Friday, September 23, 2016

Europe Report....... September 24 , 2016 ...... 1. Greece - Political , Economic and Austerity / Creditor Appeasement Items. 2.UK - Corbyn Smashes Smith - Re-eleced As Labor Leader , Article 50 / Brexit Items. 3. Odds & Ends For Europe Today - Italy , EU-Turkey Deal , ECB QE Items , Deutsche Bank Items , Turkey Cut To Junk By Moody's , Local Items From Italy , France , Sweden & Denmark .


Panagiotis Lafazanis (Popular Unity ) , has joined forces with Alekos Alavanos who leads Plan B( supports Greece’s return to drachma.)

Athens metro Line 4 tender to be issued early next year

Top court to rule on appeals against TV license auction

Bank account confiscation is paying off

Bank of Greece probe finds major discrepancies in Attica Bank

BoG Chief Says Lowering Primary Surplus to 2% From 3.5% Is ‘Feasible’

Juncker Exposes the Greek Government’s Initiative to Sell Off ‘Red Loans’

Assessment of Greek Mission in New York

New Omnibus Bill With Super-Privatization Fund in Exchange for 2.8-Bln Euro Tranche

Greek Households Spend More than 41 Percent of Income on Basic Housing Needs


Corbyn wins again!

Corbyn Is Re-Elected as Labour Leader, Urges Party Unity - Bloomberg -

"Now is the time for all of us to focus every ounce of our energy on exposing and defeating the Tories."

UK activists demand access to government’s Article 50 legal brief

The UK is asking for a Brexit deal that is "not feasible" for the EU, the President of the European Parliament has told Sky News.

Odds & Ends For Saturday....

The question on many minds....

seeking flexibility w/ EU on budget deficit tgt b/c of costs of immigration, reconstruction following earthquake & lower growth (BBG)

Not sure how much attention that has received . Vienna Summit on migration and EU-Turkey deal ongoing today.

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Not learned anything from the financial crisis: the fate of the German bank is now State thing. via

QE has had neg effects on consumers as interest earnings as % of income fell 5pp, outstripping decline in interest payments 2pp.

No further cuts, no abandonment of cap key, no new asset classes? to deliver only incremental action, RTRS says

cut to junk as Moody’s concludes its post-Coup review but Erdogan doesn’t care at all. Really?

Lira plunges after Moody's has cut Turkey credit rating to junk.

Good morning from Berlin. Global stocks gained $1.4trn in mkt cap this week (equal to 's GDP) in relief rally following BoJ & Fed.

Amazing: Did it into 's charts of the week w/ my Deutsche chart of doom.

The fall of Deutsche Bank in one chart: Market cap of Deutsche now 1/14th of JPMorgan's. Once they played at eye level.

Spain's Socialists in crisis as political blockage takes toll By

Police release two men held over bomb threat at Swedish asylum home

’s asylum numbers at five-year low

Meet 's new anti-immigration party,