Sunday, September 18, 2016

Economic News & Views ...... Sunday September 18 , 2016...... Quick Hits - 1. Berlin State Election On Sunday , AfD Expected To Show Big Gains While SPD Should Remain Largest Party , CDU Could Fall Out Of Ruling Coalition. 2. Libya In Focus - LNA Beats Back Attempt By PFG Militia To Retake Oil Ports , Battle Against ISIS At Sirte Continues , View Of Haftar Shifting In The West As It's Realized He Can't Be Ignored. 3, Syria In Focus - After Yesterday's Accidental Bombing By Coalition Forces Against An SAA Position , Ceasefire Deal In Extremely Fragile Condition. 4. Strange / Ominous Things Happening In The US , Besides The Presidential Election.

Berlin Election.....

( To be updates during the day , as appropriate. )

Where did the votes for the far-right AfD party come from? Mainly former non-voters, and former CDU voters.

It's especially the older voters (40+) who voted for the anti-immigration AfD party in Berlin today.

federal state election, prel results [22:42]: SPD 21.5% CDU 17.6% Linke 15.7% Grüne 15.2% AfD 14.1% FDP 6.7%

elex: CDU 1999: 40.8 % CDU 2016: 17.6%

CDU attracted barely any non-voters but a decent chunk from SPD. Nobody changed from CDU to SPD, they flocked to AfD

SPD & CDU slump notably. Grune does ok. Linke & AfD have strong results. FDP passes minimum threshold !

Germany (Berlin), election result (89% counted)

SPD und CDU sind in der 5. Hochrechnung nochmal leicht gesunken.
Translated from German by 
SPD and CDU are decreased again slightly in the 5th extrapolation.

Germany (Berlin): Election result 453 / 2,432 councils counted: Satire party Die PARTEI at 2.1%

First results of today's Berlin state elections: Worst result ever for Merkel's CDU, far-right AfD +11,5%.

In recent state elections the far-right AfD party got many votes from former non-voters. In Berlin today turnout 7% higher at 4pm...

Turnout especially in East Berlin districts much higher than in last elections in 2011.

Merkel braces for fresh gains by anti-migrant AfD party in Berlin poll

Good morning from where faces another setback in state election for Berlin House of Representatives.

Merkel's refugee policy is facing another electoral test in Berlin city-state election.

BNP: German pol landscape is become more & more fragmented, we expect traditional parties to see decline in support.

Big gains predicted for AfD. Possible that a new ruling Coalition will emerge w/o CDU being part of same.

Merkel drops 'we can do it' rallying cry on migrants


Map showing the areas controlled by the Libyan Army & areas controlled by UN backed PC.

After the failed attempt by Jathran' militia to recapture oil ports. LNA advances west & captures Bin Jawad

LNA: Jadhran's forces driven out of Bin Jawad after port attack repelled, escaped to Harawah

| NOC's Sanallah: hope to resume normal operations at all ports in Oil Crescent tomorrow morning.

| firefighting teams tonight extinguished the fire at tank no. 12 at Es Sidr port; caused during LNA & PFG clashes.

Unconfirmed reports that foreign Aircrafts participated today on 's side in the combats in oil crescent probably

Mayors of western Libya met in Tripoli on Sunday to find solutions to worsening crisis of power outages in Tripoli.

Tripoli NOC sources: Jathran's forces pushed out of Sidra & Ras Lanuf again. Their clashes w/ Hiftar's forces delay planned shipment from RL

PFG attempts to delay shipment of oil from the eastern oil ports.

UN-backed govt (Tripoli) has launched 2-pronged counter-offensive to caputre oil ports and Sirte Basin fields from Tobruk-based govt

LNA Info Director: Progress by Jadhran blocked... his forces receiving support from Saraya Defense .

Tariq Jerroushi (HoR Def-Sec Committee): Jadhran aided by Ziad Belam & Saraya Def

LNA Info Director: 5 from Jadhran forces killed, 4 military vehicles confiscated.

LNA: Army in full control of Ras Lanuf port, reinforcements called to retake Sidra.

Jadran's PFG claims to seize Sidra &Ras Lanouf from . Reports of 1 oil storage destroyed. Clashes ongoing

Libyan forces renew push against Islamic State in Sirte

leaders Hassan Al-Kirrami and Walid Al-Furjani were killed in residential area 3 of , Al-Bunyan Al-Marsoos confirms

Breaking News: Misrata-led forces explode two car bombs in residential area 3 of before reaching them

Bunyan Marsous Ops Room Source: Prep underway to end the battle for within hours

French source: Haftar must be part of comprehensive settlement, can't rule alone

Le Monde: Opinions in west shifting towards Khalifa Haftar.. can no longer be ignored


Things MSM-watching Americans will never know...

Not a surprise after Saturday's accidental bombing of SAA position by Coalition jets.

Fighting, diplomatic row escalate as ceasefire set to expire late on Sunday

U.S.-led forces strike Syrian troops, prompting emergency U.N. meeting

: Russian foreign ministry statement today on US-led coalition strikes:

Updates from AFP - current state of play...

At times I worry that ppl retweeting news from a few days ago don't realize it's old. But this is still true today -

: Military source tells army has retaken most positions seized by IS on & around Jabal Therdeh last night.

Syria war: US airstrike on Syrian troops threatens ceasefire deal, Russia says - The Independent

Would decentralizing Syria offer a path to peace?

: Australian jets were involved in -led air strike killing dozens of soldiers in

World leaders to focus on refugee crisis and Syria at U.N. General Assembly

Here's video of Churkin at stakeout, expressing himself appalled Samantha Power called his emergency meeting a stunt

Odds Things going On In The US - Friday ,  Saturday & Sunday  Items.....

Big news ! Seaside Park & NYC incidents connected. Same person alleged to be involved !

LATEST: Both NYC "bomb" and explosive device in New Jersey used flip-phones, sources say

DEVELOPING: New York Governor Cuomo calls NYC explosion 'act of terrorism'

BREAKING: New York Governor Cuomo says still no indication that New York City blast linked to international terrorism

I've just checked telegram channels in Arabic: Until now no claim of responsibility for Minnesota mall stabbing or explosion NYC

I also listened to news bulletin on radio Al-Bayan. Reports on ISIS-attacks in Benghazi, Iraq &Khorasan. No mention of attack in U.S.

ISIS has just claimed credit for the stabbing of 8 people at a Minnesota mall. Silence regarding NY explosions:

NYPD vetting Tumblr claiming to be Chelsea bomber 'manifesto' Might not be ISIS related terror - if not a hoax.

Second device found before it was detonated...

BREAKING PHOTO! Here is the second device found by a NYSP Sgt. At 27 street and 7 Ave. investigation is ongoing

Chelsea explosion video....

Explosion in Chelsea has injured 25 people....

Explosion in North Carolina.....

Part of strange happenings on Saturday....

Suspect in Minnesota mall knife attack made references to Allah, police chief says

Another related news item.

Hmmm , bomb explodes this morning along marathon route , cop shooting flare up overnight , Colonial pipeline leak...

2 cops shot, suspect and bystander killed in West Philly rampage via Local newspaper account of event

Police shootings return , one such event here in Philly.

Not trying to cause a frenzy , more of a word to the wise. this could impact gasoline supplies & store deliveries.

Alabama pipeline leak: What we know so far about the spill, gas shortages

East Coast faces gas shortages, price hikes after pipeline leak