Saturday, October 1, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ....... October 1 , 2016......Quick Hits For Saturday - 1) Chinese Data ( Sept Manufacturing PMI ) , HK Retail Sales , 2 Trillion EZ Sovereign Bonds Less Than ECB Deposit Rate Presently , Doug Noland Weekly Summary Of Market & Missive - Focus On DB . 2) Deutsche Bank - Wild Ride Of a Week Over , Sifting through Aftermath. 3) Around The Horn - European Items For Saturday - Spain - Critical PSOE Meeting A Shambles So Far ( Time Of Posting ) , Greece Items For Saturday , Germany In Focus , UK Items De Jour , Hungary Referendum On Migration & Quotas In Focus . 4. MENA Round Up - Libya , Syria , Iraq & Yemen Items For Saturday.....


Stick save Friday saved Qatari funds losses from being much more than 1 bn ....

John Cryan is traveling to Washington to negotiate a smaller DOJ settlement : FAZ... but, but, Twitter, er, AFP said they already had

Deutsche Bank executives heading to U.S. in coming days: FAZ

According To JPMorgan, This Is The Biggest Risk Facing Deutsche Bank At This Point

Deutsche Bank’s woes put $2 Trillion of bonds beyond ’s reach.

Good morning from Berlin. Global stocks have lost $307bn in mkt cap this wk on Deutsche Bank woes. Opec oil cut “agreement” contained damage


HK Aug Retail Sales -10.5% despite mini-sized home price continue to make new record high.

Wow... Cheung Kong Property new residential sale project allows 12-year defer payment!

Deutsche Bank ....

Credit Bubble Bulletin: Weekly Commentary: A Take on Deutsche Bank Doug Noland Weekly Commentaty - Focus on DB

Ouch! JPM: Any Deutsche Bank/ DOJ settlement on RMBS above $4bn would imply that DB’s current reserves would not be enough.

If the DOJ demands significantly more than $4bn from Deutsche Bank in final settlement a capital increase looks inevitable, JPM says.

JPM: Inability to generate organic cap is root of DB’s problems. Sensitivity to IB shows high reliance on IB division w/ limited cost flex.

’s troubles "reinforce idea that European banking sector weakness is not reserved to the periphery."


EDITORIAL—After another shocking day of PSOE self destruction on Saturday, Rajoy could now move to finish it off.

El Mundo reports tomorrow that the PP is already upping the pressure on the PSOE, to demand more than just support at a confidence vote.

Member of federal committee comes out of building and says new break is "indefinite". "No agreement on starting meeting".

Court halts session on TV licenses amid dispute


Infrastructures Minister Spirtzis tries to derail Rosco sale

Inspections, card transactions boost declared retail turnover

Extra taxes of 1.55 bln euros planned for 2017

| Crucial federal committee mtng today. Party base largely split on potential support for Rajoy minority govt. "Coup"/"Treason"

Growth impact of 'refugee crisis' on 's according to ht

’s says she has not changed course on migrant policy

Refugee-friendly German mayor beaten unconscious

Where can I vote? Oh...

high on agenda at Tory party conference

UNICEF urges the UK to transfer refugee minors from Calais camp

There were 742,000 men and 448,000 women aged 65 and over in employment in the UK in May to July 2016

shakes up thriving UK tech sector

Referendum in : Orban has already achieved his goal

Hungary's Muslims fear migrant referendum

Tomorrow, Referendum Hungary, migrant quota A Hungarian No = No to Brussels

MENA Updates....


Russia: Direct aggression by US in Syria will lead to tectonic shifts in M.E.

Syria conflict US says Russia driving rebels into extremists" camp.

Kerry said he lost argument to back Syria diplomacy with force

Syria war: Russia deploys more jets as diplomacy stalls

Audio of Kerry reveals situation in Syria

Russia takes over Security Council presidency, plans to keep an eye on

: Barrel bombs hit largest hospital in rebel-held parts of Syria's : NGO - via

Calls by : Immediate safe medical evacuation and a halt of attacks on health workers & facilities


Big gulf between UN-backed govt. and Khalifa Haftar, army commander of rival Tobruk-based parliament.

/Daesh has < 1 km And yet needs US warships, airstrikes, 1000 Marines, 400 Italian military, and a new Italian military hospital

Libya production reaches 500,000 b/d from about 300,000 a month ago.

US hedge fund guilty of bribery said 2007 LIA didn't know what to do with $77 billion -

Brig Gen. al-Ghasri: Remaining fighters in trapped in an area not exceeding 1 km.

14 hours ago
Italian field hospital in will begin work in mid October.

Gasoline arrives at 's al-Ghardabiya gas station for the first time in 2 years.

- form joint security ops room in . Will monitor migration, terror activity & borders w/ drones


Morning in my country Sanaa

How is humanitarian aid meant for needy ending up lining shelves of Yemen shops?

Yemen, once a leader in water conservation, hardly has any water left

wake up under huge explosions by aggression jets ,targeting Attan and Alnahdin mountains

4 Saudi airstrikes on Nahdayn hills of capital Sanaa. Look at this map : Nahdayn is surrounded by houses.

Surge of interest in so here's a post I wrote earlier: What Does Saudi Arabia Want in Yemen?

. turns blind eye on abuses by declining inquiry

Unknown gunmen kill intelligence colonel in Yemen's

NIGHT ATTACKS: Saudi airstrikes bombard heart capital targeting presidential palace as 100,000s children wake up in fear.


Read on Air: "U.S. prepares to send 'final increase' of American forces to Iraq" … via

: 'No one can exclude 's role in coming operation' Says .