Sunday, September 11, 2016

Economic News & Views.... September 11 , 2016...... Quick Hits - 1. 9-11 Thoughts On The Past , Reflections On The Events - Different Points Of View. 2. Libya In Focus Hiftar's LNA Take Two Oil Terminals Today From The PFG , Fighting Still Underway At Zweitina. 3. Around The Horn In Europe - Greece , Germany , Euro , CBers , France , Austria & Spain. 4. Syria In Focus - Fighting Continues As US-Russia Deal Yet To Fornally Go Into Effect , Reactions to The Deal From Various Quarters.


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What timing for Trump to be under order of silence. Aides put ban on TV/radio interviews for him/surrogates for 9/11. He hasn't even tweeted

Law enforcement officials confirm to The Daily Beast that Clinton appeared to faint at a 9/11 ceremony this morning

hrc Collapses in NYC During 9/11 Memorial Video: " must see analysis

Story image for hillary faints at 9/11 ceremony from WGBA-TV

Video shows Hillary Clinton fainting outside of 9/11 event

WGBA-TV-17 minutes ago
NEW YORK (AP) — Hillary Clinton unexpectedly left Sunday's 9/11 anniversaryceremony after feeling "overheated" and retreated to her ...

UPDATE: According to an eye witness: Hillary stumbled off curb, "knees buckled", lost a shoe as she was helped into van but did not faint

BREAKING: law enf source: Hillary Clinton just left 9/11 ceremony w/medical episode, appeared to faint on way into van, helped by security

On 9/11 anniversary, Al Qaeda threatens more attacks

Obama to lead nation in remembering those killed on 9/11, beginning with moment of silence

Looking back at 9-11 , 15 years later...

I'll always remember that early on , the morning sky on 9-11 was the most beautiful shade of blue ....

Hand-written notes from President Bush on 9-11...

Health crisis aftermath....

9-11 families should be able to sue the Saudis and the President should not protect the Saudis - just for oil .

9-11 has its controversy - there will always be different points of view as to what occurred.

There will always be conspiracy theories on 9-11....

15yrs after 9/11, AlQaeda &ISIS much more powerful than when War on Terror began. For context, here some maps I made




Fathi al-Majbari: The Presidency Council has not agreed on a common position and anything published does not reflect our joint will

A problem confronting UN-backed govt over attacks on its oil ports is some of its militias fighting each other in Tripoli.

UN envoy comments on todays battle at oil ports

LNA says Natl Oil Corp to take control over ports w/o army interference in operations

Magbri: Pres. Council studying oil crescent situation in spirit of national responsibility, no statement yet.

Reuters: Control of key oil ports by Hafter LNA could make UN-appointed GNA's deal with Jadran irrelevant

AP: Libyan troops capture key oil terminals in east (Sidra, Ras Lanuf, Zuetina) from militia (Jadran PFG)

US planes continue strikes supporting pro-Tripoli forces against IS at Sirte. No indication that they will support oil port guards.

residents and LNA members surround and enter homes of Ibrahim Jadhran and mayor Salem Jadhran.

Head of Jadhran's tribe (Magharba) guarantees good treatment if turns himself in, says erred in the right of Libyans

: airforce carrying out reconnaissance, combat flights near Zuetina oil port

Forces loyal to eastern Libyan commander claim control over key oil ports

EXCLUSIVE: Haftar seizes key oil terminal plunging Libya into crisis and toward partition

claimed to have seized Es-Sidra, Ras Lanouf &Zwetina oil ports. Clashes ongoing in Ajdabiya. worried

Army Spox says have taken control of Sidra & Ras Lanuf ports after surprise attack

| LNA on seizing ports "This force was being prepared for a long time & it entered without any resistance from Jathran's forces"

Forces belonging to Ben Nail from are also taking part in the attack on Jathran in .

confirmed captures vehicle and weapons from Hadran Militia "oil guards"

the translation of the NOC statement .

A statement by the National Oil Corporation regarding the current events in the Oil Crescent.

Smoke rises from Sidra port, cause still unknown.

