Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ..... August 24 , 2016.... Quick Hits-1. Markets & Market Moving News : Oil Markets In Focus ; Stocks Wobbly Ahead Of Fed's Jackson Hole Conference ; Additional Items Of Note. 2. Italy Earthquake - Death Toll At Least 159. Turkey In Focus - Invasion Of Northern Syrian Town Of Jarablus , Biden Visit , Gulen Extradition Updates. 4. Libya Political Updates , Additional News Of Note.

Markets & Market Moving News....

Not even OPEC can save the struggling oil market now, Goldman warns

Phibro CEO Sees Floor for WTI Crude at $25-$30 A Barrel

Market share in focus...

Bad day for oil...

VIX Spikes Most Since Brexit After Crude Carnage, Biotech Bust, Asian Angst

The inverse relationship between gold and stocks has never been this extreme

HEDGE FUND OUTFLOWS IN JULY LARGEST SINCE 2009: EVESTMENT Redemptions will soon force liquidations

US 5-year Treasury auction yields 1.125% vs 1.130% WI

Good internals for 5 year auction. Bid to cover , indirect % materially improved from last auction.

Daily update on Asia session , Europe morning and New York preview.


150+ dead, 368 injured after quake strikes Italy. has latest now from Amatrice on .

The Italian town of Amatrice, known for its food and beauty, is ruined

WATCH LIVE: Rescue teams working to clear debris from earthquake that devastated in

Dramatic images show the city of Amatrice reduced to rubble after


Turkish sentiment on Biden visit...

Interesting thread -VP Biden regarding Gulen situation.

Well , here we go. YPG not pulling back. What do we see Turkey and US do in response to this declaration ?

LIVE — US VP Biden: We believe the Turkish border must be controlled by Turkey only, there should be no occupation by other group

. Biden says does not have constitutional authority to extradite , only a federal court can do that.

Turkey reports that Syrian rebels, backed by Turkish troops and air support, drive out ISIS militants and take control of Jarablus.

has fallen; FSA control former HQ. Phase II of operation will seek to connect with Al-Rai. Phase III = to capture Al-Bab.

This ! Coordination between major players on display. SDF directed to play ball by US & go to east of Euphrates Riv.


UN Envoy Martin Kobler: I call upon the HoR to endorse the GNA once the PC submits the new list of cabinet members..

Kobler: The GNA should continue to perform its duties until the HoR grants a vote of confidence upon completion of the government formation

President Agila Saleh deplores the UN's position on Libyan politics in letter to Secretary General Ban Ki-moon

Agila Saleh: The premature and unjustified recognition by the UNSC of the does not give the right to breach the Libyan constitution... impose a group of people on the Libyans as a replacement of a legitimate government

Agila Saleh: If the UN holds on to its stubborn position the HoR will have to file a complaint to the International Court of Justice

Agila Saleh: The Libyan people will not accept another dictatorship even if it comes from the UN Secretary General

Ten days to act or else..

Presidential Council welcomes HoR's vote of "no confidence" & will work on forming a new cabinet for approval

Presidency Council promises to submit new cabinet to HoR but says current GNA ministers must continue in ... -

UNSCR2259 remains in force, warns that those who obstruct or undermine political transition to GNA must be held strictly accountable.

Now Libya and the EU have come to an agreement on migrants.

Inside the brutal but bizarrely bureaucratic world of the Islamic State in Libya

Libyana phone service returns to town of Nufaliyah after being cut off for 7 months.