Sunday, January 15, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views ....... January 15, 2017..... Quick Hits For Sunday -1) World Economy Forum Looms - China Will Be a Focal Point , Trump Will Be Represented Via Adviser Anthony Scaramucci , Odds & Ends On WEF. 2) Bahrain In Focus : 3 Young Activists Executed Today - Expect 2017 To See More Protests In Bahrain. 3) Greece In Focus - Refugee Situation Becomes More Dire , Cyprus Controversy Erupts With Greek Representative , Domestic & International News Of Note touching On Greece. 4) UK In Focus - PM May Set To Announce UK Prepared To Leave Single Market , Customs Union & EU Court Of Justice - Brexit Means Brexit ; Related News Of Note touching On Brexit. 5) Libya In Focus - Major Power Blackout through South & West Libya Lead News Naturally , Domestic & Internationally News Of Note , Security & Stability Related News & Views. 6) Odds & Ends - Turkey , Syria & Iraq In Main Focus.


Everything you need to know about Davos 2017

What is the point of Davos?

Trump Team Will Not Attend Davos: "Would Betray Populist-Fueled Movement"

The new US administration will be represented in Davos by Anthony Scaramucci, a flamboyant hedge-fund investor.

Davos elite will spend a lot of time talking about climate change -- and how to make money from it via

Army of staff descends on Davos to serve WEF super-rich

Chinese President arrives in Switzerland for state visit, forum

China's Xi Jinping At Davos, World's Most Powerful Beggar


The 3 activists executed by Monarchy: not the first ones and won't be the last.

1 of the 3 young Bahrein/i , Ali al-Sankees, executed with four bullets in the heart by the order of the Monarchy military tribunal

The 3d citizen, the young Abbas al-samee' executed by military court today without trial. Manifestation in growing in .

One of the executed in , a teacher who was at school when the claimed attack took place.

In , there r 4more young men arrested by the military court and sentenced to execution: more fuel to the revolution against Monarchy

abolished al-Wifaq institution that represents over 55-60% of d total population of Bahrein & jailed d highest religious authority.


Creditors are demanding fresh cuts to certain welfare benefits in order to finance measure for supporting vulnerable social groups in 2018.

Refugees, Migrants Risk Death as Bitter Cold Grips Europe

Cyprus talks have a problem

Our View: Kotzias’ Geneva antics a reckless game - Cyprus Mail

Inquiry Committee Examining Bank Loans Granted to Political Parties to Present Report on Jan. 23

Greek Banks’ NPEs Ease Slightly in Q3 2016

Tsakalotos, Stathakis Meet with Bank Managers Over ADMIE Sale

Minister says no plans to settle Aegean islets

Lesvos mayor grants prize money to two fishermen who saved hundreds at sea

Police attacked with Molotov cocktails in downtown Athens

EU to Give Cyprus €3.1bn if Solution Materialises


Brexit means Brexit , after all......And if EU leaders want to play rough with May and the UK , so be it.

Rolls Royce will stay in the UK after Brexit & don't care if we quit the single market

Voters back Tories to deliver best Brexit by three to one

Impressively fluent, clear and waffle-free: Philip Hammond on Brexit to Welt am Sonntag

Bank of England may be about to raise its economic outlook for 2nd time since Brexit vote

Post Brexit, EU's share of world GDP will fall from 22.1% to 18.3%

Theresa May to announce withdrawal from single market in new hard Brexit strategy

SUNDAY TIMES POL LEAD: May's clean hard Brexit, by


We lost a MiG23ML today over ,it was shot by enemy fire, The crew is safe,Libyan Air-force continues raiding the enemy.

A LNA MiG-23 crashed down in Ganfouda / Bosnib area, Benghazi. Crew is safe according to reports. Still unclear the reason of the crash.

confirms the rumors that the MiG-23 has been shot down over . Still no revendication.

Ahead of EU migration meeting Brussels, MSF calls for migrants to be given safe passage to Europe.

HoR expected to hold an important session tomorrow & Tuesday to discuss LPA & options to move forward - many ideas floated around.

Yesterday's meeting to bring Haftar & Agilah together happens ahead of a HoR session Mon/Tue to discuss LPA & ways forward.

