Monday, January 16, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views...... January 16 , 2017 ..... Quick Hits for Monday - 1) Martin Luther King Day Celebrated In US - Inspirational Quotes In Body Of Post. 2) Asia Overnight ( Monday ) - UK Sterling Down Against Most Currencies , Corruption in South Korea Takes Center Stage ( Nation Pension Fund Chief Indicted / Arrest Warrant Issued For Samsung's JY Lee For Bribery / Perjury / Embezzlement ) , Chinese Stocks Suffer 5th Day Of Losses - Although Stocks Recovered Toward End Of Session Off Earlier Lows Of The Day , Trump-Phobia A Recurrent Concern In Asia , Additional Items Of Interest. 3) Europe In Focus - UK PM May's Brexit Speech Set For Tuesday ( And Various Related Items Touching On Brexit ) , Italy Budget Problems Being Discussed With ECB / Ten Year Italy Bond In Focus As Spread With German Bund Widens After DBRS Downgrade , Trump Threatens German Carmakers With 30% Import Tariff , IMF Upgrades Growth Forecast For UK / Advanced Economies & Emerging Economies For 2017 / 2018 , Donald Trump Roils Europe , Netherlands Set To Follow Populist Path With Gert Wilders In Its March Election , Additional Items Of Note. 4) US Politics For Monday - Catching Up On what Donald Trump Has Said Or Done Since Friday & Transition Related Items. 5) Odds & Ends - Libya , Syria & Iraq In Chief Focus.

MLK Day In The US..... This Quote Reverberates Today.....

7 Martin Luther King quotes that resonate today

In honor of his amazing life and legacy, here's one of my favorite quotes from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

For Martin Luther King, Jr's birthday a reminder of where we should be but are not due to the left's use of race:

Today is the U.S. holiday to remember an American civil rights hero, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., born January 15, 1929. A favorite quote:

Asia Overnight For Monday ) .....

China's set to take the global stage at Davos as one of the "Go To Guys/ Gals " .....

China will "take off the gloves" and take strong action if U.S. President-elect Donald Trump continues to provoke Beijing over Taiwan.

Worst case would be "disastrous consequences" says Singapore's central bank on a possible Trump-sparked trade war

Shanghai Composite recovered most losses toward the end though still closed down at 3,103 - below trendline support

Not as bad as at the close. Shenzhen Composite -3.6%

Now what is happening there....? Shenzhen Composite - 5.4% Up: 29 Unchanged: 138 Down: 1751

Trump phobia? A-Share in free fall. ChiNext -6%, >400 A-Shares limit down.

When a "breakthrough" doesn't mean something good. Chinese stocks fall for 5th day. Shanghai falls below trendline support

Arrest warrant for Samsung's JY Lee for bribery, perjury and embezzlement, after 22 hours of questioning over influence scandal: Dong-A Ilbo

South Korea's special prosecutor to seek arrest warrant for Samsung vice-chairman/heir apparent Jay Y. Lee: Dong-A Ilbo newspaper

South Korea's special prosecutor has indicted the national pension fund chief as influence scandal widens:

Sterling down massively against everything else (almost best to close your eyes when London opens).

Not the best start to the week for Asian markets. Equities ⬇️ Currencies ⬇️ Bright spot 😎 China commodities - party, party again

Iron Ore in China. Hard to say why it's jumping by this much again so I'll leave this here. Btw, this is contract on the Dalian Exchange

Another Chinese academic says Beijing should let yuan float via one-off deval, firms can bear a "sharp" depreciation


FTSE off 0.2% , DAX off 0.6% , CAC off 0.8% , IBEX off 1.0% and FTSE MiB off 1.1%.

US Briefing 16-Jan-17: No Timing For UK PM May's Brexit Speech Tomorrow, US Markets Closed For Holiday

IMF Raises UK Growth Forecast For 2017, Reversing Previous Cut...

IMF: Econ. activity in both advanced economies and EMDEs seen accelerating in 2017–18, global growth seen at 3.4% & 3.6%, respectively

“Mr. Trump has clearly said that any deals, with anyone frankly, in future will be done on a bilateral basis,” - as per Theodore Malloch.

Trump’s praise for Brexit and cheerleading for further divisions between European states are unacceptable-as per EU Commissioner Moscovici.

Britain can't negotiate US trade deal until after EU exit: Mogherini

Is the Netherlands going to follow the UK and the US down the populist path in March's election?

