Saturday, October 15, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views...... October 15 , 2016 .... Quick Hits For Saturday - 1) Market & Market Moving News : Credit Bubble Bulletin - Sums Up Everything Of Note In the Week ; Global Markets Lose 426BN - De-Risk Mode On ECB Taper , Fed Hike Fears ; US Treasury Blasts Germany For Its 9 % GDP Trade Surplus , Softens Criticism Of China & Trading Partners - No Country Named A Currency Manipulator. 2) Greece In Focus - Economic Items , Domestic Politics , Creditor Talk Related Matters , Refugee Crisis Items. 3) Germany In Focus - Germany To Send Back Most Nigerian Refugees , Penalties Threatened Against Facebook & Twitter If Hate Speech Not Combated , Terror Items , Polling. 4) MENA Items - Libya ( GNC Announces Takeover Of Tripoli From UN Backed Gov't , Sirte Fighting Update ) , Syria Focus - State Of Play For Syria


Credit Bubble Bulletin: Weekly Commentary: The Perils of a Resurgent Chin...

Good morning from Berlin. Global stock markets have lost $426bn in this week as investors appear to be in de-risking mode on tapering fears.

"It’s surprising how quickly we’ve reached this situation" (it's really not)

ECB prices itself out of corporate-bond market as yields of some notes are too low to be eligible for buying program

Ouch! debt tops 150% of GDP if the underground and illegal economy are excluded.

’s Dudley expects a rate increase this year in consensus w/ the markets.

US Treasury criticizes 's 9% GDP trade surplus and export-reliant economy.

US tones down criticism of and other trading partners in new currency report. No country named a currency manipulator.


This week, 15 Greek schools welcomed for the 1st time refugee and migrant children from close accommodation camps.

Scraping Up From Pension Solidarity Fund to Pay Off Needs of Self-Employed

ALCO Poll Places ND Ahead, But ‘Nobody’ Is Winning Fight Against Corruption

Greece’s Turn? Former Greek PM Papademos Says Debt Relief Is Just Part of Solution

Council of State Delayed by Bomb Hoax and Adjourned Without Voting on TV Tender

EU Commissioner Avramopoulos Says Migrant Crisis Is Better This Year

Monthly evolution of budget revenues, primary expenditure and primary surplus at a glance.

Jan-Sep budget execution: €5.45bn primary surplus (3%/GDP !), €606ml sur+ (0.3%/GDP). €1.5b plus in tax revenue, €2.5b less expenses

arrears payments of 915 mln in Aug bring total to 1.4 bln over two months


According to Welt am Sonntag, "Deutsche Bank may be forced to shrink its U.S. activities as part of the settlement deal with the DOJ."

EU reiterates admonishment of over constitutional standoff

Germany threatens "legal penalties" if Facebook and Twitter fail to combat hate speech

Brother of terror suspect threatens revenge against the 3 Syrian refugees who turned him in. The full story:

Isis bomb plot suspect was radicalized in Germany, brother claims

73% of Germans think that there will be a terror attack in Germany soon.62% think that enough is done to prevent terror attacks - poll.

Germany, Forschungsgruppe Wahlen poll: CDU/CSU-EPP: 34% ↑ SPD-S&D: 22% AfD-ECR: 13% GRÜNE-GREEN: 12% ↓ LINKE-LEFT: 10% FDP-ALDE: 5%

Germany, GMS poll: CDU/CSU-EPP: 34% ↑ SPD-S&D: 21% ↓ AfD-ENF: 13% GRÜNE-GREEN: 12% ↑ LINKE-LEFT: 10% ↑ FDP-ALDE: 7%

Germany, Forsa poll: CDU/CSU-EPP: 34% ↑ SPD-S&D: 22% AfD-ENF: 12% ↓ GRÜNE-GREEN: 11% LINKE-LEFT: 10% FDP-ALDE: 6%

Angela Merkel’s CDU/CSU party has fallen to an all time low, only obtaining 29.5% (-0.5) in a new Insa poll for Bild. This is the first time

MENA Items ....


