Sunday, October 23, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ....... October 23 , 2016..... Quick Hits For Sunday - 1) Greece In Focus : 2nd Review ( For Third Bailout ) Begins , First Rounds Of Meeting Between Greece & Creditors Set To Be Concluded Next Week ; Debt Relief Sought By Greece - Forget This Until After German Elections & End Of Current Bailout Program ; Privatization Updates ; Refugee Updates. 2) Italy In Focus : Italy Fights EU Over Its Budget ; Battle To Save Its Banks In Focus ; Question Of Faith Rising In Italy Regarding Islam ; Italy Polling - Referendum & Preference Of Voters Regarding Political Parties. 3) France In Focus : Jungle Camp Closure ; French Police Strike Hits Fifth Day. 4) Germany In Focus : Political Scene & Polling Updates ; Brexit Items ; Local News Of Note. 5) UK - British Politics , Brexit In Focus. 6) Spain Political Update - PSOE Votes To Abstain , There Will Not Be A Third Election. 7) Odds & Ends.

Around The Horn - Europe.....

Tend to side with opinion of unnamed EU Officials. Not impossible to get down , just won't be as swift as Tusk demands.


Tsipras Pushes for Greece to be Included in ECB’s Quantitative Easing Program, ASAP

Government Goes Over Issues of 2nd Review at First Meeting with Institutions

1st round of meetings w institution mission chiefs expected to be concluded on Oct 27, MoF sources say.

Obama visit to Athens to focus on debt, refugees and Turkey

Agenda of Sun meetings w mission chiefs 11-12 Overview 12-1 Business environ't 2-3.30 Out of court settlmnt 3.30-5 Tax 5.30-7 Labour

Italian and Chinese Companies Make Bids for Sale of 24% Stake in ADMIE

PM Tsipras to EUCO: Greece Bears the Brunt of Refugee Crisis

Everyone in looking for signs on debt relief. But all you really need to look at is May 25 Eurogroup statement & Schaeuble's lips


Italy battles EU regarding its budget....

Italy's fight to save its Banks...

Muslims in Italy on Friday staged protests in Rome,Milan over restrictions on their freedom to practise their faith.

Italy, Tecné poll: PD-S&D: 32% ↑ M5S-EFDD: 27% ↓ Lega-ENF: 14% FI-EPP: 14% FDI/AN-NI: 5% SI-LEFT: 4% NCD-EPP: 2% ↓ UDC-EPP: 1% ↓

Italy, Constitutional Referendum, EMG poll: Yes: 48% (+1) No: 52% (-1)


Fears of further clashes at 'Jungle' migrant camp in Calais as evacuation looms

The first group of children from France's 'Jungle' migrant camp have arrived in the UK.

French police stage protest for fifth night in a row against mounting attacks on officers.


Creepy clown scare spreads to Germany

Student fined for spying on women via their webcams

Indeed, German officials briefed not to reveal anything to UK counterparts at .

Germany, Forsa poll: CDU/CSU-EPP: 32% ↓ SPD-S&D: 24% ↑ AfD-ENF: 13% ↑ GRÜNE-G/EFA: 11% LINKE-LEFT: 9% ↓ FDP-ALDE: 6%


Ouch !

Top banks preparing to leave UK in 2017 over Brexit, says banking body

ICYMI My chart of YouGov polling on how a Stop Brexit party might perform. England & Wales ONLY 4.5k sample

Suspect the whole May/Hammond fall-out has been overbriefed by Cabinet rivals, see this from

Suzanne and Nuttall running, Evans declares war on Raheem, Nigel slaps her down | All your UKIP breaking news here >

From "First thing you must understand if you’re about to enter into EU negotiations: other side is not going to negotiate."

May has told UK is looking for bespoke model & controls on numbers of people who come to Britain from EU

UK: Theresa May's Conservatives (ECR) on a 47% six-year record high (Ipsos Mori poll).

UK, Ipsos Mori poll: Con-ECR: 47% ↑ Lab-S&D: 29% ↓ LibDem-ALDE: 7% UKIP-EFDD: 6% SNP/PC-G/EFA: 6% ↑ GPEW-G/EFA: 4%


PSOE gives up the ghost , will abstain to allow Rajoy & PP to govern. There will be no third Election.

Motion to abstain carries by hefty margin. not a close call at all. PSOE collapse winds up being total disaster for PSOE political strategy.

Odds & Ends....

TURKEY | Turkish gov't decides not to allow Special Rapporteur on J. Mendez to visit Ankara & investigate cases of torture.

Venezuela congress vows to put President Maduro on trial for violating democracy, after government blocks referendum

Venezuela braces for turbulence after recall vote for Maduro is blocked, as polls show 80% of voters want him gone


| al-Luaibi Sunday: insists Iraq should be exempt from any output cut since it's fighting ISIS war. reuters.

| energy minister al-Sada sunday: there will be a meeting between & tomorrow. reuters.

| Khalid al-Falih Sunday: points of view between KSA & are getting closer. reuters.

Breaking down the current price war...



DEVELOPING New Syrian and Kurdish resistance group formed to resist and defeat the Turkish invasion of Northern Syria

Jihadists long promised attack seems starting according top their accounts against to break the siege. Bye bye cease-fire

Mosul Campaign - Day 6. Mass Executions by ISIS - desperation tactics on display.

What afternoon looks like in Iraq's Qayyara due to Isis oil fires. Now Mishraq plant sulphur gases also sweeping in

Very interesting and thoughtful missive on Mosul itself- written from a Mosul pov. Counterpoint for why ISIS might fight rather than flee.

The official representative of Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova confirmed website of Russian Foreign Ministry was hacked. Payback ?

| PM Serraj sunday: current crude output 580kbd-600kbd. negotiating with west to bring back 380kbd from their areas. RTRS.

UN envoy Martin Kobler calls for an investigation on attack against migrant boat killing at least 30.

Municipal council holds meeting in , discuss liquidity in the city & issues facing local banks

Coast Guard: At least 2400 migrants rescued from drowning on Saturday off of 's coast

Army spokesman Ahmed al-Mismari dismissed Wednesday's meeting of army officers in Tripoli as ad-hoc gathering without any military strategy

Ahmed Mismari: This meeting came in response to Kobler floating the idea of a united army led by Field Marshal Haftar

Ahmed Mismari: The army leadership has officers working in Tripoli undercover

Military parade took place again last night in . Heavy military equipments can be seen near the Martyr Square

Jiza Apartment blocks the last stand for ISIS at Sirte ?

Bunyan Al-Marsos Forces have made huge progress against in after capturing "600 neighbourhood". At least 4 reported killed

Horrific scene off 's coast: Riot shields/sticks used on desperate migrants. 2400 rescued, others dead/missing

UN envoy visited UN-appointed 'unity gov' head Sarraj at edge of Tripoli on Saturday -- apparently to keep Sarraj safe from other -ns

: United States issues extreme warning to US citizens in Istanbul, who could be subjected to armed attack, kidnapping, or bombings.