Sunday, October 16, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ...... October 16 , 2016...... Items To Consider On Sunday -- 1) Around The Horn In Europe : Spanish Politics ; Brexit Items ; Germany Engaging In Protectionism , Deutsche Bank Items De Jour ; EU Items ; Greece In Focus . 2) Oil Items - Kuwait Parliament Dissolved , OPEC - Russia Items , Saudi Arabia & Venezuela Selling Bonds ( Raising Cash Fast ) , Iran Tender News , Consolidation Item. 3) US Politics - Selected Articles & National Polls For US Presidential Elections. 4) Libya In Focus - Updates On Situation In Tripoli In Primary Focus , Additional Items Of Note.

Around The Horn - Europe.....

poll [-]: Spaniards believe an agreement will be reached til end Oct to avert 3rd elex

And Theresa May and Mariano Rajoy, of course, now see eye-to-eye on Scottish independence and any thoughts of secession.

BREXIT & SPAIN: May & Rajoy Say Spaniards & Britons Need Not Panic Over Brexit

UK looks at paying billions into budget after . Plan wld let finance sector keep single-mrkt access ~

| Merkel Calls ‘Deep Cut,’ Says EU Must Work Together - Bloomberg -

| May Urged to Reveal Strategy as Lawmakers Push for Vote - Bloomberg -

Deutsche Bank reported to mull partial US retreat to cut costs.


Totally absurd. Luxemburg is biggest net RECEIVER of EU funds when measured in net contribution per capita to the EU budget. (via Stratfor)

= Inter-generational Solidarity Fund.

mission chief Delia Velculescu postponed return to Athens until Friday (via )

OPEC, Russia & Energy In General.....

Tensions between Parliament and the Gov't seems motivation for this action...

"OPEC will be lucky if Russia's contribution goes much beyond warm words of support. And support is very different from participation"

"Russian companies have long argued it's impossible to shut production in the permafrost of Western Siberia"

Saudi Arabia and Venezuela would like to sell you some bonds

Interbank rates rising in both KSA & Qatar , Saudi Banks under pressure - low oil prices hitting hard.

Stocks Lead Gulf Retreat on Weaker-Than-Expected Earnings - Bloomberg -

kicks off long-awaited tender to woo foreign investors to develop crude,

ICYMI: Rosneft and Trafigura to Spend $13 Billion to Buy Indian Refiner via

US Politics.....

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Very ugly development - no place for this , no matter which party one supports.

NC GOP statement

SNL Hilariously Looks Back to a Simpler Time: Last Week’s Trump/Clinton Debate

Dump of Podesta emails continues....

Trump makes it clear: He is asserting voter fraud at "many polling places" with no evidence more than three weeks before Election Day.

Naureckas: Trump Tape and Clinton Emails Are Both Legitimate–but Not Equivalent–Stories

We've all wondered how Hillary avoided prosecution for her email scheme. Wikileaks may have found the answer. Obama!

Clinton campaign internal "debate" on whether to accept money from foreign sources

Latest Wiki Dump Reveals Heavy Press Collusion Over Hillary's "Excellent Health" Medical Statement

"You can't trust polls: Clinton leads, but our polling methods are bunk"

Suburban white women weigh their options in a ‘bizarre’ election:

The drug test request , coming subsequent to both Candidates release of medical information , seems superfluous.

National / Tracking Poll 10/9-15 Trump 45% (+1) Clinton 44 A point shift toward Trump in a day

New National NBC/WSJ Poll: Clinton 48% (+11) Trump 37 Johnson 7 Stein 2 H2H: Clinton 51 (+11) Trump 40 Oct 10-13

National poll by Clinton leads by 7 points. Clinton 44 Trump 37 Johnson 6 Stein 2 Oct. 7-13

Trump campaign points to newspaper interview as "evidence" that groping allegations are untrue


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Presidential guard of UN-backed govt switches sides to rival Salvation govt.

Confusion in Tripoli: UN envoy met head of UN-backed govt. presidential guard on 14th, now guard appears defecting to Salvation govt.

Live statement by the Presidential Guard stating the handover of HQ to the & claiming that the State Council has failed

Khalifa al-Ghwell (National Salvation Govt PM) says he is in contact with Abdullah Thinni ( interim govt PM)

Ahmed Maiteeg meets with the head of the Presidential Guard in .

Khalifa al-Ghwell: National Salvation Govt is the legitimate govt. We will prosecute Fayez Serraj's ministers

AGOCO: Electricity issues at the Sarir and Messla oil field fixed.

Interim Govt allocate 180 mil Dinars for General Electricity Company employees.

A lot of tension in Tripoli tonight. Militias deployed.

US drops leaflets on IS at Sirte asking them to surrender.

Tripoli attorney general issues arrest warrant for coup plotters

unilaterally starts Op with EU's failed and embarks on state-building in

Interesting from : 's new Op (incldg state-building) based on law of the sea & nothing to do w/self-defense

Not scary at all....

Rixos Militias getting support from Musrata militias based at the airport road. Ghenewa and haythem are prepared as well. South calm

The Interim Govt calls on HoR to look into Salvation Govt's proposal, adding that HoR has been a pioneer in promoting Libyan-Libyan dialogue

Taher al-Badawi: We call on the head of the Presidency Council to select the town of for discussions to form a cabinet

21 minutes ago
Taher al-Badawi: We will brief the Presidency Council on the Forum and its outcome

, Fighting nr. Rexus where Ghweil gov. is based. (The guys who announced a coup 2 days ago.)

Past 5 years in Libya have all been driven by conflicting, narrow interests - not grass roots connections or popular movements

Average Libyan citizen doesn't imagine or even conceive of having any power, and just wishes to survive in cracks between warring groups

Big part of Libyan instability has been lack of legitimate popular foundation of any post 2011 entity

There's a big fight going on right now - I think the Rexus cld be under fire. Big guns.

Over past days fighters seized weapons,armored vehicles,walkie-talkies,small drones,computers,propaganda etc left behind by IS

Meetings late into the night yesterday aimed at keeping the peace between squabbling factions in to avoid another armed tantrum

Fyi , armed convoy moving from Misrata to Tripoli - as per Libya 24.

- EE-9 Cascavel armored car deployed in as part of ongoing fighting between - militias

last night. Clashes between different militias in Zawiya Dahmani neighborhood.

The Interim Govt declares it is following Tripoli events with utmost interest, acknowledging the Salvation Government's declaration