Friday, September 16, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ...... September 16 , 2016 ....... Quick Hits - 1. Markets & Market Moving News : Deutsche Bank Roils European Markets , US Markets Stumbling Friday Afternoon ; Oil Items Of Note ; ECB In Focus - BuBa's Weidmann's QE Comment ( Country Cap Should Remain ) Sends Ten Year Bund Back Below 0 %. 2. Around The Horn For Europe - Bratislava Summit In Focus , Greece In Focus. 3. MENA Updates - Syria & Libya In Focus . 4. Odds & Ends - Trump Ends Birther Controversy - Allegedly & Ironically Started By Hillary Campaign In 2008 ? . .

Markets& Market Moving News....

This is for the week to come. BoJ and Fed on deck next week...

Looking ahead to next week in markets

U.S. stocks close lower, preserve gains for week

VIXtermination Trumps Deutsche Damage, Dismal Data; But Stocks End Week Weak


China’s Holdings of U.S. Treasuries Fall to Lowest Since ’13 via ($1.22 trillion)

One of the Largest Electronic Traders Won’t Touch Some Bond ETFs

Bank Slump Triggers Worst Week in Three Months for Europe Stocks via

Very good piece from Wolf - what DB's Co-Co Bonds plunge may be telling us !

Seems something DB seriously to consider asap.

Deutsche Bank has fallen further behind after DoJ claim of $14bn.

DB better raise capital before falling stock takes option off the board. Reminding me of fall of Lehman Bros.

VIXtermination no longer enough

S&P Downgrades Nigeria Further Into Junk as Oil Crisis Worsens


Dollar Surges to Highest Since July as CPI Tops Forecast. The PBOC will be out shooting CNY shorts on Sunday night


European Banks fall as fines against Deutsche Bank could spark another fin crisis.

Global oil oversupply set to worsen as Nigeria and Libya seek to boost exports within weeks

OPEC output surged to record despite production losses from Nigeria & Libya, whose supply is now coming back online

Buba's Weidmann says should stick to country size in government debt buys.

German 10y yields falling back below ZERO after Buba's Weidmann said QE should continue following cap key.

Around The Horn - Europe ......

Bratislava Summit....

Declaration welcomes .

Minor issues that don't get a mention in final declaration: Stability and Growth Pact, fiscal treaty, banking union.

.: our goal is to have as close as possible relationship with UK

Slovak PM: unlike UK we know what we want our position is clear and it will be used immediately once Art 50 is triggered

Orban also not happy with Summit..

.: we intend to never allow a return to the uncontrolled refugee flows of last year

Pretty big story. Renzi says he's not satisfied with conclusions on economic policy and refugees.

president Hollande says border protection is our first priority. Liveblog →

Update on from : EU Targets October Approval of Climate Accord as Poland Wary

Juncker plan for a better EU...

Schulz admits the obvious , so what does the EU try next ?


Government Fights Bank of Greece Chief Over Control of Attica Bank

gov't expects to implement prior actions by next , so the whole process wld be completed by Oct 10 , MoF source says.

EU and IMF still at odds with Greece over privatization fund head

Bank shares suspended amid quarrel with Bank of Greece via

Islands in a furor over rumors of more migrant hot spots

wages index sees strong rebound of 4.6 pct in Q2

Tsipras, Stournaras to hold crisis meeting over the weekend on Attica Bank

The agenda of Fri meetings with institutions includes:
Education (9-10am) Summing up at 10am (Fin & Econ Mins)

MENA Updates - Syria & Libya....

Al-Hamza brigade and Div51 forced the US out of Al-Raei. Return of US forces r unfounded

No independent report of "US mistakenly hitting friendly forces" as reported by A'maq.

IS report Air Force "mistakenly" hits opposition rebels west of the town al-Ra'i in

Dispute between FSA & US Special Forces today...

25 US special operators tried to enter Al-Rai today, to assist & FSA offensive on in Al-Bab.

: A dispute erupted when FSA fighters accused U.S. SOF of being pro-YPG = American personnel withdrew; some to , some to Tathamus

Russia says using influence to get Syrian army to fulfill truce deal

France says needs details of U.S.-Russia deal via


Is an Armed Forces Supreme Council of Serraj , Maetig , Saleh , Hafter , Gatrani in the works ?

US & UN totally misread . Even Misrata rebuffs them: "Don't worry about Kobler & Winer. We are not fighting, so no war against Hafter

UN envoy to Martin Kobler meets with Fayez Serraj in Cairo.

Way to go, Winer. From Rujban to Benghazi, they hate us.

Suicide car bomb against demo in Benghazi. Turnout increased. Demo against UN's GNA & Western meddling. Hmm.

As prices fall in face of global glut, oil exports to rise to 600,000 BPD in 4 weeks&950,000 BPD by year's end

Protest in today in support of & against foreign intervention. .

via of car explosion in , 2 reported injured, protests continues...

Protests in the streets of , , & against EU & US statement &supporting the

HoR Energy Committee head Aissa al-Arebi and other MPs pay visit to port, say situation is safe

FM Shoukry: fully supports move by army to maintain security and stability

The Tripoli-based "sovereign institution" NOC was not able to visit/inspect Oil Crescent terminals FOR YEARS -- until this week!

: The LNA controlled most of the oil wells, which halted production. All Jadran was peddling was oil in storage. Now there is pumping

: Foreign companies use to pay bribes to Jadran to operate within oil facilities from which Jadran has now been ousted by the military

Misleading foreign statements continue. NOC can finally work in Oil Crescent again BECAUSE of military action

This is the FIRST TIME SINCE 2013 that these oil ports (long hijacked by Jadran) are exporting oil for the National Oil Corp. (NOC).

Further east at Tobruk (between Derna & ), Hariga oil port has long been under LNA control AND it exports for Tripoli-based NOC

Obvious Hypocrisy: To say you want 's oil to benefit Libya's people, while opposing the ouster of criminal hijacker Ibrahim Jadran.

Map of oil and gas facilities.

Odds & Ends....

Death toll, accompanied with rampant torture in Turkish prisons, is rising. Another inmate (prosecutor) was found dead this morning.

HDP deputy chair arrested on terror charges

Jason Chaffetz goes demolition man on the FBI witness and serves him with a subpoena during the Hearing.

Longer version from Oversight Committee....

Wonder what "Bern" is thinking these days...

More problems....

JUST IN: Clinton, Trump and their VP candidates invited to presidential debates; Johnson, Stein & their running mates do not qualify

NEW: Commission on Presidential Debates formally invites Trump and Clinton to 1st debate; says Johnson and Stein do not meet criteria.

UPI/Cvoter Daily Tracking Poll: Trump 48 (+1) Clinton 47

Trump slipping back into his moonbat ways again...

Clown car crash aka "birtherbumble" over -for now.

Again, Trump turns his faults on others. Psychologists call it "projecting." Kids call it "I'm rubber, you're glue."

BREAKING: In tweet, Clinton says Trump peddled `racist conspiracy' and can't take back his false comments about Obama's birth.

Awkward in 2008

So why did your man spread the birther rumor to me in 2008, asking us to investigate? Remember ?

Clown car crash scene comes to an end...