Sunday, July 31, 2016

Economic News & Views ... July 31 , 2016 ... Sunday Items To Consider..... 1. Libya News & Interviews To Consider - Political Stability Or Lack Thereof In Focus. 2. Turkey In Focus - Failed Coup , Turkey Purge Items. 3 Germany In Focus - Relations With Turkey , Pro-Erdogan Protest , Merkel Under Fire For Refugee Policies & German Politics In Focus. 4. France In Focus. 5. Odds & Ends.


NOC stated Mousa Alkouni - of thecPresidential Council-assured Sanalla that the ports wld reopen"w/o conditions."

Head of state oil company (NOC) says no special payment made to re-open key oil ports.

Khalid Turjman: Serraj cannot reject the militias' demands. We are aware how these militias impose their will on leadership through weapons

Khalid Turjman: The Presidency Council is subject to the domination of militias w/ whom it coordinated its entry into the capital

Khalid Turjman: The Presidency Council was stillborn and cannot reconcile Libyans

Khalid Turjman: The Presidency Council went to RasLanuf to sit with Jadhran, who is stealing the oil

Khalid Turjman: All governments find excuses to deal with Jadhran, who should be in jail

Journalist kidnapped Tripoli

: 's Saleem Shibl is being held by Nawasi at Tripoli University No comment yet by or Sarraj


Erodgan has full control over every inch of turkey. The military coup he planned gave him all the power he needed.

Decree gives 's president, prime minister authority to issue direct orders to military commanders

Riot police beginning to gather in midst of Turkish rally attendees in .

BREAKING: Turkey's Supreme Military Council to be revamped, will include Deputy PM as well as foreign, justice and interior ministers

BREAKING: Turkey dismisses 1,389 more soldiers, shuts down military schools -


German FM Steinmeier:there is "no place in Germany" to "bring domestic political tensions from Turkey to us

Germany's far-right AfD claws back some support after attacks

Turkey lashes out at Germany over ban on Erdoğan’s videoconference

Turkey calls on Germany to stand against supporters of coup-plotting FETÖ

Just a "safety inspection." Nothing to see here , move along folks.

So-second coup rumor unfounded.Crowds mobilized (by social media / text messages ? ) -timed for arrival of US J.C.O.S.

Turkey harasses US ahead of key visit by J.C.O.S Dunford to discuss Gulen extradition ( handled by State Dept.)


So, the bookies have Le Pen as more likely to be the leader of France than the next UK pm.

Muslims attend Catholic Mass in France and Italy to show solidarity after terrorist attack on French priest.

France's PM suggests temporary ban on foreign financing for mosques and a "new relationship with Islam in France"

NEW POLL: Massive wave of anti-EU sentiment in nations INCLUDING France and Germany

4 hours ago
Attacks take toll on French tourism

The background on Britain's decision to delay a new nuclear plant, leaving France stunned

France seeks help from Greek authorities in terror probe

'Too little, too late' Maajid Nawaz explains why France's plan to ban foreign funding of mosques won't fight terror

Ferry terror attack fears: France sends police and soldiers to Calais amid warnings ISIS will target a UK-bound cra…

Odds & Ends....

More than 6,000 migrants rescued off of 's coast since Thursday by the Italian Navy

Over 13,000 migrants have applied for asylum

EC Chief Juncker Concerned that EU-Turkey Migrant Deal Could Falter

Over 50,000 undocumented migrants are trapped in inaccessible and often unsanitary government camps across Greece:

'Start-up cities' for refugees: a long-term solution to the refugee crisis? -