Monday, December 26, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ...... December 26 , 2016..... Quick Hits For Monday- 1) Europe In Focus : News For Today - Italy , Greece , Germany & France In Focus . 2) Libya In Focus - 2016 Events Setting The Stage For Confrontations in 2017 between LNA & BM/ BDB , As Well As LNA Entering Tripoli On A Mission To Protect Civilians. 3) Syria In Focus - What Next For Syria After Aleppo Recaptured & Al Bab Falls To Turkish led FSA. 4) Odds & Ends



ECB has told Monte dei Paschi it needs to plug a capital shortfall of €8.8 billion, 76% greater than the previous €5 billion gap estimate.

Buba Weidmann warns of hasty Monte Paschi rescue. Planned govt measures can only be directed to healthy banks

The familiar view: 's 10y risk spread over Germany has risen ahead of most likely Monte bailout which will higher deficit to 3% of GDP


Why Milan? Investigators probe Berlin suspect’s Italy links


In case 2016 target is not met, contingency fiscal mechanism will apply on pension cost to cover fiscal gap, tells institutions.

gov't reiterates it pledges for primary surplus targets of 0.5% of GDP in 2016, 1.75% in 2017 and 3.5% in 2018, in letter to lenders

letter to institutions (1): Payment of €617 mln to pensioners is one-off, no intention to change pension reform.

letter to institutions (2): Cost of retaining discount on some islands’ VAT relates only to 2017 and will burden 2017 budget

letter to institutions (3): Future fiscal outperformance will be utilised for strengthening social protection and/or …

letter to institutions (4): … reduction in tax burden for creation of cash buffer and/or arrears’ clearance, acc to FinMin sources


U-Bahn attackers try to set homeless man on fire in Christmas Eve attack

Most Germans favor additional security measures - poll

Pope, German bishops comfort terror victims in Christmas messages

Terror in : How the Attack Has Changed the Country via


French police probe deadly cafe shoot-out

faces by groups that attacked the US presidential campaign via

Youth Unemployment: Sth Africa: 54.2% Greece: 46.5% Spain: 42.6% Italy: 37.1% France: 23.9% Turkey: 19.9% UK: 13% US: 10.4% Germany: 6.8%

Europe, next 12 months. - Netherlands election - France election - Germany election - Norwegian election - UK: Article 50

French aid worker kidnapped in Mali


Ahmed al-Mismari: Soon we will see endorsement for the Army to enter Tripoli to protect civilians

Ahmed al-Mismari: The Army is prepared to repel any renewed attack on the

Ahmed al-Mismari: Armed groups seek to attack the partly to lift the Army siege on terrorists in district in

Ahmed al-Mismari: The so-called Benghazi Defense Brigades see the region as important base

Air Force targets military base in , region, used by so-called Benghazi Defense Brigades: army spokesman Ahmed al-Mismari

Images from earlier today. Situation is still tense in Bab-Benghasheer, & Ainzara areas. Residents hearing loud shootings

PT | Aftermath airstrikes from AF in against the Katiba 19/9 headquarter and 12th infantry battalion - pro-GNA /.

| Fresh airstrikes by this morning targeting Benghazi Defense Brigade (BDB) military camp located in the Southern city of

| Earlier today a meeting took place between , Misrata military council and rebels in to support the forces "anti-".


The world is a better pace with this departure....

While tension rises in Idlib prov. with infighting & merger talks; Pro-Gov forces are expected to launch offensives in Aleppo countryside

SyAAF & RuAF have stepped up airstrikes on the western countryside while IRGC-led fighters reportedly mobilizing at Hader & Qarassi in south

Leader of Liwa Suqur al-Jabal says JFS raided houses & arrested several militants who had returned from fighting as part of

The arrests were reportedly made in Kansafra, Idlib and they were taken to unknown location

SDF continue advance against IS in western Raqqa countryside. Ja'bar area has changed hands several times. ~15km until SDF reaches Tabqa Dam

UN: At least 53,700 or 60% of East Aleppo IDPs ended up in government areas. 35,000 or 40% evacuated to rebel areas.

Syria will remain, in 2017, an intractable problem. Jihadism will flourish among the ruins

Syrian army prepares wide-scale assault on Aleppo's countryside amidst the arrival of reinforcements. Read -

Where will Assad go after Aleppo? Not Raqqa, maybe Idleb, but, writes Yezid Sayigh, look closely at southern Syria.

AND- 24 US jets destroyed 188 ISIS oil tankers in biggest airstrike of the year, eliminating an estimated $2 million in oil revenue.

Turkish army says attack in 's al-Bab killed 30 civilians Read More:

asks the U.S. backed coalition to back its ongoing operation on ’s Al-Bab.

Turkey sends military reinforcements to Syria as fight for al-Bab rages

Odds & Ends....

5 big fights for Trump's first 100 days

Obama on 2016: I have to be quiet for a while to process what happened

Obama: Clinton campaigned too defensively

Nearly 100 ISIS fighters killed in Mosul:

ISIL burns batches of alcohol and cigarette shipments in Mosul

Terror not seen by Russia as cause of horrible Christmas Day crash...

Bitcoin has regained $900 mark. Bitcoin Investors should send a thank you note to 's Modi & Venezuela's Maduro

Thanks to socialism, this Christmas is one of the world's most miserable countries. My new column:

No food, no medicine, no respite: a starving boy’s death in Venezuela.

Demonetization stupidity in India is leading to the really big and important questions being asked.

Talk to real people about demonetization, you will get beaten up: Lalu: This… via

CASH that will never come back IN HAND – India’s demonetization story (Cash Withdrawal Curbs to continue……)