Arriving via Italian frigate&sequestered on a navy base,speculation swirls on how GNA will regain access to

Situation in calm, but tight security can be seen around the Rixos Hotel & Guest Houses, unclear what the future hold

Several Tripoli sources saying situation on the streets now is calm.

EU calls on PC to "rapidly strike a compromise on an inclusive new [cabinet] proposal" and on HoR to hold vote in "fair and orderly manner"

UN and EU have both condemned Friday's attempted Tripoli coup. No clear sign yet how local forces are responding.

UNSMIL, EU & Western ambassadors to Libya condemn takeover of HQs in Tripoli by members of exGNC,reaffirm support for GNA &LPA

UN envoy condemns coup attempt

BREAKING: UN condemns Tripoli coup.

PC: [The perpetrators of t takeover] who were proven unable to lead the country now want to form parallel institutions & destabilize Tripoli

PC: We gave immediate orders to MoI & security agencies to correspond w/ Prosecutor General & arrest those who planned & staged the takeover

GNA PC condemns yday's takeover of Tripoli Congress hall by "armed group", says it will "deal with it w/ all its might" to defend govt bldgs

UN-backed Libya government chiefs were in Tunisia discussing new cabinet when former government announced takeover of Tripoli Friday.

State Council: We are continuing our work with the proper authorities.

Source: Bunyan Marsous forces in complete control of the Manara neighborhood in .

oil production rises to 551,000 bpd.

UN-backed government condemns Tripoli coup

Sirte : 65+ injured Fri for Misrata. Casualties for /? None reported Silent media w/Cheney: don't apply

: The GNC returned to the Rixos today (Friday), and the Khalifa Ghwail gov returned. UN's GNA (Sarraj)? Nowhere to be seen...

11 hours BREAKING: Former Tripoli (Salvation) government declares UN-backed government State Council void, captures its Tripoli HQ.

Coup attempt comes with Tripoli enduring militia skirmishes, power cuts, money shortages, diplomats highlighting spate of kidnappings


NEW MAP: Military situation West region near . HD map:

Militants from 's Qudsaya prepare to leave for

So much for that...

BREAKING:Multilateral negotiations on in are over. No final document adopted. delegations already left

 In reply to 

meeting agrees to more meetings


: International peace talks on Syria begin in Lausanne after Kerry meets separately w/ Saudi & Russian FMs - via

: Deputy head of Abdel Ahad Stefo tells without Syrian participation, Lausanne talks will lead to more bloodshed.

: On the schedule today:
-Bilat b/w Kerry & Saudi FM al-Jubeir -Bilat b/w Kerry & Russian FM Lavrov -Multilateral talks in afternoon

: World powers meeting in today to try, once again, to chart a path to a ceasefire/political settlement to devastating war

Opposition forces have reportedly started their offensive on the -held town of Dabiq

's only aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov left its base, heads towards the waters off /ht


"The group consists of the aircraft-carrying heavy cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov, the Pyotr Velikiy battlecruiser, ....

...... large anti-submarine ships Severomorsk and Vice-Admiral Kulakov and support vessels,"

Putin & Xi have in common suppression of growing domestic dissent but even Xi won't endorse Putin's Syria slaughter.

Obama meets with national security team on Syria, Islamic State

Canada is pushing for emergency UN General Assembly session on Syria to circumvent Russian veto in Security Council.

Somewhat obscured by the U.S. election this week: The implosion of relations between Russia and the West

Syria's Aleppo pounded as Assad vows to "city" ahead of Saturday truce talks

As always, Putin wants to put himself in the strongest position when Syria talks resume

Though US ended talks with Russia on Syria, Pres backing other intl efforts to reduce bloodshed & seek diplomatic end to civil war in Syria.

WH statement says Pres Obama used NSC meeting to cite top priority of preventing attacks on US & countering ISIS/al-Qa'ida terror threats.

At NSC meeting today, Pres Obama reaffirmed "aggressive campaign" against ISIS and intl talks to reduce conflict in Syria, says WH.

The U.S. has a long history of pressing for “regime change” in Syria.

Syrian Army parachutes razors and soap on jihadist-controlled areas and tells them to shave, bathe and surrender 😂😂😂

Report of the Russian Centre for reconciliation of opposing sides (October 14)