Saturday, November 19, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ...... November 19 , 2016.....Quick Hits For Saturday- 1) Italy Faces Its Referendum On Constitution Reforms On December 4 , 2016 - Primers On the Referendum & Final Polls. 2) Austria Presidential Election Set For December 4 , 2016 - Interviews of both Hofer & Van der Bellen , Additional Items Of Note. 3) France Political Updates Related To French Presidential Contest & Recent Polling - End Of The Day , Will It Come Down To The Centre-Right Candidate vs Le Pen ? 4) Germany's Election - Merkel Decision due Sunday , Recent Polling , Commentary On Election 2017. 5) Financial News Of Note. 6) US Political Updates , Transition Updates - At The Top Of The Page.

US Political News Addendum For Saturday !

Looks like Chris Christie's chances of a top job fading away. Another negative piece placed today-ahead of Trump-Christie Sunday meeting.

James Mattis, retired Marines general and possible candidate for defense secretary or other national security post, now meeting with Trump.

Romney to press on Trump meeting: "Far-reaching conversation with regards to the various theaters of the world that are of interest to" US.

Trump & Romney meet for an hour and twenty minutes - foreign policy seemed to be topic of discussions.

Trump - Romney meeting begins at 1pm today....

"Very possible we'll see an additional announcement today" for a national security post, Trump transition spokesman to reporters

TRUMP MEETINGS for Sunday (job interviews or counsel): John Gray Kris Kobach Wilbur Ross Christie Giuliani Robert Johnson David McCormick

Republican skeptics of Trump are giving the president elect a second chance, reports

Trump's early staff picks "showcase his appreciation for loyalists -- or at least those whose views mirror his"



The Italian referendum and the issues at stake: The next stage in a year of shifting sands comes in Italy on 4 Dec…

Italy's referendum explained

Final polls show Renzi's referendum heading for defaet in BUT polls in Italy very unreliable.

's political risk premium continues to rise. FTSEMIB was worst performing index -3.3% on the week, to make -24.1% YTD.

Just in case you needed further confirmation that Italians are out of love with the EU.


Norbert Hofer Interview ....

Van der Bellen interview...

Latest polls give Hofer the narrowest of leads & both candidates know that victory lies in winning over the almost 200,000 undecided voters.

: take heart from election, steps up cooperation

Van der Bellen - Austria says no further delay to December 4 election, dismisses ballot scare

Election observers will be present at Austria's presidential election rerun

 France Presidential Contest - Election 2017

French President Election , toughest in a decade - set to come down to Centre-right vs Le Pen...

The next big test: The possibility of winning the election in France can't be ruled out

France: Race between + is getting tighter. gains a lot of support within the last days b4 LR primary.

France, LR (EPP) Primary, Elabe poll: Juppé: 34% ↓ Sarkozy: 30% ↑ Fillon: 21% ↑ Le Maire: 7% ↓ Kosciusko-Morizet: 5% Copé 2% ↑ Poisson 1% ↓

German Election - 2017

Countries' demography compared with supporters of nationalist parties (UKIP, Front National and AfD), October-November 2016, %.

She'll be running for 4th term as Chancellor.

's plans to pull back voters from 's populist right ahead of 2017 federal election

Sunday decision looms - last hurrah for Merkel ?

Gabriel considering withdrawal from Cabinet....

Germany, Forsa poll: CDU/CSU-EPP: 35% ↑ SPD-S&D: 23% GRÜNE-G/EFA: 11% LINKE-LEFT: 10% AfD-ENF: 10% ↓ FDP-ALDE: 6%

Germany, Allensbach poll: CDU/CSU-EPP: 34% ↑ SPD-S&D: 23% ↑ AfD-ENF: 11% ↓ GRÜNE-G/EFA: 11% ↓ LINKE-LEFT: 9% FDP-ALDE: 8%

Financial News Of Note.....

After 3-day break, scheduled meetings between gov't & institutions on Nov 20 13 Labour 15.30 Fiscal 18 Education

Athens Concerned About Possible Differences With its Creditors

Government Tables Mobility Bill for Civil Servants

Bruegel Institute Chief: 4th Bailout Seems Inevitable for Greece

household disposable income -4.5% YoY and -33.7% from 2009 peak to 114.8 bln in 2015 similar to 2002 level.

Bond index crash is latest sign debt's 3 decades long rally is ending.

Global bond mkts have lost another $878bn this week as investors fear that might have burst. Bonds in EZ periphery hit hardest.

