Sunday, December 4, 2016

Economic News & Views ...... December 4, 2016...... Quick Hits For Sunday - 1) Italian Referendum : Background News & Views ; Election Data As It Becomes Available During the Day. 2) Austria Presidential Election : News Of The Day ; Results and Polling Data When Available. 3) US Politics - Sunday News To Consider. 4) Around The Horn For Europe - Excluding Austria & Italy. 5) Odds & Ends

Italian Referendum.....

Text of Italian referendum - and politicians wonder why people feel excluded ...

Why an immediate election in is highly unlikely. From my referendum preview.

Renzi goes down in flames on Sunday. Renzi will convene Cabinet & will offer resignation to President Monday. End Scene.

Renzi to resign Monday....

Italian PM Renzi takes full responsibility for the defeat

Anti-Renzi protesters turn up outside PM's residence demanding he quits, reports our in Rome

Monte Paschi rescue in doubt. Will it be first Italian Bank domino to topple over ?

Italy, constitutional referendum, IPR exit poll: Yes: 40.9% No: 59.1% 40% counted

Wondering if Renzi can pull greek-style u-turn RT : Vote counting: NO's lead increasing

Euro slides as exit polls show Italy voted ‘No’ in referendum

All three exit polls in Italy's referendum suggest a clear No vote.

hardest hit vs safe haven currencies as the Japanese Yen after first exit polls show "hard no" in 's referendum.

If Renzi loses the referendum by a high margin ('Hard No'), early elections are more likely, analysts at Credit Suisse says.

Looks like a heavy loss for Renzi. Latest RAI weighted exit poll sees 'No' at 56%-60% in referendum.

Italian opposition Northern League leader says Renzi should resign in coming minutes.

Italy: The regions w voted "Yes" were either partly German-speaking, partly French-spk'ing or Renzi's home region.

Italy: might trigger snap poll. This might bring absolute majority for UKIP ally M5S in decisive 2nd round.

Timetable for Italy Referendum results.....

Italy: Turnout 1800: 55.3%.

Italy referendum 7 p.m. turnout lower than average in the south. Calabria here 43% vs. 56.3% national.

Italy: High in areas, where 's ally (ENF) is strong. LN campaigned for No.

Italy: High turnout in today's constitutional referendum.

Italy: High turnout in constitutional referendum: 20.14% (1200 CET).

Deutsche Bank's "best case" referendum outcome leads to new coalition/technocrat government and "further increase in Eurosceptic sentiment"

▶ Italian referendum: Who is Beppe Grillo?

Italian referendum polls open.

Here are the crucial mistakes everyone is making about today's Italian referendum

Looks like a high turn out for the Italian referendum. That's supposed to help the 'Yes' camp, but given Brexit & Trump it's anybody's guess

What to expect and when to expect it

Voting slow in Rome's center . Mix of Yes for slimmer gov. and No, fearing concentration of power.

Rotten System: Why a NO in the referendum could trigger another banking crisis in . via (Chart via BBG)

He has voted "No"@silvioberlusconi in with paid claque. Hoping for comeback- incredible but true.

Austria Presidential Election....

Austria: Ring-wing Nobert Hofer (FPÖ-ENF) concedes defeat.

Austria: 70% counted, ahead by 6.6 points.

Austria: 65% voted for van der Bellen because he "is pro-EU".

Sunday's Big Day at the Polls....

Austria: Vorarlberg: van der Bellen two points up (final result).

Austria: Turnout prediction 1700 CET: 70%-75% (May: 72.8%).

Austria, result (based on Vorarlberg result): Alexander van der Bellen (Ind.-G/EFA): 52.1% Norbert Hofer (FPÖ-ENF): 47.9%

Austria: Green candidate van der Bellen (NI-G/EFA) wins .

Austria, SORA exit poll: Alexander van der Bellen (Ind.-G/EFA): 53.6% Norbert Hofer (FPÖ-ENF): 46.4%

Austria (Burgenland), election result (cp. w annulled May result): Hofer (FPÖ-ENF) 59.6% (61.4%) v d Bellen (NI-G/EFA) 40.4% (39.6)

Austria (), election result (cp. w annulled May result): Hofer (FPÖ-ENF) 53.2% (+3) v d Bellen (NI-G/EFA) 46.8% (-3)

Austria: Rural areas voted for ring-wing Norbert , cities and towns voted for green candidate .

