Sunday, August 21, 2016

Economic News & views ...... August 21 , 2016..... Around The Horn - 1. Turkey : Deadly Attack On Kurdish Wedding Party In Gaziantep Blamed On ISIS ; Purge Updates. 2. Syria War Items Of Note for Sunday - A Look At Various Fronts. 3. Greece Items For Sunday - Economy , Refugee Situation , International Politics In Focus. 4. Elsewhere In Europe - Items Of Interest. 5. Odds & Ends.


President Erdoğan: US makes extradition issue difficult

Between ISIS attacks which are increasing and ongoing PKK attacks , Assad's a lesser evil for Erdogan these days.

CHP lawmaker says Gulenists command PKK and ISIS. "And the US is on top of all of them."

Turkey arrests 40 high-ranking military officers over coup links ||

PROFILING: Turkey’s Education Ministry asks personnel to identify newspaper subscriptions ||

Funeral procession in following ISIS suicide attack on Kurdish wedding.

The suicide bomber allegedly to be 12 & 14 years old. Bomb could have been remotely detonated.

At least 50 people killed as suicide bomber attacks wedding party in Turkey

LATEST- Russian Pres. Putin calls Pres. Erdoğan to offer condolonces following the Daesh suicide attack in Gaziantep

Remains of suicide vest found at Turkey attack scene: prosecutor

Turkey blames IS for wedding attack that killed 50.

Statement by Ambassador Bass on the Terrorist Attack in Gaziantep | August 21, 2016


Field Report: Syrian Army pushes deeper inside Darayya. Map Update

Syrian rebels prepare attack from Turkey on Islamic State town Jarablus

Why Aleppo is Syria's fiercest battleground.

Massive explosion rips through Jihadist stronghold in

Media blackout in and . Reports coming in of a massive SDF offensive.

Pentagon: Syria bombs city with U.S. forces nearby.


Late bookings fuel tourism expectations

Gov’t seeks alliances as arrivals in Evros rise

Wanted: A solid plan for Greece

Jun Turnover Index in Industry -9.4% year on year (from rev -13.6% in May), 12-month trailing -13% (ELSTAT).

Jun C/A surplus at €1 bln from €504 mln last year, 6-month C/A deficit at €2.5 bln from €3.9 bln last year (BoG)

Jun C/A surplus at €1 bln from €504 mln last year, 6-month C/A deficit at €2.5 bln from €3.9 bln last year (BoG)

Tsipras tries to push snap election talk off political agenda

Elsewhere In Europe.....

Diverging fortunes of Spain In Portugal...

Germany , France & Italy set to meet to gin up a game plan.

Deutsche Bank still the weak link in Europe's Banking World

UK PM May under more pressure to trigger Article 50 and start Brexit process

Germany tightens Swiss border controls: Swiss minister

German minister wants facial recognition systems at airports, train stations

VW suspends Golf production amid supplier standoff

EU proposal means Sweden's temporary asylum laws could end up becoming permanent

Hundreds of Danish Turks withdraw children from private schools

breathes down ’s neck over bad air quality in 'green'

Immigration to falls for first time in five years

Danish politicians face criminal charges for housing migrants

Odds & Ends....

Regarding whether immigration plan includes a "deportation force" , Campaign Manager Conway - "To be determined."

More of the same ? Another short circuit ?

: Stand-in president of the council of Ireland willie O'brien has also had passport seized

; Rio police source says total of six passports seized in illegal ticket sale operation

Irish Olympic Delegation subject to police investigation and passports & devices seized.

Sunni groups try to lay groundwork for an independent Sunni region-resistance will come from Shiite Militias.

Iraq executes 36 jihadists over 2014 massacre of up to 1,700 army recruits at Camp Speicher

Breaking News: Misrata-led forces advance deep into residential district 1, militants are on the verge of collapse