Interior Minister: The Greek Program Can Proceed Without the IMF

Greece’s Bailout Program Obsolete Without IMF, German FinMin Says

March election after NI government collapses

UK PM Spokesperson: 1st Meeting With Trump Expected To Take Place In US, Says Arrangements Are Being Worked On - RTRS

UK PM Spokesperson: Doesn’t Recognise Media Reports Saying Govt Is Expecting Mkt Correction After Brexit Speech- RTRS

UK PM Spox: PM Shares Chancellor Hammond's View That If UK Is Forced To Consider Alternative Econ. Models, It Stands Ready To Do So - RTRS

UK's benchmark index FTSE 100 just hit fresh high as Pound keeps falling.

10y risk premium over widens following DBRS downgrade as Italian banks now have higher refi costs at .

Trump wants to place UK in the front of the queue ....

US Politics ....

GOP foreign policy adviser Monica Crowley said Monday she will relinquish the senior job she’d been poised to take in the Trump White House.

Noor Salman-the wife of Orlando nightclub gunman Omar Mateen was reportedly arrested Monday in connection with the deadly terrorist attack.

Trump eyes role of negotiator-in-chief

Obama: Don't underestimate Trump

Trump: We must honor and celebrate MLK

Trump to meet with MLK's son to discuss civil rights leader's legacy

Trump: NATO is "obsolete"

19 companies that Trump has tweeted about

President-elect Donald Trump will opt to use his personal Twitter account instead of the official presidential account once he takes office.

CIA director slams Trump: It's "outrageous" to compare intelligence community to Nazis

Trump: My plan is — insurance for everyone - Isn’t this how we got ObamaCare in the first place? Donald Trump t...

Trump on HC : goal is insurance for everybody ; force drug companies to negotiate directly with government ; lower numbers & deductibles.

Are Trump’s nominees betraying his platform?

Chao plans to “try, but could not promise” to present an infrastructure proposal in Trump’s first thirty days:

Tillerson needed to prove his qualifications, and he may have fallen short:

During the press conference, Trump called Buzzfeed a “failing pile of garbage” and deemed CNN “fake news”

Odds & Ends.....


8 straight day w/o electricity , water cuts based upon the electricity outages & all bakeries closed due to electrical issues.

|n Air Force Mi-35 targeted naval vessel suspected as carrying weapons for in no sail-zone offshore Ras al-Hilal

Mogherini: Libyan crisis will be discussed at February's EU foreign ministers meeting in Brussels

MP's from South suspend parliament membership due to lack of solutions for dire living conditions in the South.

This floating power station might help avoid problem of militias cutting power for political motivations...

AbdulHamid Alnami stated that a Russian delegation - military & diplos - met BAM leaders in Misrata while Haftar was aboard the Kuznetsov.

Tripoli kids sent home from school due to lack of heat, water, money.

Ghat wrestles darkness as total blackout continues for eighth day

Dialogue member Ahmed al-Abar: The meeting was badly organized & not successful. Another mtg is planned end of this week in Tunis

Syria ......

Deputy -n Foreign Minister discussed preparations for Syrian peace talks in Kazakhstan with Deputy Special Envoy for .

ALL Syrian rebels announced today their participation2 Astana meeting as quoted in my article last week.

INTERVIEW: "We live just to sustain ourselves:" On war and water shortages these days in . Read it here:

REPORT: Assassination of lead negotiator derails Damascus water talks, battles resume.

| Military situation in Wadi Barada area. Continued clashes between and isurgents

DeirEzzor Governor says institutions in city are operating as normal and there are non stop airstrikes on IS positions

Hundreds of gathering around to storm a city inhabited by tens of thousands of civilians and positions defending it.

, for the 1st time in 2years, isolated Deirezzour airport from city & is advancing in several locations.

is attacking Deir-ezzour since 3days, attacking from several fronts. control 5districts in city. No Air Force 2day (bad weather)

destroyed huge warehouse,killed 100,destroyed several tanks belonging2 /n Army in strategic Tharda mount giving ISIS an advantage

The fall of Deirezzour gives a possibility 2consolidate its presence without any pocket between & alQaem, /i borders

Important thread on current situation in Deir Ezzor

Successfully Splits -Held In 2, Cut Off All Supply Routes From City To Airbase.

1st Phase: Weaken SAA Defence lines in . 2nd Phanse: Split the Airbase and the City into 2 Parts. 3rd Phase: Storm the Airbase

Scores killed in heavy fighting in Syria as ISIS advances in Deir Ezzor

SDF: peace talks don’t represent the will of the people


Latest map showing security forces control (in green): few more districts to go. Map via .

: special forces advance in eastern Mosul amid fierce clashes

(part of the security forces) expected to participate to & operation: details discussed between Muhandes and Moqtada

Great news : very soon security forces will enter Grand Mosque where Baghdadi group Leader announced his "Caliphate".

"Iraqi Security Forces Recapture More Areas From ISIS In Mosul (Map, Photos)"