Interior minister makes appearance and says expects official end result for Monday night.

Normally countryside is a stronghold for , but rumors have it that is doing rather well today.

Decline in overall postal voting BUT appr. 15.000 ballots more from abroad. In May won that part of vote with 61.8%.

Austria presidential election re-run ‘too close to call’

Why Austria’s presidential election matters - The Economist

A kind reminder that the Italian referendum is not the only relevant vote this weekend

Europe's precarious timeline. Today's post- referendum in & presidential election in offer clues to direction in 2017

Populist politics play out in Austria’s presidential election – PBS NewsHour

Austrians vote in presidential showdown watched Europe-wide

Gut feeling in seems, will win . But truth is: situation completely unclear. Most theories could go both ways.

Good morning from Berlin on a historic day, Europe's populists are hoping for victories in and .

US Politics......

FWIW - Jill Stein said Sunday she would "escalate" her statewide recount efforts in PA via federal lawsuit, after saying she would drop it.

Conway: Secret Service will have say on Trump's personal Twitter account

Angry democrats are lashing out at anyone and anything they think contributed to Hillary's loss ....

Trump Aide: "Biggest fake news story was that Trump couldn't win election"

Conway to Stein on recount efforts: "Give it up"

New Player: Jon Huntsman for Secretary of State? - This is a switch. The AP is reporting that President-elect T...

Fwiw - Washington Examiner reports that the deep division within the Trump camp over Romney’s lack of support for the Trump during 1

Pence on disagreements with Cabinet members: "The people who are joining our administration are signing up for the President-elect's agenda"

Pence doesn't say whether Trump admin will continue "One China" policy with Taiwan. Only says: "We'll deal with policy after January 20."

Trump changes US capitalism from rule based to deal based. Warns companies against making ‘very expensive mistake.’

Mnuchin silence on Dollar policy signals Rubin mantra of robust currency lives on. But focus on manufac problematic.

What are consequences to Carrier which is still moving jobs, just not as many, & reaping tax breaks?

Trump, in six tweets, warns U.S. businesses there will be consequences for moving jobs or factories to other countries.

Broader Europe......

NGOs, smugglers, the mafia in cahoots w/ European Union have shipped thousands of illegals into Europe under the pretext of rescuing people.

Gov Spox: IMF’s Demands for More Measures Unacceptable to Greece

Teenager charged over police firebombing attack in a suburb,

UPDATE: The shooting took place in the small southeastern town of

: Politician, two journalists dead in Finnish town shooting. More as we get it

French PM Valls is the left's preferred presidential candidate.

's to show 'readiness to fight' at party convention

German FinMin Schaeuble holds out against Greek debt cut. Says needs economic reforms to keep Euro.

German Minister defends Lausanne Treaty, says Turkey can benefit from migrant deal

Tensions run high over court hearing

A Leeds aid worker who tried to take a child refugee from Calais to Yorkshire is going to Greece to help refugees there

Odds & Ends...

Turkey proposes to trade with Iran , Russia and China in local currencies , rather than the dollar.


uncovers fake US embassy that issued authentic visas


Over 5 hours of electricity cut today in , other than that everything is quite & back to normal with most shops/schools open

It took them 2 days to figure out why they were fighting....

: Misrata caught an leader known as 'Abu Hamam' (actually Yousef Mlitan from Misrata). Cut his throat & dragged him by a car :/


is aiming to reach the governmental buildings inside before the end of this year. Just a target to achieve if possible

Thanks, desperately waiting for the same calls for Mosul.

Iraqi Forces Purged ISIS from 3 Villages East of Mosul


NEW MAP: The pocket is shrinking day by day: secured several districts in East today. HD:

UPDATE : liberated the Eye hospital and Karm Al-Tahan&advancing in Qaterji and Shaar Yellow area has been liberated by in weekend

NEW MAP: (acc. to preliminary reports): Militants' defenses in are crumbling: Areas north of the citadel will fall soon.

Infighting: Fateh al-Sham (- Nusra previously) and Abu Amara brigades attack Faylaq al-Sham and Jaish al-Sham in East

The Syrian army is only 200m away from the children hospital in E Aleppo which was the main command center of all terror groups since 2012.

More advance and full control of inside East : Jurat awad, Dahrat awad & Miyassar. Air strikes non stop today. complice

Transport of /n Reconciliation Centre delivered 150 tons of humanitarian aid to citizens of Eastern .