Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ...... June 15 , 2016 ...... Markets & Market Moving News : FOMC Meeting Ends With Fed Fund Rates Unchanged , US Dollar Dives As Confused Fed Sparks Safe-Haven Bid For Bonds & Bullion ; Goldman Says Sterling May Weaken 11% if Brexit Occurs ; Thursday Morning Asia Items - add ons 2. Brexit News For Wednesday - Highlights From Another Busy Day . 3. Greece News & Data : B of G Head Warns Of Numerous Risks Ahead ; Economic Items Of Note ; Bailout Updates. 4. Libya News De Jour : Migration Items ; Domestic & International Politics ; Security . 5. Odds & Ends - Orlando Shooting & Shooter News , EgyptAir Wreckage Found , Terror Threat For Belgium & France , Visa Free Travel Not Happening July 1st , Refugee Relocations Within Europe Floundering Of Course , Desperate ISIS Of The Day . )

Markets & market moving news....

This week's Fed & BOJ Meetings going to be disappointments , especially Japan.

So , we are starting to see the reaction to today's FOMC Z.H notes , "Currency-Nado."


There she goes...Australia's 10-year bond yield just fell below 2.0% for the first time ever


This is central bank failure

Oh hai! This morning in endangered JGB yields
5-yr falls to record -0.3% 10-yr to record -0.205% 20-yr to record 0.12% 30-yr to record 0.19%


Goldman says Sterling may weaken 11% if occurs.

Welp ......

Steve Liesman drops the mic...

July odds: - 5.9% hike - 1.9% cut

US index Dow Jones plunges just after Yellen has finished Fed press conference. Ends down 34.65 at 17,640.17.

Recall initial move often not indicative of real reaction after FOMC decision/statement& presser.Takes several days.

Weaker than expected. ..

Fed in a bit of a box with rising PPI...


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"The Lisbon Treaty includes Article 50 which does contemplate the departure of an EU member." - JPM

Regarding Brexit "risks & consequences " - "hardly the stuff that economic calamity is made of."

Important read for today from A.E.P .....

Michael Gove becomes 66th MP to say he'll rebel against Osborne's 'Brexit budget.'

The Spectator endorses Brexit. Follows Sun Brexit endorsement from 6/13/16.

REMAIN has 19% lead in Scotland according to new Ipsos-MORI Scotland poll REMAIN 52% LEAVE 33% Sharply down on the 37% margin in April

Looks like both Cameron & Osborne very vulnerable post UK referendum vote ....

The TNS survey indicated 53 per cent of Scots will back Brexit next week, with 47 per cent opting to stay in Europe.

George Osborne dismisses Tory revolt threat over Brexit Budget:

Tory MP Steve Baker dismisses George Osborne emergency budget plan as "scare tactic" not serious budget.

In promising to punish voters if they defy him on Brexit, George Osborne is shredding his own reputation. My blog:


BoG head warns of numerous risks

Debit card use soars due to capital controls

Recipients of big loans are checked for money sent abroad

House price decline set to continue

ATHEX: Stocks keep sliding, taking index to a 2-month low

Athens awaits green light on aid from Eurogroup after protest

EC prods Greece to enforce Dublin Regulation

Hirings outpace job departures by 76,591 in May for 4th positive balance in a row

Following approval by the SSM, intends to repay CoCos of €2 bln issued last Dec.

completes sale of 99.81% stake in Finansbank to Qatar National Bank for consideration of €2.75 bln.

At least Greece gets something out of EU attempts to tamp down Brexit fears - Greece to get 7.5 BN "early" next week


Will be interesting to see what type of investigation occurs ...

So many holes in the dike..

Great escape from Libya continues...

UN resolution backs EU naval crackdown on arms smuggling and migrant smuggling vessels

Still can't reach quorum. .

Odds & Ends......

Unanswered question. How many sympathizers of ISIS , who are prepared to act , are out there in the US ?

How did she get these plans - keep in mind , she's an undocumented illegal alien ?

Craigslist ad threatens Orlando-style massacre in San Diego via

Could be a sick mind , could be a wannabe copycat - police naturally have to treat this as 100 % legit threat.

Killer called one friend during murder spree. That friend has been interviewed by investigators.

He made inflammatory comments of such a nature-he was permanently removed from Courthouse detail. What did he say?

: EgyptAir wreckage found in Mediterranean. More to follow.


Cautionary advisory to twirps in France & Belgium specifically, Europe vigilant !

Visa Free Travel not going to happen by July 1st - check announced to Erdogan..

After 9 months , just 2, 000 refugees relocated...

Desperate ISIS imposes another fee to raise cash...

Whipped dozen several Civilians 80 Lashes in front of Raqqa Museum because they are not Fasting

Executed and Crucified Fadi Hamid Hamidou on Dallah Roundabout they accuse him for being a spy for the Coalition

Whipped 2 men 300 Lashes today on Dallah Roundabout they Accused them for smuggling people out of