Saturday, September 10, 2016

Economic News & Views ....... September 10 , 2016 ...... Quick Hits For Saturday - 1. Greece Updates For Saturday - Economic Items , EuroMed Conference Observations , Creditor Talk Report . 2. Around The Horn - Europe. 3. US-Russia Accord On Syria. 4. Turkey In Focus - Apart From Syria War , The Internal War Continues. 5.US Presidential "Food Fight " 6. Odds & Ends.


Pierre Moscovici “significant decisions” for the future of Greece will come in the Autumn.

After Tsipras says EU-med initiative not divisive, Renzi expresses relief Hollande on board so 'we can cause a stir'

Econ Min says "there are reasonable reasons of optimism 12-month GDP run rate will reach 2.7% in Jun 2017".

Econ Min says 11.5 bln to be injected in by YE, largely from ESPA (6.75 bln) & arrears clearance (3.5 bln) (via )

Bringing total funding to under the Emergency Support Instrument to €198 min.

Tsipras to meet with Russian to discuss Turkish Stream being extended to Greece.

Banks are bracing for a haircut worth 10-12 billion euros to household and corporate loans in the next three years.

Curr level of SA sales index similar to that at end-2001, volume index close to 17-year low

Greeks assured that milestones will be completed by end of the month.

In a nutshell -progress has been made but still work needs to be done on completion of milestones says

Around The Horn - Europe Broadly

Seehofer - "We want common ground but not at any price that forces us to sacrifice our basic political views,"

Clinging to Power: Is The Merkel Era Coming To an End?

Angela Merkel and Horst Seehofer - a lost cause. Conflict in conservative camp has entered a new round

France and Germany are preparing joint proposals for a "more active and more useful" European defence policy.

VW emissions scandal update...

Germany warns of threat from more than 500 'potential attackers'

Monte Paschi rescue unchanged after CEO exit: Italy's Padoan

France: TNS Sofres Presidential Election Poll: All candidates and all results:

Italy, Constitutional Referendum, EMG poll: Yes: 49% (nc) No: 51% (nc)

Hungary, Publicus poll; Migrant Quota Referendum: Yes: 18% (-4) No: 82% (+4)

Austria, Presidential Election, Gallup poll: Hofer (FPÖ-ENF): 52% (-1) van der Bellen (G/EFA): 48% (+1)

Austria, Presidential Election, Unique Research poll: van der Bellen (G/EFA): 51% (+1) Hofer (FPÖ-ENF): 49% (-1)

Italy, EMG poll: M5S-EFDD: 32% PD-S&D: 31% LN-ENF: 12% FI-EPP: 12% FdI-NI: 4% SI-LEFT: 3% NCD/UDC-EPP: 3%

Italy, SWG poll: PD-S&D: 31% ↑ M5S-EFDD: 25% ↓ FI-EPP: 14% LN-ENF: 14% ↑ NCD-EPP: 4% FdI-NI: 4% SI-LEFT: 3% RC-LEFT: 1% Verdi-G/EFA: 1%

US-Russia Accord On Syria - Key Thumbnails , Additional Items On Syria ....

The Russian/American COH is a "deceptive plan". The US assassination is an "act of war"

Nusra's rejection of cease-fire plan. Makes lots of sense. Remember, Syrian militias without N are much weakened.

Who you think gonna 'liberate' al-Bab:Turkey-backed FSA,US-backed SDF,Russia-Backed Esad forces?Or does this matter?

Ex-Nusra, Ahrar, best al-Maqdes and FSA are now in direct contact with occupied Golan land on alHamira.

Attemtps to present Syrian opposition as one group violation of UN SC resolution — Lavrov

Key points of US-RUS Accord for Syria - ICYMI

Assad is in accord with all terms of the deal.

Lot of pressure going to be placed on "The Opposition" to go along with US-RUS plan.

Turkey welcomes a U.S.-Russian deal on Syria , prepares to provide humanitarian aid to the northern city of Aleppo.

Transcript of Kerry Lavrov de Mistura briefing on Syria deal 9/9


announces ouster of 28 elected pro-Kurdish mayors, a day after suspending 11,285 teachers & education staff

CHP slams Turkish gov’t over ‘witch hunt’ against media, academics, teachers

Turkey suspends 11,500 teachers for alleged links to PKK

Hundreds protesting in the streets of Diyarbakir, Turkey after 11,500 teachers get sacked of over "ties with PKK"

Russia- ties mending will help develop southern corridor - deputy PM

Turkey foils suspected PKK assassination of AKParty V. Chair Mehdi Eker possibly planned during customary Eid visit

Prominent journalist, academic held in Turkey coup probe: reports

Turkey's two brightest minds, journalists and authors Ahmet and Mehmet Altan were detained over remarks they made on TV.

Mehdi Eker, who had supervised country's agriculture pretty much since Erdogan came to power, was sent to DC for Gulen extradition talks

US Election.....

Candidate spending to 7/31:
** Clinton - $ 256,848,567,000 ** Trump - $ 86,605,214,000 Source: FEC

TRUMP COMMENTS on in statement first on Bloomberg:

Clinton says she regrets generalizing HALF Trump's backers as bigoted deplorables. Statement:

Hillary Clinton slammed the Trump backers who she says belong in a 'basket of deplorables'

Comparing Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s military-themed campaign events

Latest RealClearPolitics poll of polls sees H Clinton lead fall to 3 points over D Trump, down from 9pt lead in August

Then Clinton ignites mayhem by ripping on Trump backers she called "deplorables." via and

Trump veers off-teleprompter, ad-libs about shooting enemies for foul gestures, and Clinton gunning someone down.

Clinton says potential Russian meddling in the US election is a serious threat

Huge blunders and gaffes just don't seem to have the same consequences this US election

Facebook co-founder endorses Clinton, pledges $20 million to defeat Trump

Democrats wonder and worry: Why isn’t Clinton far ahead of Trump?

Trump: Clinton could shoot someone at rally and not be prosecuted because she's "protected"

Clinton, Trump escalate fight in dramatic week on national security

Odds & Ends....

(1) | CFTC E-Mini S&P 500 Net Long Positions (Non-Commercial) fell slightly but remained high on 09/06.

(2) | CFTC E-Mini Nasdaq Net Long Positions (Non-Commercial) fell slightly but remained high on 09/06.

(3) | CFTC Mini Dow Jones Net Long Positions (Non-Commercial) reached record high on 09/06.

(4) | U.S. markets collapsed on Friday implying significant losses for HF.

VIX rose 39.9% to 17.50 yesterday.

Iconic Hedge Fund Perry Capital Loses 60% Of AUM As Investors Flee

Libya has become new gateway to Europe....

Europe's refugee crisis is far from over

One answer - opening up spigots to produce oil. Each 100,000 bpd=US$1.7b or LD2.3b (official rate) annually.

Opening up Libya spigots doesn't solve failed state status of Libya.

US Envoy convened military figures from East, Misrata &Zintan +others to find possible solutions for a unified army.

Hoping more reconciliation takes place through Eid. has real chance to step to a better place but real risks if divisions continue.

No action so far by UN-backed government to halt days of fighting between its militias in Tripoli .

Locals in , south , set fire outside Central Bank of Libya branch to protest cash shortage

Southern Libyans living in for years were told to "go back home" by staff when they were queuing for cash at banks. ?

Locals in burn tyres outside the Central Bank of in protest to the lack of cash for ordinary citizens

Wells Fargo Sales Scam: What Does It Say about the Banking System?