Source: army & Oil Guard clash near Zuetina port Sunday, army sending reinforcements

| Pictures of allegedly inside al-Sham camp west of , released by activist account.

confirmed Hadran Militia flees from in Sedra , Ras Lanouf, Ajdabia leaving weapons & armor behind

LNA takes both Ras Lanuf & Sidra from PFG forces. Also fighting PFG at Zweitina !

NOC Tripoli Board of Directors meeting after Hiftar's LNA takes on the PFG.

Italian coastguard says 3,400 migrants rescued off Libya on weekend

, and to announce agreement to back the Presidential Council

Around The Horn - Europe...

Meetings of authorities with institutions kick off on Mon. Meeting on tackling corruption at 3.30pm and on new asset fund at 4pm.

says it's time for to reverse the mentality that everything depends on creditors

defends TV license auction, saying only 4 channels can survive in from ads rather than from corrupt practices

On issue of TV licenses, says gov't will subsidise new stations with 360 euros for every worker hired from a station that closes

says rift between EU-IMF is hurting 's chances of 'regaining trust of markets and investors'

PM holding press conference at 81st Thessaloniki International Fair now, says does not elections but stability

How tables have turned from 2 years ago: Tsipras blasts main opposition for promising 30% cuts in property tax if elected

Tsipras Says Greece Is Closer Than Ever Before to Debt Relief

Refugee crisis topping premier’s list of concerns

's EU budget bill may rise by €4.5bn after .

The end of the summer lull: Fear index Vix has jumped as CenBanks have hit end of the road.

Why One Hedge Fund Is Once Again Preparing For The End Of The Euro

French politicians of all sides mull ripping the EU's 3pc rule.

Police charge first of three women arrested over failed Notre Dame terror attack

An historical look at the drive for an independent state of Catalonia

Catalan separatist leaders selling this year's Diada Day celebration as "the last Diada before independence".

Excessive speed "most probable cause" of Spanish train crash

Amazing... funny how all of a sudden , such a problem pops up , just as Conservatives have a solid lead ?

An embarrassing postponement of Austria's October 2 presidential election - glue failing to stick on postal votes.

Syria .....

: Ahrar al-Sham's Eid message says proposed US-Russian deal does not fulfill 'least of our people's demands' -

: Armed grps demand guaranteed enforcement mechanisms for truce violations & additional protective measures for the opposition long-term

: All key grps active in // have already sent a letter to US Envoy M Ratney, demanding details & condemning US posture.

’s armed opposition grps are meeting tonight to determine a collective response to the US- deal. Expect a grudging acceptance.

Senior Ahrar al-Sham political figure says opposition factions are reacting 'constructively' to US- plan:

Fear and mistrust among armed groups in Syria about the deal

Syria rivals fight for position on eve of agreed truce

US, Russia Seal Syria Cease-Fire, New Military Partnership via

Arab League welcomes Syria truce deal Arab League Secretary-General Ahmed Abul-Gheit on Saturday welcomed a...

Assad Reportedly Approves Russia-United States Deal on Syria - The Media Line

Ceasefire accepted by
Syria US Russia Turkey Qatar Iran Hezbollah EU
Rejected by
"Rebels" Ahrar al-Sham ALQ (JFS)
No response

: Tug-of-war b/w Ahrar al-Sham spokesmen? Military spox said group plans to reject deal, but main spox says still studying it

Breaking: : Abu Yousef al-Muhajer, the Spokesman of Ahrar al-Sham says we will not commit to the 7 days truce


Airstrikes kill 58 people in Syria on Saturday, hours after new ceasefire deal reached

"Iran welcomes any establishment of a ceasefire in Syria"

Despite reports by Jazeera & AFP, the Syrian Opposition have not yet released a statement regarding the new cessation of hostilities, Syria

BREAKING — Turkish jets kill 20 Daesh terrorists, destroy three buildings, two vehicles in northern Syria airstrike

: Mohammad Alloush - key rebel rep in HNC - says opposition/rebels have yet to decide on truce deal -

While Syria deal announced, Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (Nusra) is indiscriminately shelling Jindires town S of Afrin