Army chief Khalifa Haftar hosts high-level mtg incl Agila Saleh, Ali Gitrani, Abderrazaq Nadhuri, Saqr Jarushi, Idris Madi & Mohamed BinNail

Southern MPs deplore dire conditions in South, accuse "armed groups affiliated w/ ThirdForce" of denying people access to cooking gas & fuel

Southern MPs: This is a violation of people's rights and places them under siege. It must stop immediately

MPs: We still support dialogue between Libyan factions...and call on all to stop armed action to spare the South the outbreak of civil war

UN-backed prime minister (Tripoli govt) moving from France-Africa summit Mali to Davos economic summit Switzerland.

Residents in burn tyres & block highway in protest against long hours power cuts. Power cuts lasts for over 15 hours

: Some friends in Tripoli coming back online, saying they were without electricity for 27 hours, and still have no running water.

And it's gone! Electricity cut off again in . Over 15 hours of power cut (& counting) for the past 24hrs

Electric out in Ben Ashor

Back to dark again in Hai Al-Andalus in . Electricity was available only for 5 hours. My children are freezing. Where to go?

's extensive, extended power outage: No electricity in Misrata 9pm-3pm (18 hrs), Tripoli 15 hrs+, Ghat 8 days

Electricity returns to while situation is deteriorate in the South as it enters 8th day of blackout.

Ghat still dealing with total blackout condition - no power for 8 days now !

Last week GECOL warned that the country would go into a total blackout if the gas pipeline feeding Zawiya power plant remained shut

Overnight GECOL brought several units at Tripoli South,Zawiya &Khoms plants back on stream. Work ongoing to reach 50% of capacity by tonight

GECOL official says electricity has returned to some coastal areas, representing about 20% of the territory between RasJdir & Qaminis (East)

Keep in mind , this plan which apparently is being presented to EU leaders Monday ( unpublished ) , has rejected by Libya GNA/PC aka "Gov't"

Misrata MP Mohamed al-Raidh:Opening of HoR office in Tripoli is not meant to split Parliament but serve MPs during their stay in the capital

Russia beginning to step into role of assisting LNA , trading seems like the first step.

At least 13 deaths as migrant boat overruns off Libya

Kobler met with HoR members in Cairo, including head of Mithaq bloc and head of Foreign Affairs Committee

UN envoy Kobler says shocked and deeply saddened about 100 missing migrants after boat sank off 's coast

Odds & Ends....


Parliament passes all 18 articles ..... first reading is done.

Turkish MPs back new constitution bolstering Erdogan powers in first reading.

Background: Mass-shooting at Reina night club on New Year’s Eve in left 39 dead and dozens injured, suspect still not captured.

nightclub attacker, known as Abu Muhamed Horasani fled with son, leaving 18-month old daughter and wife behind – Turkish media.

Big smuggling ring smashed by Turkey in cooperation with various EU nations...

US Politics....

Reince Priebus on John Lewis: You didn’t see Republicans questioning the legitimacy of Obama’s victory in 2008

One of big questions on ACA moving forward-what happens regarding Medicare recipients the have health insurance b/c of Medicare expansion ?

2017's word of the year , will be the "I" word....

Does the Trump Team consider the Media " The Opposition Party " ?

Looks like Comey isn't going anywhere - unless he choses to leave...

Healthcare in America in 2017 - DEMs ACA is dying a not so slow death , GGOP doesn't have a replacement plan as of yet. Stay Healthy Friends

Top Trump adviser: Obama's Iran Deal is "on life support"

1. Last week strong indicator of how Trump Natsec Team may function: Crazy NSC, feckless State, independent DOD, Leaky Intel Community

THIS - Yet, while we would treat the FSB scenario as evidence of nefarious meddling by a foreign state in a US election , 1

we seem totally fine with a former MI6 agent quite possibly doing the same. 2

Clinton Foundation to layoff 22 employees at Clinton Global Initiative on April 15 , due to discontinuation of Clinton Global Initiative.


Turkey's Foreign Minister says if US wants Kurds at Syria Peace Talks - US might as well invite ISIS-as well. Turkey not softening one bit.

Russia to upgrade its naval, air bases in Syria -Interfax

NEW MAP: seeks to isolate military airport, but / Rep.Guard forces are counterattacking to secure supply road.

negotiations chief assassinated in


SVBIED explodes at Turkish-FSA controlled Jubb al-Barazi near al-Bab

Syrian flag raised over medical centre in Husseiniyah village in Wadi Barada

CT forces liberate and clean hay al-Andalus, heading toward Al-Ghabat district and Presidential complex in east .

Military: University fully liberated by 'i troops

Check out ’s ongoing special coverage of the Mosul offensive