Sunday, November 6, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views .... November 6 , 2016......Quick hits For Sunday 1) US Presidential Race Updates : IBD/TIPP National Tracking Poll (11/5) , National Morning Consult/@Politico Poll , ABC/WaPo 5 Battleground States Poll ; Pertinent News & Opinion. 2) Turkey Updates : US General Dunford Arrives In Turkey As YPG/SDF Announce Raqqa Op ; EU-Turkey Deal Update ; Turkey Announce Aim To Increase Trade With Iran ; Political Purges Updates. Around the Horn For Europe - Italy- Refugee Mistreatment , Polling & Florence Protests In Focus , UK-Article 50 Decision In Focus , Spanish Political Update. 3) Odds & Ends - Iraq , Syria , Saudi Arabia , Libya In Focus.

US Election.....

National IBD/TIPP Tracking Poll (11/2-5): Trump 44 (+1) Clinton 43 Johnson 4 Stein 2 Was tied yesterday

National / Poll: Clinton 45 (+3) Trump 42 Johnson 8 Stein 4

National, NBC/WSJ Poll, Among Those Who Plan Voting On Election Day: Trump 48% (+7) Clinton 41%

Final National NBC/WSJ Poll: Clinton 44 (+4) Trump 40 Johnson 6 Stein 2 H2H: Clinton 48 Trump 43 final *2012* NBC/WSJ poll was Obama +1

ABC/Wash Post Poll, In 5 Battleground States Arizona, Florida, Georgia, NC And NH): Trump 48% (+3) Clinton 45%

CBS/YouGov Poll, Among Those Who Plan Voting On Election Day: Ohio: Trump 49 (+8) Clinton 41 Florida: Trump 51 (+16) Clinton 35

Senator Chuck Grassley not satisfied with latest letter from FBI Director Comey and presents series of questions still unanswered.

RNC statement on (latest) FBI letter

True !

Clinton pundits think Comey's letter is a boost for her b/c: vindication. Trump pundits think it's a boost for him b/c: rigged system. Cool.

Clinton Cleared As FBI Folds (Again): Comey Says "Conclusions Unchanged From July" On Email Review

Breaking: Democrats say no need for FBI director to be charged with treason after all


Important update from Congressman Chaffetz on email-gate. Further review may not change FBI conclusions of July !

Trump aides have revoked his Twitter privileges: report

Biggest 'whoppers' are those your campaign has been telling WikiLeaks will continue its perfect record.

John Harwood asking for guidance from John Podesta on Jeb Bush interview questions

Clinton Foundation mysteries...

WikiLeaks emails: what they revealed about the Clinton campaign's mechanics

The Guardian: WikiLeaks Reveals How Globalist Elites Run America for Their Own Interests.

NEW: Clinton's big difference with Obama

Protester that sparked security scare says he was attacked by Trump supporters

Top election forecaster changes call: Race no longer "over"

Ryan calls on voters to support Trump in new op-ed

Clinton directed her maid to print out classified materials via Insane if correct...

Trump rips Jay-Z for foul language at Clinton concert

Sudden rainstorm shortens Clinton rally in Florida | WATCH:

Huma Abedin featured in Clinton camp documentary amid email scrutiny

Top former Bush aide reverses, says he won't vote for Trump

JUST IN: Secret Service on incident at Trump event in Reno: Unidentified individual shouted “gun,” subject was apprehended, no weapon found.


: U.S Army Chief Joseph Dunford arrives in Ankara on unannounced visit.

General Dunford arrival meant to smooth over ruffled feathers as YPG/SDF announces Op to take Raqqa from ISIS ?

The SDF has announced a “massive” operation to liberate from . "Operation Wrath of Euphrates."

Kurdish militants, Islamic State group claim deadly Diyarbakir bombing

Erdogan say EU not fulfilling promises re : refugees. Only 200-250 ML euros provided out of 3bn promised. Turkey has spent 25bn to date..

