Sunday, November 20, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ...... November 20 , 2016...... Quick hits for Sunday 1) French Presidential Election Updates : Spotlight Today On Republican Primary - Three Main Contenders Are Juppe , Fillon & Sarkozy , Fillon Has Been Surging Lately , Which Puts Pressure On Sarkozy. 2) Facing A Loss In Italy's Constitution Reform Referendum , Renzi Plays "Government Collapse " Card In An Attempt To Sway Voters. 3) Germany Election Update - "Merkel Day " Some Call It , As Merkel To Reveal Her Plans On Whether She Will Seek A Fourth Term Today. 4) Austria Election Update : Contest Between Hofer & Van der Bellen Within Margin Of Error ; Similar To US Campaign With Trump , Election Could Come Down To Whether Hofer Attracts Enough Disillusioned Workers To Prevail. 5) Greece News For Sunday. 6) US Political Updates For Sunday ( Updated As Relevant ) - Political Opinion , Transition Updates , Additional Items Of Note. 7) Odds & Ends : South Korea Protests Against South Korean President Park Still Continue , Still Huge ; India Bank & Currency Chaos Still Continues ; Libya Updates ; Additional Items Of Interest.



Sarkozy already delivering his concession speech. Game over. Crucially, he endorses Fillon.

► Fillon 43,7% ► Juppé 27,8% ► Sarkozy 21,7% Results from 7,365 of 10,228 polling stations.

in the lead in the 3 polls in french primary 1st round. Sarkozy 3rd.

First results of the French Republican primary expected ~9pm Paris time, final ~11pm. (via )

Reports of big primary turnout for French centre-right bodes ill for Sarkozy. May very well be pro-Juppé socialist entryism.

French media reckon turnout of around 4 million in centre-right primary. Much bigger than predicted.

The top 3 questions about the French conservative prez primary (results tonight) 1) Is Sarkozy eliminated (end of a political career) 1/3

2) Are the votes from centre-left voters enough to confirm Juppé as candidate of the Very Reasonable People after a spark-less campaign? 2/3

3) And does a catholic vote upsurge carry Putinophile François Fillon one more step toward the French presidency? 3/3

French Primary Elections - Polls Open (FR BFM)

French in center-right primary to pick presidential candidate to face Le Pen

Trump victory sharpens tone of 2017 election buildup: Former PM Fillon wins spotlight in Republican primary.

'Enormous' turn out for right wing presidential primary says official in Paris polling station, though many are lefties undercover

Three-way race as French right holds presidential primary.


Voting papers have arrived for Italy's referendum on 4 Dec 👍🏻

's Renzi sees govt collapse if he loses constitutional referendum in Dec, Repubblica reports.

Italy, Demos poll: PD-S&D: 30% ↓ M5S-EFDD: 30% LN-ENF: 14% ↑ FI-EPP: 12% SEL-LEFT: 5% FDI-NI: 4% NCD/UDC-EPP: 4%

Italy, Ixé poll: PD-S&D: 34% M5S-EFDD: 28% ↓ LN-ENF: 13% FI-EPP: 11% SI-LEFT: 3% ↓ FdI-NI: 3% AP-EPP: 3%

Italy, Constitutional Referendum, Ixé poll: Yes: 47% (-1) No: 53% (+1)

Italy, Constitutional Referendum, Lorien poll: Yes: 46% (-2) No: 54% (+2)

Italy, Constitutional Referendum, EUMETRA poll: Yes: 45% No: 55%

poll [GPF]: No 32% Yes 26% Won't vote 28.7% Undecided 4.6% Undecided but tend to No 5.3% Undecided but tend to Yes 4.3%



already only European in Top 40 of longest ruling leaders worldwide (non royal). And looking to extend by another four years.

Germany: Angela Merkel (CDU/EPP) will run again in 2017 (dpa).

Good morning from Berlin on Merkel day. 62y old chancellor expected to announce tdy whether she will run for 4th term in next years election


Austria, Presidential Election, Unique Research poll: van der Bellen (G/EFA): 51% (nc) Hofer (FPÖ-ENF): 49% (nc)

Austria conservatives urge vote against far-right's Hofer

Like Trump, Austria’s Norbert Hofer Attracting Disillusioned Working Class Voters

Austrian foreign and integration minister calls for ban on Koran distribution

Election observers will be present at Austria's presidential election rerun


Tsipras always gives in , but will never get the type of debt relief - that he kind of indicates , that he believes Greece needs.

Kammenos plans to upgrade, acquire jets for Aegean balance

Police worried by reports of far-right attacks on island migrant centers

Pulling cards from a worn deck

US Politics....

"I was asked to serve, but I'm not able to," Keane told NPR."I have some personal issues surrounding the death of my wife recently ,  and I explained all that to Mr. Trump, and he was very gracious and understanding, and quite supportive."

Ingraham says she's being considered for WH press secretary

TRUMP MEETINGS today (1) Ari Emanuel, entertainment agency CEO Peter Kirsanow, US Civil Rights commissioner Jonathan Gray, Blackstone

TRUMP MEETINGS (2) Kris Kobach, Kansas sec of state Wilbur Ross Chris Christie Rudy Giuliani David McCormick of Bridgewater, ex-Treasury

TRUMP MEETINGS (3) T.W. Shannon of Oklahoma Rep Cathy McMorris Rodgers of WA John F. Kelly, Marine Corps general/formerly Southern Command.