Good morning from Berlin: Global stocks have lost $64bn in mkt cap this week as paused & investors look forward to risk.

| Zanganeh saturday: haven't reached any agreement on freezing production at 3.92mbd. shana.

| minister Zanganeh. saturday: dimisses possibility of not joining freeze plan. shana.

| Zanganeh: those countries that have offered largest volumes of crude to market, should carry the largest responsibility. shana

| minister Zanganeh saturday: info briefed to him by the SecGen was promising. shana.

Highly Probable to Reach Accord on Freeze Plan: -

UPDATED: U.S, Drillers Add Most Rigs in 16 Months via




Timely overview of current state pf play with surprise de-monetization scheme , pros and cons moving forward.

Two totally unconnected news Today was exclusive for Senior Citizens at the Banks.... Air India cancelled...

Chaos as Millions in India Crowd Banks to Exchange Currency

There must be many more deaths in rural India which are not getting reported. Citizens walking 70km in Chattisgarh to Banks.

Note exchange only 4 own customers, say banks where is d Prime Minister of Banana Republic of India

Queues getting shorter at banks but ATMs still continue to pain people by via India – The Indian Express

Word around Tripoli, depending on source, is that the exchange rate may further inflate to between 9-20 LYD per USD.

In a single day-LYD has fallen> 7% against USD , falling through LD6 for the first time to end this evening at 6.2 on the black market !

In Brief

In Brief

6 LYD to 1 USD barrier broken. Currency breaking down almost as fast as Tripoli security situation is breaking down.

Looks like Libya's informal currency speculators switched to max gear.. my estimate that +40 billion USD of capital flight r behind this

Libyan Dinar crashes to new record today in front of the USD in parallel market $1 USD = 5.950 LYD

Ironically, the UN's GNA "unity" gov is against Ghwail & Thinni uniting and only has support from some militias fighting for money.

Since the beginning of the clashes in - 3/4 days - 21 people were killed and 32 injured. Most of them were civilians reports.

Meanwhile in a mortar shelling hit a residential area. Civilians are trapped between the clashes according to local reports.

지금 이 시각 현장입니다. 단 한 분의 시민도 다치는 일이 없도록 안전에 꼭 유의해주시기 바랍니다. * 광화문 광장 라이브로 보기
Translated from Korean by 
Now there is only one of the Visual scene. citizens do not hurt safety Please note that. * to Gwanghwamun square live view

"쓰레기는 저에게 주세요" 집회장소에 쓰레기통을 매고 나온 학생. 직접 생각해낸 아이디어라고 합니다. 어떻게 저런 생각을 했을까요.. 현재 많은 시민분들 덕분에 광화문 집회현장도 깨끗하고 질서있는 모습입니다. 다시 한 번, 감사드립니다.
Translated from Korean by 
"Trash me" came out of the trash can and student gathering place. Came up with the idea directly. How did the unspeakable thoughts. .. Currently, many citizens thanks to the scene clean and orderly gathering of Gwanghwamun. once again, thank you.

서울시는 오늘 집회와 관련, 청소대책반을 별도로 운영, 약3천매 배포, 집회 종료후 165명의 청소인력과 29대 청소장비로 빠른 시간내 청소를 완료할 예정입니다. 집회에 참가하는 시민여러분께서도 집회 종료후 해주세요
Translated from Korean by 
The City Government in connection with the rally today, cleaning, operating about three thousand separate preparatory class for every deployment, rally after completion of cleaning personnel and 29 clean-up equipment of quick 165 hours will complete the cleaning. to participate in the rally, even after the termination of your citizens in the rally !

Man behind Yasukuni toilet blast got past Korean security by claiming gunpowder was charcoal

As Trump talks wall, China builds bridges to Latin America

Asia-Pacific leaders urged to defend free trade at APEC summit following Trump’s win

Live from CEO Summit: Xi Jinping calls for open world economy to push for strong, sustainable, balanced, inclusive growth

| El presidente ruso arriba al Perú para participar en cumbre
Translated from Spanish by 
| Russian up to the Peru President to participate in Summit

Amplia expectativa por el discurso de en 👍

Translated from Spanish by 
Wide expectation by the speech of in 👍

Peruvian president calls on companies to work for growth at APEC 2016: Peruvian President, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski,...

Gobierno de Perú y Vietnam suscribieron acuerdo de cooperación cultural ►
Translated from Spanish by 
Government of Peru and Viet Nam have signed agreement of cooperation cultural ►