Turkey aims to significantly boost trade ties with rival Iran: Minister

Turkish EU Minister Çelik calls EU envoys for meeting after arrests criticism

LATEST | Turkey's HDP decides to halt parliamentary works after arrest of deputies

Around The Horn - Europe....

NordStream2 in focus...

Horrible if proven true....

Rajoy keep allies in new gov't....

10 out of 13 of Rajoy's new minister are lawyers. The other three are two economists and an engineer.

PP secretary general María Dolores de Cospedal becomes new Defence Minister, replacing Pedro Morenés.

New Spanish Foreign Secretary is Alfonso Dastis, until now Spain's ambassador to EU.

Looking back on key events from last week.

Not a good sign in Italy....

The bench connection: four appeal justices have links to Europe which is to be expected since UK in EU since 1973

UK's Hunt says it's "highly unlikely" that parliament would prevent pressing the Article 50 trigger

UK's May says she intends to carry out Brexit "in full"

UK press: Opposition party will try to block Brexit talks if no single mkt access

Italy, Ipsos poll: M5S-EFDD: 31% ↑ PD-S&D: 30% ↑ FI-EPP: 12% LN-ENF: 11% ↓ FdI-NI: 5% NCD/UDC-EPP: 4% SEL-LEFT: 4% ↑ SC-ALDE: 1%

Odds & Ends......

announced "Operation Wrath of Euphrates" to liberate from , what next? Don't expect 2go in

Saudi markets in recovery mode after recovery mode as bond debut sparks euphoria

US hypocrisy: Bombing of Aleppo is no worse than what happened in Gaza and Iraq

Small ordered to shut down. Was the reason?

Egypt - Saudi Arabia: Aramco has yet to deliver November's petroleum aid shipment. Shipments are usually delivered first week of the month

Serraj said he would never authorize/allow a war on a Libyan faction, but he might not be able to call the shot re oil terminals.

As preparations to conduct a counter-attack on oil terminals are in final stages - rhetoric & media war between two sides heats up.

Tight security in Ajdabiya after failed assassination attempt targeting Saleh Latwish +speculation of counter-attack on oil terminals

Expect simultaneous anti-LNA fronts in and around Benghazi, Ejdabyia and Derna + oil crescent area.

11 Misratan HoR & StateCouncil members form new lobby group named Political Gathering of Misrata MPs

Declared aims are to close ranks, manage disagreements, support all efforts for national accord & reconciliation to strengthen unity..

Signatories: Suliman al-Fagih, Mohamed Raied, Bilgassm Gzit, Mohamed Hnish, Aisha Gliwan, Jamal Krwad, Mohamed al-Taib, Hana al-Arfi ..(1/2)

...Abderrahman al-Swehli, Fathi Bashagha, Omar Abu Lifa (2/2) (Political Gathering of Misrata MPs)

Although many view Ops against Daesh a success for Prez Council. I think end of that battle will mark beginning of end for PC.

Revolutionaries in Tripoli call for new national dialogue, warn of dangers to the city -

Intel Report: planning coordinated terror attacks in Southern Europe after infiltrating through migrant boats

security forces raid home in the Hawari area, find weapons, ammunition and bomb making material.

Bunyan Marsous Forces call for urgent help from Pres. Council to provide them weapons and ammunition.


police members arrested for selling police cars after falsely reporting them destroyed in clashes.

Central Hospital: 661 killed, 3,000 wounded since start of operations against in .

2 dead, 20 wounded in clashes against on Saturday.

Germany looking at intercepting migrants in the Mediterranean and returning them to African countries.

Medicine and school supplies distributed displaced families from currently living in .

Sadek Ghiriani: Crime in has become organized, groups responsible for security are sowing chaos.

Military Gov Abdelrazek al-Nathouri removes the mayor of al-Abyar from his post.

18 tons of aid from the Algerian Red Crescent arrive in Ghat, .