Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views .... June 20 , 2016..... Quick Hits -- 1. Markets & Market Moving News : Bonds In Focus - US Debt , Junk Bonds , Corporate Debt Items To Consider ; Dow & S&P Make Another New Closing High - Turkey and Brexit Fears Mean What Precisely ? 2. Turkey Declares 3 Month State Of Emergency , Erdogan Purge Continues , Lira Still Under Pressure. 3.France Imposes 6 Month State Of Emergency Of Turkey. France S.F Soldiers Killed In Libya.- More Bad News For France , Soggy Fields Hits Wheat Crops - Locusts Next ? 4. Odds & Ends.


Signal to buy bonds - always watch the messages from the Banks to the muppets and do the opposite !

Some are still confused why junk bonds stopped correlating with oil since the start of June when the ECB launched its bond buying program

S&P expects corporate debt to grow 50% in next 4 years, from $51 to $75 trillion

S&P Warns A "Crisis Of Confidence Around The Globe" As Corporate Debt Hit $75 Trillion In 2020

ECB faces QE dilemma after Brexit vote as 53% of German bunds not eligible b/c of low yields

That is a massive fail ! Only approximately 3.5BN out of 5BN of 5 year debt sold by Germany.

The Dow and S&P have both set new closing highs, led by a tech rally



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Erdogan: "As the commander-in-chief, I will also attend to it so all the viruses within the armed forces will be cleansed."

Erdogan: "The armed forces remain under the instruction of the government."

Erdogan, bracing for foreign criticism, compares his decision to France's state of emergency after terror attacks.

Erdogan: "no citizen, no institution should have concerns" about democracy, freedom of speech, rule of law under state of emergency.

Erdogan cites article 120, which requires "widespread acts of violence and serious deterioration in public order"

Your constitutional rights are suspended & the president has ALL power. But hey, it's not against democracy!

Kerry:I said to Turkish FM "please don’t send us allegations, send us evidence, we need to have evidence which we can make judgment about

Reuters: Turkish F16s conducting an operation into 2 Turkish coast guard boats in Greek waters, Aegean.

As part of the purges, 's Ministry of Education will close 626 schools.

5y default probability jumps as S&P has cut country rating deeper into junk territory and impose neg outlook

Turkish Lira drops to fresh low as cut to BB from BB+ by S&P, Outlook to negative.

S&P: Following attempted coup in , pol landscape has fragmented further. Risk to roll over ext debt increased

S&P cuts Turkey one level to BB , keeps outlook negative. More cuts could come.

Any messaging to / from Gulen himself , to any alleged "Gulenists" though ?

So for at least 2 years, Turkey has been talking about a terrorist group with Gülen at the helm - yet sending him his pension

Turkey's Chief of Staff's aide confesses to Gülenist involvement in failed coup attempt

I added numbers of sacked employees in 5 days of crackdown based on official statements: 67,473 employees sacked as of this hour.

Youth and Sports Ministry fires at least 2,345 employees deemed as non-loyalists in the 5th day of the massive crackdown.

Istanbul Police Department fires 479 employees in connection to the coup, almost all of them officers.

Environment and Urban Affairs Ministry fires 70 employees in post-coup crackdown.

Turkey's Education Ministry fires 6,708 employees again in crackdown. Total number of employees fired from the ministry rises to 21,738.

Turkey’s Higher Education Board (YÖK) suspends all assignments of academics abroad-asks academics abroad to return.

France Under Siege...

France says 3 soldiers killed in Libya while on secret mission

'France is creating the best marketing Isis could wish for'

The Political Disintegration of France: Hollande’s Anti-Terrorist Policy in Tatters

new video with 2militants from , talking also about and threatening more attacks in

French : "Hollande: it will be repeated on your citizens in the streets of , , & ".

Erdogan tells French FM to 'mind own business' over post-coup crackdown warning

Russia dominates wheat market as soggy fields push out France

After today's admission by that French troops are in , a demonstration against France in Misrata

Only a censure motion can stop the controversial labor laws from going into effect.

Odds & Ends...

US needs to take the gloves off and deal with Al-Nusra in Syria now.

EU must accept hundreds of thousands of refugees a year-spend at least 30 billion or else.I hear votes for "else".

This is a situation where the shooting seems completely uncalled for - looking forward to follow this investigation.

Holy cow...

Exodus continues unabated:hundreds more migrants, mostly young subsaharan African males, taken off rafts near


Portugal strikes a defiant note...

Ukraine requests Commission’s help to secure winter gas

Over half of EU's parliaments oppose commission setting rule for workers from other EU countries having same wages as locals

May asked to reject single market mem'ship post-Brexit, says UK needs right deal for maintaining access for goods/services while curbing FoM

May: I will listen to all options put forward as regards Scotland and EU but some options that have been put forward clearly impractical

May: We will need to work together with countries like France on counter-terrorism, we are leaving EU, not Europe

German interior minister: no indication that attacker instructions from, but probably inspired by IS

There has been a pattern of journalists being killed in the Ukraine , with scant attention paid to this.