Saturday, November 5, 2016

Economic News & Views...... November 5 , 2016 ...... Quick Hits For Saturday - 1) Europe In Focus : Greece Items - Debt Relief To be Pushed By Clinton , Greek Gov't Reshuffle , Second Review - IMF To Join Eurogroup Meeting ; Italy - Earthquake item , Another Huge Refugee Tragedy On The Mediterranean ; Germany - Kurds Protest Erdogan In Bonn , Bavarian CSU Swings Right , Juncker Gives Oettinger A Pass For Bigoted Remark ; France - ETA Item , France Plan To Collect Personal Data Is Controversial , Ukraine In Focus - IMF Setting Tough Demands For Future Tranche Payments , Oligarch Wealth On Display , Goverment Meddling In The Media Decried. 2) US Presidential Contest - Updates For Saturday. 3) MENA Updates - Iraq , Turkey , Syria , Morocco & Libya In Focus.


Germany-Turkey tensions to worsen? Turkey's foreign minister made german counterpart wait for telephone meeting but didn't appear, twice.

EU's Juncker says will be Turkey's fault if migrant deal fails


Hillary Clinton to Push for Debt Relief for Greece

gov’t reshuffle (1): Labour - Replacement of Katrougalos for internal audience, new Min in constructive cooperation with lenders.

gov’t reshuffle (2): Strengthening of Economy Ministry with two non-parliamentary members, including chairman.

gov’t reshuffle (3): Curr persons in Fin, Econ, Energy &Labour posts more market friendly & capable 4 swift conclusion of 2nd review


Italian priest angers Vatican by blaming earthquakes on gay unions.

Over 200 feared dead in latest Mediterranean migrant tragedy:


Kurds demonstrating in Bonn, Germany against the "German government's support of the Erdogan regime and its terror".

Bavarian swings right with new conservative manifesto

Juncker says Oettinger's gaffe doesn't reflect EU values


Most senior leader of Basque terror group ETA not yet in prison seized in France.

France to collect personal data of 60 million with controversial database


Ukrainian media reports said the IMF has outlined five points that Kiev must meet in order to receive future payments.

Wealth of Ukraine’s political elite exposed in public declarations

Resignation of head of state TV company Zurab raises fear of government meddling in media

Mass Ukrainian exodus to Poland continues: 54%+ of all international students at Polish universities now Ukrainian.

US Election Items

1)Breaking: special Hayat media doc calls for attacks on voters on demands Muslims not participate in Democratic process

2) remarked that there is no difference between the Republican and Democratic parties in their “policies against Islam and Muslims”.

3) urges Muslims to refuse participate in & to announce that they “have come to slaughter you & smash your ballot boxes”

4) incites for attacks on in an attempt to disrupt the process and gain media attention

The summary reveals serious reservations about the viability of the Foundation - which "operates more like a political operation" ....

E.O.D , don't believe polling. Whomever you support for President , make sure you vote on Election Day.

So , this battlefield prep is based on a so called Russian hack which never occurred , as source of emails was "Official Washington" ?

Hillary Accepted Qatar Money Without Notifying Government, While She Was Head Of State

Hillary’s Two Official Favors To Morocco Resulted In $28 Million For Clinton Foundation

Race remains deadlocked - has been deadlocked since November 1st , as per IBD/TIPP.

MENA - Turkey , Syria , Iraq , Libya In Focus


Clashes and condemnation as Turkey throws pro-Kurd leaders behind bars

Colonel Kizilaslan was found dead in his prison cell this morning. 22nd such death after the coup.

His body will be sent for an autopsy. But hundreds of forensic medicine specialists were purged in past 3 years, replaced with loyalists.

Was he killed or tortured to death? It will remain mystery. This is a troubling trend.

claims attack in after 's call to hit -

leader says they will resist tyranny in

says lived up to its commitments in -

party says recent arrests mark 'end of democracy' in -

Turkish court rules to arrest nine of Cumhuriyet journalists and senior officials.

The WSJ says Turkey is going through "the largest mass purge the world has seen in decades."


Air unit includes Kuznetsov aircraft carrier, Peter the Great nuclear missile cruiser , Severomorsk & Kulakov large anti-submarine ships ..

The captured the stronghold Shuddud, 13 km north west of al-Bab.

More than 13 million who fled conflict in Syria need humanitarian assistance. Six million internally displaced.

jihadis execute, crucify woman on charges of for forces -

Turkish military says hits 71 IS targets in northern Syria


Iraqi forces launch fresh Mosul assault as more civilians flee

Iraqi armed forces have been sent to Tel Afar to relieve Shia militias and take the town from Islamic State group fighters.

ISIS suicide bombers unleashed to defend Mosul.

Iraqi troops battle Islamic State for last town south of Mosul -

CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu cuts trip short, calls for emergency party meetings after HDP, Cumhuriyet arrests

forces expel from six neighbourhoods in city -

Releases Picture Of Suicide Bomber Abu Osama Who Carried Out Attack Near .

Updates - Nov. 5th, 2016 Follow the following tweets (1)

(2) The battles start to enter a very difficult phase as expected before. ISIL is fighting very hard at the eastern neighborhoods.

(4) Al-Khadhraa apartments are without water, without power for two days now and people are restrainted at their homes.

(5) Some residents managed 2successfully escape Mosul from far east. Yet, people @ Eastern Mosul are still stranded without water and power.

(7) Anyone wonder around the Western bank feels no indications of battles in Mosul.

(8) ISIL lost many of its fighters, but they are still fight in large numbers East of Mosul.

Morocco .....

The Moroccan fishmonger who broke the camel’s back

2 girls arrested for kissing in Morocco, facing 3 yrs jail time. Share the photo to spread awareness


Revolutionaries in Tripoli call for new national dialogue, warn of dangers to the city -

2,200 migrants taken to Italy from off Libya today, 10 bodies recovered.

Mayors of South Libya gathered in Gurdha al-Shati decide to form municipalities union, reconciliation cttee and inter-agency emergency room

Mayors: Emergency room, subject to municipal council supervision, consists of police,military units &elders from all southern municipalities

Mayors also condemned this week's kidnapping of Mohamed Taher Bakuri, mayor of , and urged quick intervention by security agencies

2 Italians & 1 Canadian, who were kidnapped in in September, freed overnight and flown to Italy this morning, Italy's MoFA confirms

Man who fishes nr Corinthia Hotel said, yesterday, there were more human bodies than fish. Ass. nationalities.

More horrific reports of bodies being washed up on beaches in Garabulli & nr. Corinthia Hotel.

FM Paolo Gentiloni confirms work under way to re-open the Italian embassy in within weeks.

Head of Magharba tribe Saleh al-Atyush survives car bomb assassination attempt.

Leaked photos show ousted oil warlord Jadran enjoying his ill-gotten gain from interim governments and the international community

Militias are now parading central Tripoli opposing UN-backed government

Show of force by Tripoli and allied militias against the UN-backed government.

700 migrants saved by Italy coastguard, 200 + migrants die.

UN Libya envoy calls for migrant smuggling to be fought.

Odds & Ends....

The latest Bitcoin Price Index is 703.17 USD

Detained Philippine mayor on President Duterte's list of top drugs suspects has been killed in prison shootout:

Italy only needs to receive about 10,000 more refugees by Dec. 31 to overtake Greece in refugee arrivals in 2016

New maps show the incredible journeys refugees and migrants have undertaken to reach Turkey, Greece and Italy