Thursday, July 21, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ... July 21 , 2016.....Quick Hits - 1. Markets : US Stocks Give Way Today , Europe Mixed , Asia Makes Some Progress Despite Confusing BOJ Signals ; Crude Oil and Distillates Highlights For Thursday - Gasoline Production The Big News Presently ; Central Bankers In Focus - ECB & BOJ , Bonds Catch A Bit Of A Bit Today. 2.UK News Of The Day - Political Front Both Home & Abroad. Turkey News Of The Day. 4. Odds & Ends.

Markets & Market Moving News....

This Masquerade .....

S&P500 broken down by top 20 valuation measures

Stocks in a world of their own generally...

Energy Giant Schlumberger Fires Another 8,000 As "Market Conditions Worsened Further"

Crack spreads

“The gasoline production numbers in the United States are just astounding” - Energy Analytics

ECB Hinting Taxpayer Bailouts For Bank - Again !

Bank stocks rise as Draghi proposes the development of a fully functioning NPL market where NPL could easily sold.

ICYMI: What Bonds Did The ECB Buy? "In Short, Almost Everything"

So a month ago there was "no possibility" for helicopter money; now there is

Turkey .....

"Erdo-stein" Aka Frankenstein....

Erdogan says no obstacle to extending Turkey's state of emergency. interview:

Military to be restructured after coup attempt, 'new blood' needed for army, Erdoğan says

Gülen’s case to be very high priority: US envoy

Turkey makes veiled threat if Gulen not extradited by the US..

DBRS cuts Turkey to junk..

- EU calls authorities to respect rule of law, human rigths and fundamental freedoms under any circumstances

8 Turkish soldiers to remain in custody in pending asylum hearing. Received suspended 2-mth sentences for entering country illegally

29 personnel suspended from duty in Turkey’s media watchdog

Turkey to suspend European Convention on Human Rights - a/o step that will displease the European Parliament.

UK Items For Thursday...

Lol; couldn't make it up.

So... official Brexit talks to start in mid- to - late February, Theresa May says

Hollande: there cannot be informal discussions or talks before the negotiations. But we can prepare the talks.

Hollande: will be a choice for UK to remain in the single market and keep free movement of people. Or something else. Thats the negotiation

May: Discussed the Le Touquet agreement. Hollande clear he wants it to stay

May making the rounds in Europe to touch base with EU countries affected by Brexit...

Odds & Ends....

For Roger  "Turn Out The Lights"

UPDATE: Roger Ailes resigns as chairman and CEO of Fox News effective immediately.

GNA slams deployment of French troops to Libya, after helicopter crash

: A French prosecutor says Nice attacker had accomplices & was planning the attack for some time
Meanwhile in the Mediterranean

Fifty one refugees, migrants reach Lesvos

179 MPs Vote in Favor of Election Law, But SYRIZA Fails to Pass 200-Vote Threshold

Fears for long-term decline in cruise visitors due to Turkish unrest

ATHEX: Another quiet day on bourse

Greek industrial turnover plunges 13.4pct in May for 5th straight double-digit drop

Interior Minister catching flak..

Shi'a militias oppose American involvement in Mosul campaign - threaten American troops will be legitimate targets.

Most interesting tidbit from GOP Convention so far...

EU must accept hundreds of thousands of refugees a year-spend at least 30 billion or else.I hear votes for "else".

US needs to take the gloves off and deal with Al-Nusra in Syria now.