Saturday, August 20, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views.....August 20 , 2016 ..... Around The Horn.....1. Markets/Marketing Moving News - Bubble-mania Still Remains Supreme , Italy Still Remains A Laggard , Kuroda Opines On NIRP - Classic Crazy Town. 2. MENA - Turkey , Syria & Libya In focus. 3. Refugee Crisis - Items From Around The Globe. 4. Odds & Ends

The Best That You Can do ..... Christopher Cross

Markets & Market Moving News ....

Credit Bubble Bulletin: Weekly Commentary: The "Neutral Rate" Doug Noland's weekly Essay !

The Daily Shot; August 19 - Global Macro Currents:


Italian Banks Continue to Lend to Stagnant Companies as Debt Pile Mounts UniCredit down 6% -

Not surprisingly Italy's stock exchange is worst in the West -with more political uncertainty looming this Fall.

's bonds beating ’s by the most in 18 mths as national political fortunes diverge

BOJ's Kuroda says negative interest rate policy has not reached its limits

BOJ's Kuroda says won't rule out deepening negative rate cut-Sankei

Kuroda Says ‘Sufficient Chance’ For More Easing in Sept.: Sankei. Central planners = more laughable by the day


Sympathy For The Devil ..... Rolling Stones....

ISIS on the run....

Quick note on numbers - e. Aleppo has been bombed into ruins. West more densely populated, helps explains high toll

Not good , if accurate...

Death toll increases to 22 , with 94 wounded.

Not good , if accurate...

Reuters correction on Turkish PM's words: Turkey's Yıldırım says Assad can be a "party" in interim leadership not counterpart

TurkeyPM: Assad can be taken as ‘counterpart’ in interim, but cant remain in future of Syria

Turkish police raid several houses, detain 5. Here is what they found as "coup evidence." Books and newspapers.

1 hour into the coup, Erdogan blamed Gulenists for the plot. One month passed and Ankara struggles to send evidence.

Turkey's purge keeps spreading

ISW's Christopher Kozak "Turkey ranks the Kurdish threat above the Syrian regime threat.”

State of play - Syria....

takes aim at bank inspectors and financing in latest purge

Turkish Parliament passes reconciliation deal with Israel. History quietly being made.

Hasakah Governor Mohamad al-Ali calls for peace talks, says SAA gave YPG tanks & arms to fight , not each other.

Dialogue has broken down completely. Standoff between West & East continues.

Interim Govt PM Thinni, MoI Fakhri, new mayor Areibi & police chief Hweidi all attended anti-GNA protest on Friday

Protesters also demanded departure of SRSG Martin Kobler and renewed support for HoR, Interim Govt and army

Refugee situation....

Dust In The Wind .... Kansas....

Survivors of Libyan shipwreck report 7 Syrians dead via

234 migrants rescued off Libya arrive Europe.

In the same period 35,449 crossed the to . Where did you say the was again?

BREAKING: The has just rescued all those travelling on this rubber boat including 35 women and 2 kids.

144 landed in in past 24 hours. 53 in , 53 in , 38 in , which is Cyclades island!

From the frontline of Europe's refugee crisis, a new exhibition on the Greek island of Samos

I wrote this thread last year to explain how we refugees feel about Arab doors being shut to us

Refugees Stuck in Limbo in Greece

Forty-One Migrants Land on Mykonos [video]

261 refugees & migrants arrived in Greece in last 24 hours

Syrian refugees "trapped" in discarded holiday homes, in Greece, dream of anything, but Greece

Odds & ends...

Maggie May...... Rod Stewart....

ICYMI: Milo collected at least $100k for a grant to send white kids to college and has pocketed all the money.

Would we be surprised ? I mean really ?

Colin Powell spox "He did write former Secy Clinton an email memo describing his use of his personal AOL email account for unclassified msgs

Trump campaign now without a single senior figure who has ever run a campaign

Japan to keep in close contact with U.S. over possible change in nuke policy: Abe

Both Western and Middle Eastern businessmen continue to with

Mass rally in war-torn Yemen in support of rebels, former president

Tens of thousands rally in to back rebels-formed governing body

This Yemen little girl took part b4 millions came today to fill this symbolic huge square in Sanaa

North Korea brands defector from UK embassy sex criminal 'scum'

Icymi, Matt Boyle, Breitbart's Washington politics editor, called Jason Chaffetz a "sniveling little shit"

Food stamp rolls drop as some states end federally-funded benefits early

US officials warn pregnant women to avoid Beach due to

Philippines gov’t, communist rebels agree on ceasefire ahead of peace talks

Bob Crown Brigade in (made up from Irish and English)

Not unlike US , Russia and Europe , China intends to have a global footprint.

Venezuela leader vows crackdown that would make Erdogan look like a 'babe in arms'

Maduro warns Venezuela opposition protesters of iron-fisted response "that will make Erdogan look like a little boy"