Saturday, January 7, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views ...... January 7 , 2017 .... Quick Hits For Saturday -1) Wrap of Overall Market Trend For Week of January 2 , 2017 through January 6, 2017. 2) Turkey & Iraq Reach Important Understanding & Present Broad Based Agreements On Way Forward For Both Countries - Very Important & Watershed Event - Additional Items Touching On Iraq. 3) Additional News From MENA - Libya & Terror Related News In Focus. 4) US Politics For Saturday To Consider. 5) Odds & Ends - Mexico , Syria , Venezuela , India In Focus .


Let It snow.....

Light snow in my neck of the woods so far !

Lost in the snow - Center City.


Credit Bubble Bulletin: Weekly Commentary: Just the Facts Always enlightening Weekly missive from Doug Noland.

Good morning from Berlin. Global stocks gained $1,11trn in mkt cap in 1st trading week 2017 equal to Mexico GDP as reflation trade continues

bleeding continues: FX reserves fell by another $41bn in Dec but holdings remained above critical $3trn level

Global bond mkts have lost $259bn in value this week as fresh research piece from Havard sees biggest bond market bubble in 800 year history

Bitcoin crackdown coming to China , it would appear....

crashes as SAFE said to scrutinize funds outflow via Bitcoin.

PBOC Says Volatility in Bitcoin Prices ‘Abnormal’: China Daily

She's starting to get angry about this Dow 20k thing

Dow comes within a whisker of hitting 20,000; S&P, Nasdaq close at all-time highs as tech pops.

Iraq- Turkey Understandings Reached Today....

publishes the highlights of agreement reached between Turkey and , which contain the following:

1️⃣ Both and have reached an agreement in regards to preserving Iraq’s sovereignty, stability and unity.

2️⃣Ankara and Baghdad reiterate that is a military base belonging to Iraq.

3️⃣Baghdad has asked Ankara to begin withdrawing from base, and to respect ’s sovereignty.

4️⃣Both countries agree to enhance economic trade relations, and will assist in reconstruction of properties destroyed in terrorism.

5️⃣Joint work between and in relation to Euphrates-Tigers river system.

6️⃣Turkey congratulates the Iraqi army for its success in battle against group.

7️⃣Both countries reach agreement to not permit any terror group threaten the interests of one another.

8️⃣ and Ankara will further cultural and tourist ties.

9️⃣Joint action will be taken by and against sectarianism and ethnic tensions intended to destabilise the region.

Massive collapse among Da'ish ranks in eastern today. 's special forces have recaptured more than 5 neighbourhoods.

For the first time in 31 months flag is flying high over 4th bridge.

Locals celebrate as Iraqi counterterrorism forces push further into , choking group.

Additional News From MENA......


Misrata Military Council (MMC) Warning NOC over perceived ties to LNA & Haftar . Also demands GNA & Serraj take a position on Benghazi.

Jarafa accused the municipalities of violating role of LIB state.“We will continue working with our previous cross-border trade procedures.”

ICYMI: . designates ’s Ibrahim al-Banna as Specially Designated Global Terrorist under E.O. 13224 →

. designates Hamza bin Laden as Specially Designated Global under E.O. 13224 →

US Politics & Foreign Events Touching On US Politics....

And Trump's response: Only stupid people would think a good relationship between US and Russia is unwise.

Topic of Trump's pre-dawn tweets this Saturday a.m.: --no evidence that hacking affected the election results --Ds embarrassed by big loss.

Trump on : Leadership "entire intelligence community can respect...ceaseless vigilance against those who seek to do us harm."

Trump director of natl intel pick Dan Coats has said US needs “extreme vetting." Has called for expanded bombing of ISIS camps in Syria.

I just spoke to and he fully supports my plan to replace Obamacare the same day we repeal it. The time to act is now.

Mish is a smart guy and contrarian in his thinking. Not shy is expressing his views - certainly worth reading and considering.

Good read from John. By now everyone knows answer to question posed - or if not , just read Trump statement after the sit-down.

Trump’s Win: America’s Failures of Representation and Prospects for Democracy

What the hell as the motive here ? Mental illness , ISIS fixation - combination of the two ?

Looking at various accounts in the media , it seems Santiago mentally fell apart after his duty in Iraq.

"They Lost So Big" - Trump Blasts "Embarrassed Democrats" For Russian Hacking Report

In Stunning Last Minute Power Grab, Obama Designates Election Systems As "Critical Infrastructure"

"Friends, Long Live" Duterte Tells Russian Navy, Hopes Moscow Will Become Philippines' "Ally And Protector"

Bail denied for " Facebook 4 " ( appropriately , IMO ) , Note two of the four are women , not four men involved here.

Odds & ends....

Mexico .....

CCTV of suspect in US consular shooting in Mexicovideo

A gunman wounded a U.S. consulate official in Mexico's western city of Guadalajara when he opened fire on his car in broad daylight.

Gunman wounds US consular official in western Mexico: official

Mexico, w lots excess refinery capacity & effectively outsourcing gasoline prod to US, sparks protests w price dereg

Former Mexican President ": Neither myself nor Mexico are going to pay for his racist monument Another promise he can't keep."


Azaz sees huge vehicle IED - large casualties ( 60 dead , 100 wounded.) Where are the "White Helmets" ?

Some of my thoughts on the recent U.S intensification of drone strikes vs. JFS/AQ in northern , on :

Following JFS raid on FSA facility in Telmenes, Ahrar al-Sham has intervened. Today, JFS & Ahrar have clashed & taken each other prisoners.

Another image of JFS Shura Council member Younes Shoeyb (Abu al-Hassan Taftanaz), killed in drone strike in earlier today.


U.S. embassy no longer accepting Venezuela’s collapsing currency

As ’s economic collapse continues, talent leaves the country

Here’s why socialist thrives as socialist collapses

Yeah , that will work ...... as surely as pigs can fly.

tick , tick , tick.....

"Ponzi" bond sales won't save Maduro or his Gov't....


So if I understand this right, demonetization doubled India's money. MODI! MoDI! moDI!

PM : People wholeheartedly supported govt’s decision of despite difficulties.

Despite demonetization, India to grow faster than China: Singapore diplomat |

Demonetization impacts after 50 days...

Demonetization criticized.....