Thursday, January 19, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views......January 19 , 2017.... Quick Hits For Thursday -1) Markets : Asia Economic Calendar , News & Data For Friday ; US Markets - All Three Indexes Lower Across The Board , Oil & Gold Make Minor Moves Ahead Of Trump inauguration , Europe Major Indexes Also End In The Red today. 2) Europe In Focus - Key News From Or Touching On Europe today. 3) Us Political Round For Thursday. 4) MENA Report- Libya , Syria , Iraq & Turkey In Focus.



Economic data calendar in Asia today - China GDP, & Yellen speaking

PBOC conduct biggest open market ops ever this week, net injection CNY 1.13trln (last week CNY 100bln), leading up to Lunar New Year

PBOC to inject total CNY 110bln via reverse repos - CNY 50bln via 14-day - CNY 60bln via 28-day

PBOC sets USD/CNY mid-point at 6.8693 (prev. close 6.8750, prev. fix 6.8568

Due out from China soon (with estimates) Fourth Quarter GDP +6.7% Factory Output +6.1% Retail Sales + +10.7% Fixed Asset Investment +8.3%

China think-tank on Trump - his harsh rhetoric, its just bluster

Japan: Reuters Tankan Manufacturing Index +18 in January (vs. Dec. 16)

US & Europe....

US stocks end the session lower across the board

ForexLive Americas FX news wrap: Draghi drops euro, but it battles back

DoE Cushing Inventories (WoW, 19/Jan): -1.274m (est +300k, prev -579k)

DoE Crude Oil Inventories (WoW, 19/Jan): +2.347m (est -960k, prev +4.097m)

DoE Gasoline Inventories (WoW, 19/Jan): +5.951m (est +2.345m, prev +5.023m)

Europe In Focus.....

Another voice warning about the disintegration of the EU...

Italy to hold 70% of Monte dei Paschi bank

German FinMin says if IMF refuses to join Greek program, it'll be a sign the Greeks aren’t sticking to their commitments so it'll end

One step fwd by Schauble -- if Greek authorities not able w/out flexibility granted by EU, pre-condition for a program isn't there

Monte Paschi retail bondholders should be reimbursed based on price paid- regulator, prefer continuation of listing

ECB leaves monetary policy on hold

leaves all rates & QE unchanged, as expected.


Update on MPS bailout....

Market's verdict of May' speech not very friendly: Pound has lost some ground as her speech was way below expectations.

Said to Lack Agreement on How to Buy Debt Below Deposit Rate - Bloomberg (citing people familiar with the matter)

Us Politics.....

Obama granted clemency unlike any other president in history:

1 hour ago
Outgoing DHS secretary says he knows John Kelly, his chosen sucessor, well. He is "a man of character and integrity"

Sources say extradition of El Chapo to US -in works for months- is goodwill gesture from Mexico to the incoming & outgoing administrations

Between unpopular Dems, GOP, a chance for Trump to triangulate

While speculation as to what Trump may do runs rampant , best course is to hold the horses and wait & see.

Pence said they've focused on action plans for Day 1, Day 100 and Day 200 - but doesn't offer specifics before leaving news conference mic.

"We're wrapping up this transition on time and under budget," Pence says. 20% of transition budget will be returned to treasury, he says.

Trump is still working through which executive orders he wants to deal with tomorrow, and which ones Monday, Tuesday, etc says.

Trump is keeping about 50 Obama staffers in place, including Brett McGurk, a special envoy helping fight ISIS, spokesman Sean Spicer said

Flynn really is the wrong person on Trump's Team , to be meeting with Turkish Officials...

Transition throw wrenches into the gears amid questions of whether the US participates at Astana and just precisely how that would work ...

Taiwan Ex-premier Will Lead a Delegation to Trump's Inauguration



When the situation in is not getting any better but you just continue to 'hang in there'

Clear as mud , as to what exactly is the problem now..

Street protests against power cuts, Tripoli

Visas from Tripoli and direct flights ‘‘soon’’. Power generator ‘‘in the shortest peri ... -

In Brief

Audit Bureau bans 23 Libyan and foreign companies, freezes smuggled money accounts -

Statement by regarding the airstrike in - main kicker is proximity of established camps to

Ten cases of suffocation at General Hospital ​​every day from the use of heating coal due to power outages in

Ghat blackout apparently continues - note this is the 11th day in a row w/o power....

Winer - urges regional actors to "help" Libya end stalemate & agree on grand bargain to implement LPA. No one state can do it alone.

Ageela Saleh claimed yesterday the UK ambassador to Libya Millett said he agreed with Saleh that Kobler should leave his role as envoy !


IS reinforcements from al-Qa'im-Albokamal arrive at DeirEzzor

RuAF air dropped supplies to SAA in DeirEzzor Airbase which is still besieged by IS

Clashes renew in DeirEzzor between SAA and IS in DeirEzzor as Airstrikes hit cemetery area & around Airbase, IS rockets hit Qusour & Jourah

: Assad says Astana talks "between govt & terrorist groups to reach a ceasefire & allow these groups to join reconciliation deals."

: Syria's Assad says Astana talks will focus on enforcing ceasefire so that humanitarian aid can reach civilians - via

Oddly enough, Ahrar al-Sham didnt want to attent to protect their buddies and now this happens

Turf battles between JFS and Ahrar al Sham breaking out in Idlib. Completely predictable.

Another ceasefire agreement in Wadi Barada

Deal was reportedly reached during negotiations btw rebels in Wadi Barada & reconciliation committee + SAA officers with German+UN mediation

Includes: Ceasefire, teams enter to fix water, case settled for militants + those that refuse evac to Idlib + locals return to their homes

More JFS attacks on Ahrar al-Sham positions in being reported - in/around Darkoush and Bdama. Casualties & more prisoners taken.

JFS now controls Ahrar al-Sham’s HQs in Khirbet al-Joz and Al-Zayniya, plus several more positions near Jisr al-Shughour, Bdama & Darkoush.

JFS has attacked several Ahrar al-Sham checkpoints and a local HQ in/around Khirbet al-Joz in . Several prisoners taken by JFS.


Map with districts names in English. Green= forces control. White=

- special forces completely clear international hotel, used by as huge headquarters

Baghdad's Sadrist governor Ali Tamimi impeached. Council vote held in Green Zone's Rasheed Hotel, to avoid disruption by Sadrist protesters.


Dozens of firefighters killed as burning high-rise building collapses in Tehran, state TV reports.


Demirtas did not give Erdogan an easy pass for his presidential ambitions. He is paying for this in prison.

7 of 18 articles approved so far , in second round of voting.

Interesting comment from Turkish Deputy P.M regarding Turkey's F.P as to Syria.