Friday, January 20, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views For January 20 , 2017...... Quick hits For Friday - 1) Markets : US Markets - Stock Finish Higher On Friday , Bond Yields End Lower , Gold & Oil Advance ; Europe Stock Index Finish Mixed On Friday & For The Week ( Dax Winds Up In Green Both For Friday & Week.) 2) US President Trump Inauguration Day Highlights ( And Lowlights ) , Transition Is Over - Trump Presidency Begins. 3) Libya In Focus - News Of The Day For Libya. 4) Europe In Focus - Key News Of The Day From Ot Touching On Europe. 5) Odds & Ends - Syria , Gambia , Iraq , Turkey In Focus.


Global stock markets have lost $277bn in market cap this week mainly driven by US policy risk and bond sell-off.

US major indices end the Trump inauguration day higher

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Gold moved to session highs. Moves toward the 38.2% retracement.

Big deal today !

Biggest combined jump in oil and gas rigs since 1997 - BBG

Only the DAX keeps its head above water this week

Inauguration & US Politics

The Guardian front page, Saturday 21.01.17: ‘From this moment on it’s going to be only America first’ – President Trump

In interest of transparency — just got executive order text. Here's what Trump ordered for Obamacare.

Senate confirms Kelly as Homeland Security secretary

Senate easily confirms Mattis to be Defense Secretary hours after Trump inauguration

General James Mattis (Ret,) confirmed by Senate for Secretary of Defense !

The Senate agreed to vote on the motion to proceed to the Pompeo nomination tonight and to vote on confirmation on Monday.

May to be in the front of the line - to meet President Trump !

Manafort-1of at least 3 Trump campaign advisers whose possible links to Russia are under scrutiny. The others are Carter Page & Roger Stone.

If you missed the speech due to work or other reasons , here is the text.

JUST IN: In one of first Trump admin. orders, Dept of Housing & Urban Dev. suspends reduction of FHA annual mortgage insurance premium rates

. signing 3 things: Mattis waiver bill into law, formal nominations 2 Senate & proclamation for nat'l day of patriotism

Perhaps some Executive Orders come out today , if not - expect to see some on Monday.

America First Foreign Policy - at ....

's Making Our Military Strong Again plan posted on

Thugs on the loose in DC....

" Some" protesters throwing bricks & concrete at police....

Protests really have had elements of violence all day.

Total number arrested at inauguration protests up to 217: Washington interim police chief.


Central Blood Bank Tripoli decided to suspend work & halt blood donation campaigns due 2 lack of medical materials needed for blood analysis

Khalifa Haftar declares readiness to participate in any reconciliation meetings sponsored by .

Possible indicator Trump policy Libya. Statement just out says defeating ISIS top priority.

UN envoy Martin Kobler condemns "terrorist bombing" in , sends condolences to victims families.

Pres. Council condemns car bomb attack in

Tobruk MPS meeting with UN Envoy Kobler certainly was "lively". I can't see Kobler solving the political divide.

East Gov't lobbying in Cairo and with Malta today...

After 13 consecutive days without power , electricity starting to return to some Cities in South Libya .

As I depart Special Envoy job, my hopes ns find & agree on a common vision for their national future. Shukran jazilan, maʿal-salāmah.

Fighting Forces in as of January 2017 via


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Circular adds to burden on self-employed

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Cruise arrivals to drop up to 30 pct this year

Wealth worth one year’s GDP has been lost since 2009

EU envoy meets struggling island chiefs

Opinion: Europe needs to worry less about , by DW's

German politicians seek way to bankrupt 'neo-Nazi' NPD

Austrian police arrest man allegedly planning terror attack


10 survivors found after being buried by massive avalanche in Italy

Six survivors found in avalanche-hit Italian hotel, more than 20 are still missing

German FinMinistry Spokesman: IMF’s Lagarde Told FinMin Schaeuble IMF Seeking To Remain A Part Of Greek Bailout - RTRS

German FinMin Schäuble at . Major Eurozone problem is lack of competitiveness. Can't strengthen currency union by weakening the strong

German FinMin Schäuble at : Can't imagine huge damage for free trade from Trump. Even a world power can not destroy globalization.

Odds & Ends....


Turkey pulls back its forces that failed to retake Al-Bab , SAA to liberate the city -as per Hussein Murtada.

When tanks entered , many speculated of upcoming Free Zone. Now, moving towards w retreating

Turkish military says 5 Turkish soldiers killed, 9 wounded by ISIS car bomb near Al-Bab.

gets free use of Tartous facility for 49 y (can be extended for further 25 y). 11 ships inc. nuclear powered

: 100s rebels 7 jihadists exit Beir jin and Mkher el-Mir in western rural to , marking a new era for

(JFS) continue its attack against (who rejected participation to for ) in rural

Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Şimşek: "Turkey can no longer insist for an agreement without Assad, this is not realistic".

The Pentagon: The training camp has been operational since 2013


I would like to inform you that Yahya Jammeh has agreed to step down. He is scheduled to depart Gambia today.

Elsewhere - a motorcade of West African leaders have left Gambia's presidential residence. Not clear if Yahya Jammeh was aboard.


last updated map of situation in Mosul 20/1/2017-06:28PM

Nice shot of U.S. SOF inside Mosul. Full role CJTF SOF, enablers played in supporting the ISF push in Mosul won't come out for years


Erdogan methodically moving toward becoming Sultan...

Amid Fistfights, Turkey’s Parliament Backs a New Constitution

Today in Crackdown: 86 police officers, court staff detained in post-coup probes ||

Today in Crackdown: 19 including academics detained in post-coup crackdown || 

Ruling AK Party deputy caught criticising opposition under fake Twitter account ||

Today in Crackdown: Detention warrants issued for 37 academics in post-coup probe ||