Friday, September 23, 2016

MENA Report ....... September 23rd / 24th , 2016...... Quick Hits - 1. Yemen - While Syria , Iraq & Libya Dominate News Cycles , Yemen Remains Off Radar Screen - Responsibility To Protect Doctrine Seems To Have Been Forgotten. Libya - Items Of Note Regarding Sirte , Political Controversies De Jour. 3. Syria In Focus - Ceasefire May Or May Not Be Dead , People Definitely Will Keep Dying , Range Of Views & News .


Coalition forces kill general on - border

SILENT as 10,045 civilians killed in during 18 months of Saudi war dropping over 200,000 bombs & missiles.

Third Yemen drone strike in a week kills 5 al-Qaeda suspects

What is happening in and how are 's airstrikes affecting civilians via

More on the current state of Sanaa, capital of Yemen.

“There is no pizza or vodka when it comes to Yemen. Only cluster bombs and arms deals.”

A humanitarian crisis made possible with US, UK & Canadian support.

Effort failed, but unprecedented number in US Congress oppose arms sales to Saudis because of Yemen civilian deaths.

Yemen is the graveyard of the Obama Doctrine

authorities calls upon public servants to keep portions of their salaries in their -i bank accounts

authorities calls upon the public to deposit cash in their bank accounts or to open savings accounts at the post office

authorities calls upon the public to donate funds or goods to support the Sana'a based Central Bank of or via SMS donations

Yemen president vows at U.N. to 'extract Yemen from claws of Iran'

As 20 killed in Saudi strike in Yemen, US Senate agrees another $1bn tank deal for Saudis

attacked security checkpoints in Zinjibar, Abyan, south


In Brief

Orban - The EU should set up a "giant refugee city" on Libyan coast to process asylum claims for refugees arriving from African countries,

LIA recovers funds from Lehman Bros & Cornhill Capital....

10 Bunyan Marsous members killed, 65 wounded in clashes against on Friday.

1st congregation of Libyan Union of Dignitaries in Shahat w/ elders from different regions. Support for HoR & army, call for reconciliation

demonstrators voice support for army leadership, as well as for Political Agreement, while rejecting Tripoli StateCouncil declaration

At US administration pledges USD 6million in humanitarian aid to Libya for people displaced from

Eight new US airstrikes yesterday against ISIS in Sirte - bring total to 169 since August -

Abubakr Buera: The HoR is the legitimately elected legislature and cannot be infringed upon

Abubakr Buera: The Political Agreement is clinically dead and does not benefit us now

Abubakr Buera: The int'l community has kept asking us to change the army and we have always insisted that this is a Libyan matter

Abdallah Jawan: The must not be a "second GNC", and its head must not be a controversial figure

Abubakr Buera: If we return to the formula "1 PM-2 deputies" the 7 other [PresidencyCouncil members] must accept the fait accompli

SIRTE : U.S. winding down airstrikes, says only 200 /Daesh fighters remain in the city

Joint statement: 22 countries reject Swehli's coup attempt and call on Sarraj to submit a new cabinet to HoR


Residents speak of "ferocious bombardment" as at least 91 people are killed

Just in: UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon says Aleppo is facing the "most sustained and intense bombardment" ever, cites likely war crimes.

Ban Ki Moon says that systematic use of incendiary weapons and bunker buster bombs in dense areas like may be war crimes.

See what H.E. Mr. Walid Al-Moualem, Deputy Prime Minister of Syrian Arab Republic said at General debate

White House: We'll decide when to sanction Syria, not Congress

In Assembly, denounces ’s ‘shameful indifference’ on .

ISIS attack killed at least 20 people, including a minister from the interim cabinet, along with a number of military commanders.

credibility @ stake after vetted&moderate groups reject Ceasefire, COH & taking a distance from Jihadist

The ground assault has begun. + allies are attacking militant positions located in Sheikh Saeed,Handarat Camp and the Old City.

attacking from Sheikh Najjar Ind. City area and clashing with militants near Khindi hospital.

By capturing , managed to straighten the frontline in 's north and freed up more forces for future ops. 1/+

Reports indicate the army will now attempt to clear Sheikh Saeed to merge with loyalist forces in the Old City (Citadel area) 2/+


US 'Betrayal' in Syria Lead Moscow and Damascus to Develop New Strategy

In Kerry's Own Words: Syria Prohibited from Attacking al-Qaeda

Syria: Why Washington is Determined to Oust Assad Even if it Means Supporting the Terrorists | Global Research -

Germany's Steinmeier renews call for no-fly zone in UN speech

"Two years ago, when Syria’s death toll stood at 250,000, the United Nations, no longer able to verify the data, stopped counting the dead."

After 5 years of war, Syria is an occupied country. Will those powers ever leave?

Claims that there is no "Plan B" in are not convincing -

Has the UN failed Syria? speaks to UN Special Envoy Staffan de Mistura

Coalition has momentum to end ISIL's hold in Iraq, Syria, Says.

Reports of over 150 airstrikes on E. Aleppo today alone. Over 80 people dead. One of the bloodiest days in Syria's 5 year civil war.

Bashar Assad Bombs Centers Used for Civilian Rescue Hours After "White Helmets" Win Humanitarian Award.

Syria haunts Obama. So why isn't he involved?

Turkey's Erdogan says U.S. sent weapons to Kurdish fighters in Syria

Sep 23 marks two years of US-led coalition bombing in Syria. counts 6,213 deaths, including 611 civilians.

Syria announces new offensive as diplomats fail to revive collapsed ceasefire:

US official describes meeting of International support group as "contentious": situation far worse than hoped would be at this point.

The US road map to balkanize (Op-Edge by Pepe Escobar)

"There is no military solution to Syria," says everyone currently trying a military solution to Syria.

A resumption in fighting signals even darker days for Syria