Saturday, December 3, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ...... December 3 , 2016......Quick Hits For Saturday - 1) Libya In Focus - Updates For Tripoli , Sebha & Sirte Security / State Of Play On Battlefronts. 2) Syria Updates - Focus On Aleppo. 3) Iraq Updates - Mosul In Focus , Toll For War In Iraq For November - 4,360 Dead / 3,920 Wounded. 4) Markets - Doug Noland Weekly Missive & Round Up On The Week That Was For Markets. 5) Europe In Focus - Italy Referendum On December 4th , Austria Presidential Election On December 4th , French Election - Polling for Socialist Candidates , Greece Polling Data. 6) Odds & Ends !


Tripoli clashes put inability of GNA/PC to even provide security within Tripoli , on full display.

No military intervention in the cards , as per SoS John Kerry...

Disturbing images from Tripoli after UN backed Gov militias clashed with opposing militias in the streets of the Libyan Capital.

Interesting words from Kobler..

Haitham Tajouri ( Revolutionaries Brigade) in a statement confirm they initiated the conflict without orders from PC/Serraj.

Security Directorate confirms all positions used by tribal forces during the recent clashes have been handed over

Security Directorate says there have not been any breaches of the truce signed by Awlad Suleiman and Gadhadfa 10 days ago

Special Forces have seized three large residential blocks in Busnib district and taken out a booby trapped vehicle: Special Forces spox

- Quite a large weapons cache found in Sebha...I think at this size it should be rated as an armory...(pics via )

| Graphics of airstrikes and fighters targeted in by Operation Odyssey Lightning - November and since August 1.

Pres. Council Deputy proposes a 1 year period of military rule with elections taking place after.


/n Govt Forces Progress in City from Nov. 17, 2016 to Dec. 2,... via

'Rebel' lines & propaganda both collapsing: AFP interviews woman who finally managed to flee 'rebel-held' E Aleppo

SAA continues to gain ground in Aleppo...

In perhaps another blow to the think tanks, the EU is reportedly backing away from regime change in Syria.

The Kurdish 'frenemies' aiding Assad in Aleppo


Unleashing the untameable monster: Iraqi bill will only inflame sectarianism

ISIL has forced people to flee their homes in Al-Noor neighborhood. : داعش تجبر اهالي حي النور على ترك...

In-Pictures: Khazir refugee camp nearby Kurdistan Region's city.

Musings On Campaign Day 46, Dec 1, 2016


Credit Bubble Bulletin: Weekly Commentary: Trump, Bonds, Peripheries, Chi... Doug Noland's Weekly Commentary !

Global bond mkts have lost another $315bn in value this week following powerful rally in oil. Nov was worst mth for global bonds in decades.

Global stocks gained tiny $84bn in market cap this wk as Trump rally losing steam. Gains limited to oil after Opec deal. Italy outperformed.

ICYMI: Deal Can Work, But ‘We Tend to Cheat,’ Former Minister Al-Naimi Says via

| non-OPEC & meeting to take place Dec 10 in ; after changing location from . sources. reuters.


THIS - If Italians buck the establishment & it looks like they will-it will clear a path for a populist party to take power & for

What are the reforms at issue ? Some Answers to this and other questions....

Italy Referendum item to consider....

Must-read from on implications of the Italian referendum for Italy's troubled financial sector, esp. MPS

Weekly Review and Outlook: Euro to Take Center Stage With Italy Referendum and ECB -

Italy: Polls are looking pretty bad for the Yes campaign in Sunday's constitutional referendum.

DB settles gold manipulation lawsuit for 60 million , two months after settling silver manipulation lawsuit for 38 million.

Austria: Opinion polls unclear for presidential election.

France: Popularity of French Presidents in offce. most unpopular President ever.

France, PS (S&D) primary, first round, Harris poll: PS voters: Valls: 71% Montebourg: 24%

France, PS (S&D) primary, first round, Harris poll: Valls: 47% Montebourg: 45%

France, PS (S&D) primary, first round, Harris poll: Valls: 24% (+5) Montebourg: 14% Hamon: 6% (+1) Lienemann: 3% (+2) Filoche: 2% (+1)

France, PS (S&D) primary, first round, Harris poll: PS voters Valls: 57% (+13) Montebourg: 15% Hamon: 8% Bennahmias: 0% Filoche: 0%

France, PS (S&D) primary, first round, Harris poll: Left-wing voters Valls: 33% (-1) Montebourg: 20% (+3) Hamon: 13% (+4) Filoche: 3% (+1)

Greece, UoM poll: ND-EPP: 38% ↑ SYRIZA-LEFT: 19% XA-NI: 10% ↑ KKE-NI: 7% PASOK-S&D: 7% ↑ EK-ALDE: 4% PE-NI: 4%...

Greece: ND (EPP) with absolute majority. ' SYRIZA (GUE/NGL) with huge losses. (Electograph projection).

Odds & Ends.....

Here we emphasize two features of Modi’s initiative that have been little noticed. First, the combination of demonetization followed 1

by “remonetization” will transfer billions worth of US dollars from the Indian public to the Indian government. Second , 2

the skewed pattern in which new notes will be injected will favor some sectors over others. 3

Narendra Modi's words can only do so much; results of demonetisation need to start soon… |

27 officials of various PSBs suspended & 6 officials transferred for involving in transactions violative of RBI instructions

Hackers stole more than 2 billion rubles ($31 million) from correspondent accounts at the Russian central bank, the bank said on Friday.

US President-elect Donald Trump told Philippine leader Rodrigo Duterte that Manila was conducting its deadly drug war “the right way.”

NEW: Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, a longtime friend of Chinese President Xi Jinping, is frontrunner for U.S. ambassador to China, I'm told.

Branstad’s amicable history with China's Xi may be one of the reasons Trump is eyeing him for the ambassador post.

Looks the great game is over in Pennsylvania -Jill Stein withdraws recount action in Pa.

The recount reality is this - the overall change thus far has been to add five votes to Trump’s totals and three to Hillary Clinton’s.

Yes, you can blame millennials in Pa. and elsewhere for Clinton's loss

As Trump names his Cabinet members, RCP track them, along with those up for the open spots:

Pence details ambitious agenda for Trump's first 100 days

Former GOP WH national security aide tells me re Taiwan call: "It will upset an apple cart that has needed upsetting for a long time."

Just got off phone w/ former GOP WH aide. "I've lived with this policy area my entire adult life...I am thrilled that this call took place."

Venezuela currency collapse on display. Prologue for other countries , train wreck to observe and learn from.

In South Korea, there are over 2 million people protest with candle against president for resignation RT PLS

South Korea is amazing. 1.7M people in the 6th protest against President Park!