Thursday, June 16, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ...... June 16 , 2016 Quick Hits --- 1. Markets : UK Referendum Has Central Bankers Weighing Liquidity Injections ; ECB QE / Bonds "NIRP-Dom" News ; FOMC Decision & Aftermath Totally Overshadowed By Today's Event In The UK ; US Data On Thursday - Philly Fed . 2. UK - Shock Public Murder Of Labor MP Jo Cox Throws UK & Referendum Campaign Into Freeze-Mode . 3 Greece De Jour - First Review For Third Bailout Closed , Greece to Get Second Tranche Partial Payment of 7.5BN Early Next Week , Additional Items Of Note . 4. Brazil In Focus - Corruption Travails Snag Another Minister Of Temer , Zika Update , Foreign Investment Drops Off . 5. Odds & Ends. )

Markets & Market Moving News....

Central banks mull dollar liquidity injection as looms.

Only 52% of Bunds eligible for QE as Bunds yield below threshold of -0.4% out to 6yrs. (via )

Fed is projecting 5 rate hikes between now and the end of 2017. Market says 1 hike. Who do you believe?

Dec rate hike odds: 20%


David Stockman offers his critique of the FOMC ...

US Yield Curve... 10-Year: 1.52% 2-Year: 0.66% 86 bps spread at a new expansion low.

Negative Yields through... Swiss: 30 yrs Japan: 15 yrs Germany: 10 yrs Austria: 8 yrs France: 7 yrs Ireland: 4 yrs

Philly Fed data out..


Britain in shock after Labour Party MP, best known for her Syria activism, brutally murdered

UPDATE: British campaign to stay in EU says activities will remain suspended on Friday after attack that killed Jo Cox.

"Lifelong record of public service & deep commitment to humanity" - on Jo Cox

Horrible news ... Jo Cox has passed away. Condolences to her family , friends and colleagues.

Political hooliganism relatively rare in UK-but has occurred twice in recent years. No excuse for criminal actions.

The suspect arrested after Jo Cox was shot in the street named as Tommy Mair - Sky News

Change of tone , EU making its peace regarding Brexit ?

: "We hope that Britain will Remain in the EU, but of course this is a decision for the British people." - Via

Merkel refuses to amp-up rhetoric in Slovakia today, says she's made her wish for the UK to Remain well known.

Slovakian PM Robert Fico warns against threats to UK voters, "Any intervention could be extremely counterproductive."

Slovakian PM Robert Fico warns against threats to UK voters, "Any intervention could be extremely counterproductive."

So , then we should expect no threat or bribes during his visit next week then ?

Greece ......

ECB could reinstate 's banks' access to cheap money next week: sources | Reuters

IMF repeats next steps:quantification of debt relief measures- updated DSA - assessment that debt can become sustainable

The report "IMF & the crisis in Greece" will be published by the Independent Evaluation Office of IMF in July & will be discussed in EB

IMF:we will continue to discuss quantification of debt measures w EU & in this basis we will update our DSA.

Marking successful end of the 1st review of Greece's ESM programme w/ Euclid Tsakalotos. A good moment for

Still “4 minor sub-elements” of priors to be completed, says Dijsselbloem—but completion, or otherwise, won’t impact decision for disbursal

Greece's jobless rate rises to 24.9 pct in first quart... via

Refugees start returning to Lesvos , Greece....


Brazil corruption travesties keep rolling , rolling along - like the Mississippi River...

Brazil Tourism Minister Henrique Eduardo Alves Resigns

Corruption central = Brazil.....

Almost seems that could happen....

Wed confirms 1,581 cases of microcephaly related to the virus since October last year

Foreign investment drops 9% in LatAm, Mexico upbeat while Brazil hit hardest


Italy receives 19,000 refugees from Libya & Egypt in May..

Refugees found dead in transit of Sahara desert....

US set to invest 56 million into the GNA..

Increasing pressure on Haftar to cooperate & not insist on his own ways. Flexibility & cooperation key for his own future.

Spox of anti-IS op in Sirte tells BBC "10 killed & about 15 injured" in suspected suicide blast outside police station in Abughrein

Odds & Ends .....

Something to keep an eye on...

BOJ SAYS IT HELD 33.9% OF JGBS AT END-MARCH. First one to 100% wins the Rudy von Havenstein economics prize

Bundesrat postpones vote on safe countries of origin for North African refugees

Frontex said today 3,350 migrants were detected crossing the EU’s external borders in the Western last month, 15% less than April

police intercept 33 in van on new smuggling route from northern border with : ministry

*JAPAN'S 20-YEAR YIELD FALLS TO RECORD 0.09% ...Brexits fault

| Kuroda: Yen rise not reflecting fundamentals...hmm