Mike Pence says Romney under active consideration for Secretary of State.

Mike Pence downplays "Hamilton" tempest in a teapot. Trump could learn from Pence , needs "thicker skin " for trivial criticisms.

Trump attacks SNL: 'It is a totally one-sided, biased show'

"Steve Bannon — the indispensable player in the Trump White House"

General James "Mad Dog" Mattis, who is being considered for Secretary of Defense, was very impressive yesterday. A true General's General!

In busy weekend, Trump goes to NJ to talk with Romney, Christie, others

Trump still stewing about Broadway actor singling out his VP from the stage, asking Pence to work for "all." Trump again calls for apology.

Wow--with all the mistakes on if that's Zuckerberg's idea of reality, we're all in trouble.

I guess the point is: really I can't think of anyone it makes sense to make a "curator" of news "truth." Or "fake news" and real news.

I doubt it's coincidence that there's increasing talk of govt & online forces inserting themselves as "curators" of real news/"fake news"

Obama says we need "Curators" to help us find the real news. Facebook says we need to sort out the "fake news." Google planned its 1/2

"knowledge vault" that would make sure only "truthful" news shows up in searches. 2/2

Foreign diplomats scrambling to do business with Trump hotel in D.C. to curry favor with new White House

The Republican Party is at its strongest point in 80 years

Wasserman Schultz says Sanders made her a boogeyman. "If I was trying to rig the outcome ... trust me, I could have"

Jon Stewart says to label every Trump supporter racist is "hypocrisy."

Trump’s transition from gadfly to leader of the free world got off to an uneven start this week

Republican skeptics of Trump are giving the president elect a second chance, reports

Trump's early staff picks "showcase his appreciation for loyalists -- or at least those whose views mirror his"

Odds & Ends.....

South Korea......

Despite Mass Protests In South Korea, No Moves By Park To Step Down? by Link:

protests: may face after prosecutors announce that she is an accomplice to


Updates : RT dibang: इस वायदे को ज़रूर पूरा करना चाहिए Families with left in lurch as banks refuse …

Kejriwal calls banks as corrupt and says banks will exit India soon - Best of Live News and Articles


Banks will leave India - Arvind Kejriwal Conclusion - Jokeriwal trusts only Jokeriwal, everyone else is corrupt

PM narendramodi: More than 5 lakh crore cash has been deposited in banks since last 10 days. — All India Radio Ne…

Govt’s demonetisation move has not just stressed out banking infrastructure but also its employees:

I have taken this decision of for the brighter future of our young generation: PM in

Those who refused to pay power bills, bills to civic bodies have been forced to pay them: PM in Agra

I can assure you all that your sacrifice won't go in vain: PM in Agra, Uttar Pradesh

I had said that inconvenience is going to happen, but I want to commend the people who,despite all that, are supporting: PM Modi

In parts of India, ATM lines for new Rupee notes now get longer than the usual booze-shop queues


Clashes in between Qadhadhfa & Awlad Sulaiman tribes. At least 40 people killed according to local sources.

Damage from Sebha fighting

Power cuts have ended Tripoli

Banking woes Libya

Defence ministry of UN-backed government asks "relevant authorities" to help after 3 staff kidnapped

3 of Mahdi Bargathi staff kidnapped in . difficult times ahead for the PC and GNA.

Armed group attacked the National Commercial Bank earlier today in with an RPG. No casualties reported

Both CBLs of Libya don't seem to have a clue! By trying to solve cash shortage problem they are causing hyper inflation!

Number of casualties has risen to 16 dead and over 50 wounded. All schools in Sebha are temporarily closed

clashes intensified, w/ fighting in several locations in Manshiya neighborhood & Center (Teachers' Institute, Qadisiya roundabout..)

Ali al-Gitrani: We support our army. Military rule is better for Libya than Muslim Brotherhood rule.

Ali al-Gitrani: We suggested to Kobler to hold early elections for a new HoR but we realize that some figures reject this idea

Ali al-Gitrani: We will accept the Agreement if we see that it contains assurances for our army

Ali al-Gitrani: Kobler himself said that we have arrived to a dead end and that the PresidencyCouncil is completely powerless

Ali al-Gitrani: Kobler is trying to present a proposal whereby 15 national figures select 1 president & 2 deputies, Article8 is scrapped...

...and the Supreme Command of the Armed Forces goes back to the HoR

Ali al-Gitrani: The Dialogue cttee doesn't represent Libya, doesn't have a popular base. We want a peace agreement w/ the real actors

Ali al-Gitrani: The PresidencyCouncil refrained from paying any money to the Libyan Army while supporting BunyanMarsus

Ali al-Gitrani: The Presidency Council stands against the Libyan Army

Ali al-Gitrani: We will have clear and frank conditions for the amendment of the LPA

Ali al-Gitrani: The LPA must be reopened to return to Draft 4 & the HoR must remain Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces...

Ali al-Gitrani: ...On these demands we obtained almost/vague promises from Kobler and we are now making arrangements