikri Işık.

Odds & Ends.....

Bail denied for " Facebook 4 " ( appropriately , IMO ) , Note two of the four are women , not four men involved here.

JFS & Ahrar al -Sham clashing with each other.Looks like alleged merger is more like a boa consuming a weak animal.

Interesting - opposition fighters who retreated from Aleppo , describe Idlib as being a jungle ruled by strong...

CONFIRMED: Senior terrorist & facilitator Mahmud al-Isawi killed via airstrike DEC 31 in . Another blow to ISIL's EXOPS network.

Syria Government and Wadi Barada residents reach agreement - insurgency seems over there.

A map of shows the areas liberated by forces so far. Strategic gains were made today.

Strong advances last 24 hours on left bank of & western approach to where is closing in on Tabqa Dam.

- Clashes between LNA and elements that withdrew from ongoing in several areas north of , mostly in Saunnu

Pres. Essebsi meets w/ Ageilah Saleh reiterates 's policy of non-interference in 's internal affairs

Saleh al-Awami, financial comptroller in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, kidnapped in .

China's major bitcoin exchanges are warned by PBOC-which in turn has pressured the price of bitcoin.

The Economist ponders benefits of withdrawing 86% of India's currency by Modi and high economic costs of demonetization...