Thursday, August 25, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views..... August 25 , 2016...... Quick Hits - 1. Markets & Market Moving News : US Stocks Drift Ahead Of Jackson Hole ; Central Bank Items Of Interest ; Oil News De Jour ; Additional Items Of Note. 2. Around The Horn In Europe - UK , Germany , Portugal Items. 3. Turkey In Focus - Day Two Of Turkey Incursion Into Syria Lead Item , But Additional Items Of Note. 4. Libya Items De Jour. 5.US Politics - Welcome To Our Version Of The Terror Dome. 6. Odds & Ends.

Markets & Market Moving News....

Takeaways : 1) post-Lehman bankruptcy , 667 rate cuts globally by CBs ; 2) CBs own 25 TN in financial assets ;

Odd for Hilsenrath to be critical of the Fed..

Fed's Kaplan: We should be able to hike rates in 'not too distant future'

View espoused of Fed Chair Yellen remaining cautious and not saying anything to upset rate hike expectations.

EU MID-SESS – Markets position ahead of Jackson Hole and equities sell off with softer than expected German IFO

Jackson Hole freeze descending on markets and traders...

$6.6bn bond inflows, $4.2bn equity outflows and $0.4bn precious metals inflows: EPFR

Keep your eyes on Deutsche Bank. Credit mavens more doubtful than equity investors on prospects for DB.

But Khalid al-Falih also says that an oil-output freeze would be "positive" if it happens

INTERVIEW: Saudi minister says market doesn't need an "intervention of significance"

| minister Bijan Zanganeh confirmed Thursday he will be attending Algiers meeting. via Shana news.

German and Italian Banks seem to be the most troubled , thus skepticism on valuation.

Great chart on 4 of the big oil companies and their debt woes.

Euro membership has cost Italy flexibility to deal with ups and downs of the economic cycle.

Italy has suffered from being tied to the euro. France has moderately benefited.Germany has prospered.

German August Ifo comes in softer than expected.

Around The Horn In Europe Generally

And so it goes..

Tweet that served as the starter's gun in the race to Germany.

10 hours agofred walton Retweeted Banking Union EU
Sick Bank gets a bailout..

Turkey In Focus....

Interesting read -note this precedes Jarablus invasion by Turkey & proxy FSA fighters.

Assassination attempt foiled , PKK blamed for the attempt..

Will ISIS fight or fade away again , when focus shifts to Marea and Al Bab ?

So , Turkey yet to fulfill required steps , EU - Turkey pact on very thin ice , in post coup attempt aftermath.

Turkey - Germany rift ongoing. Germany may withdraw from Turkish base now.

reporter on border says Turkish forces are still pouring into Syria with equipment.

Libya In Focus.....

Omar al-Aswad, boycotting member of 's U.N.-backed govt says will return.

Series of tweets by Libya's UN Ambassador Ibrahim Dabbashi criticizing the UN's continued support for the

Not sure whether bombastic statement or a real threat , but here's what coming forth from Dignity Operation.

Ibrahim Dabbashi addresses open letter to Ban Ki-moon, seconding Agila Saleh's complaints to UN regarding its stance on HoR/GNA

Six states urge Libya parliament to agree to new cabinet after it is submitted by UN-backed government.

US Politics.....

Something to read - for sure !

: Judge orders State Dept to begin releasing Clinton emails next month

Backtracking underway...

New national poll (Quinnipiac) Clinton 51 Trump 41 90% say they won't change their minds

Poll: Trump overtakes Clinton in Florida

Clinton on whether she will do a press conference soon. "Well, Anderson, I'm talking to you right now." Um, that's not...welp.

Clinton to CNN on whether Powell advised private server: "I'm not going to relitigate in public my private conversations with him."

Odds & Ends....

Something to watch for....

Just for the GIF....

Here we go. Looks like Brazil wants to hear from Ryan Lochte in person , not by way of tv interviews.

2 Catholic nuns found dead in apparent murders in Mississippi. has latest on .

Three people killed in a crossbow attack in Toronto: