Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ...... September 27 , 2016...... Quick Hits For Tuesday - 1) Markets & Market Moving News : US , Europe & Asia Stock Markets In Focus ; Oil News Driver For Today Includes OPEC Algiers "Consultation" & Crude Inventory Data ; China Killing US Jobs - After Gaining WTO Tariff Reductions ; German Banks - Emphasis On Deutsche Bank & Italy Banks Items Of Note ; Nirp News ; Additional Data Of Note . 2) Greece In Focus - Economic Items & Creditor Talks Related Matters. 3) MENA Items From Turkey , Libya & Syria.


Asia markets were solid performers. Europe rolling over as Trump vs Clinton has nothing to do w/ Deutsche Bank. US Futs basically flat.

Items you need to consider today...

if OKs +1.2mbd, +450kbd, +500kbd, to reach market share, that adds ~2.15mbd over current oversupply.

| al-Luaibi leading mediation between & . still some obstacles preventing agreement. ministry. reuters.

Crude: -0.752mmbl Distillates: -0.343mmbbl Gasoline: -3.7mmbbl Cushing: -0.832mmbbl

Venezuelan Oil Minister Del Pino on future for oil prices w/o action on production freeze or cut.

Saudi oil minister says not expecting agreement at Wednesday's talks

After Doubts, Economists Find China Kills US Factory Jobs After China got WTO tariff reductions exports soared to US

Chart of Doom: 's banks have fared worst this year, even in comparison w/ Deutsche Bank. Banco Popolare has lost 79%, UniCredit -60%.

German debt now negative out to 15 years. Note extreme flight to safety underway...

DB Chief Cryan once again rules out Rights Offering...let's see how stock , debt and CDS react Wednesday.

So , just how long until we find out who comprises these nefarious "zombie banks" , unworthy of state support ?

Comments from Bill Baer ( DOJ's Assistant Attorney General for Antitrust ) , help DB shares go from red to green.

Citi is probably correct , but support at 10 ( Xetra) looks like it will hold today.

DB under pressure again. Stock price creeping toward single digits , sub and senior CDS keeps rising.

German Bank bond pulled , DB roiling banking sector in Europe.

| Monte Paschi di Siena subordinated bond - equity conversion seen limited at €2B -- Sole24Ore

| AUG IMPORT PRICE INDEX M/M: -0.2% V -0.1%E; Y/Y: -2.6% V -2.5%E

Industrial Orders In Italy absolutely crash to the floor In July ( both M/M & Y/Y.)

Siemens cutting 1700 German jobs ( cuts in German Process Industrial Unit.)


Multi bill on prior actions voted in Parliament with 152 MPs voting 'yes' and 141 'no' (via )

FinMin will meet with Managing Director Klaus Regling & President Werner Hoyer in Luxembourg on Sep 28.

new unpaid taxes at €1.37 bln in Aug (from €811 mln in Jul) & at €8.99 bln in 8-month. Outstanding tax debt at €91.58 bln.

This was one of the key milestones required for the disbursement of the next tranche of financing, says on

credit contracts by 1.7 pct in August, loans balance at its lowest since 2007

deposits grow by 1.3 bln in August, highest inflow in 2016

MENA News ....

Turkey faces decision over boots on the ground in Syria

Today in Ankara. Boris Johnson pledges Britain's support of Turkey's bid to become a member of the European Union. Oh, the irony...

Journalist Emre Soncan, who suffers from a critical kidney disease, is in the 60st day of his arrest.

Turkey purge of alleged Gulenists continues...MIT ( Intel Agency ) hit today.

's democratically elected mayor requested that Nadori appoints a military Gov for - says municipal council failed to deliver.

LNA takes over more local municipal authorities that were democratically elected. No opposition to these controversial moves.

Largest state-owned oil company east Libya announces 50,000 b/d production increase (Reuters)

Saleh continues to say Interim Gov't , not GNA , is the legitimate Authority. Reconciliation going to be difficult.

The deputy general manager of the Libyan Foreign Bank , Amr Alhgag , has been kidnapped in Tripoli.

Northern flank of citadel is being liberated as et al are advancing

As long as et al keep attacking the East front, it will quickly wear out the enemy

Jambal Thurda II, al-Sanouf, is still under to-date, since the bombing. Not recovered

Exactly what was "hiding" from the COH deal with because it doesn't want /or can't implement it. 23 groups rejected it on day1.

No boots on the ground? Oh yes. Plenty in North of : Supporting to hit & supporting 2hit . Simple no?

credibility at stake? Yes, but, Who cares anyway? Deal is behind us now. Another deal ahead.